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small deck decorating ideas with limited floor space utilizing deck furniture on small decks  making your space feel cozier

When it comes to creating a practical, usable, and enjoyable space there are numerous factors to consider. Planning and designing any changes you make to your outdoor space is a good direction to start with.

But what are some factors that you should consider to planning your next project that will reinvent your outdoor living space into your dream outdoor area?


small deck decorating ideas using small bistro table to have morning coffee and take in fresh air

If you have limited space to work with this may restrict what options you have with your pergola size.

Pergola Size Options


deck with not much space but room for dining table and other deck furniture perfect for small decks and patio seating

Being inclusive to your space is important. Matching a desired theme is often times on the higher of priorities for home owners.


great patio or decks ideas outside of house. showing seating, dining and chairs seating area use of space.

Where you are putting your pergola is important obviously but typically there is a purpose behind the location. Many families across the country have used pergolas for various reasons.

We will touch on some of the most popular ideas to help guide you with your planning on this next DIY project.

Plan Your Project

Outdoor Space

chairs and other furniture help create seating. Pergolas help keep that summer sun similar to umbrella, out of your face

Your outdoor space no matter how large or how small space is, planning out space with the intended purpose you want it for can help you avoid any mistakes or inconveniences along the way.

Some of the popular ideas being used across the country can be found below.

Outdoor Living Space

space filled with great option of seating providing plenty of seating with the space and its furniture with inspiration from other decor

When you think about a living space or a living room you think a tv entertaining friends, furniture like couches, chairs having your family a comfy cozy place to relax.

On the floor space maybe there's a rug or carpet. This concept can be morphed into your own personal style with an outdoor space. Despite limited size you should be able to use these tips for decor.

found coverage with outdoor rug and deck decor to help make deck feel in this great summer space. complete with wonderful decorating with inspiration form a clean look/

There is such a wide variety of patio furniture now days with outdoor sofa choices like an outdoor sectional giving you enough room with extra seating for throw pillows blankets for those chilly but perfect cuddled up weather.

Your backyard is more than just a place to have the kids run around or dogs to make a mess in. Your backyard should be created into a space that lets you spend time all summer long but also every season you can relax outside.


Outdoor Kitchen

finished look rate helps create a great outdoor kitchen area in back yard with summer sun protection with cover from the pergola.

Outdoor Kitchens have been heating up across the nation with their unique styles and convenient purpose. Taking your regular grilling area and transforming it into a space that can conformably be used rain or shine gives a whole new feel to outdoor cooking.

Can we agree that some foods are better prepared on a grill? But if weather isn't in your favor, sometimes you have to take the defeat.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

With The Luxury Pergola, you can be back in control.

showing control of louver directional. great for dining area, living space and more.

With control over the louvers direction being opened or closed, you now can close the louvers keeping that rain out of your face and letting out move through the integrated gutter system keeping not only you dry but all your cooking materials.

With the motorized louvers you control the direction with a click of a button on your remote control.

Louvers opening and closing image.

Thanks to the aluminum design you also won't need to be as cautious as you would be with a wooden or vinyl pergola. This is because aluminum is rated to withstand heat much better than alternative options for pergola structures materials.

Outdoor Fire Pit

fire table / fire pit area giving a deck feel

Speaking of heating up... Let's talk fire pits. Sometimes sitting outdoors cuddled up next to a fire has a nostalgic feeling for most.

We have all been there where the night seems like a perfect time to set a fire and some chairs around to have a good time with friends or family, when suddenly you wish you had checked the weather an hour ago.

Rain being an obvious victor when it comes to a fire in the open, this can change when you bring your very own Luxury Pergola into your space.

Whether on a tiny deck, small deck, or large deck, you could definitely benefit from putting a pergola over your fire pit.

Fire Pit Ideas

potted plants and outdoor furniture utilizing interior design methods with decorating.

Similar to the grilling heat concern, you can put this concern...on the back burner... as the heat from a normal sized fire won't have an affect on the structure.

Outdoor Dining Room

whether on a porch small deck outdoor dining spaces are great addition in your yard for coverage.

An outdoor dining table will hold very similar purpose to the one you have inside your home in your dining room. Upgrading from standard patio furniture type table or chairs.

Yet another of many small deck ideas that can greatly enhance a space is by adding a dining table, converting your space to create nice seating with comfier chairs and more usable table for its own purposes.

decorate your new yard space with planters and other greenery for decorating.

Your backyard patio, or small deck is the perfect place for a table and chairs for seating. Ultimately the whole dining set/dining area can be converted to an outdoor version separate from your house.

Having a pergola in the space is perfect way to block out the sun, as an awning isn't always the perfect solution but they can also look tacky or easily destroyed in a storm.

Aluminum Pergolas and Weather Resistance.

chairs and other furniture snowed on after snow storm.

The Luxury Pergola has designed a pergola kit that not only is incurably simple when it comes to the installation process, but that same pergola kit has a much higher resistance to weather than traditional wood or vinyl comparable pergolas.

All Weather Pergola

Wood Design

A wooden pergola while may be simple to create and install also, lacks on the longevity of its appearance. Wood requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance.

Cleaning off vegetation growth that occurs on wet wood, alongside preventing warping or breaking from cold and hot contractions.

You'll be estimated to have to replace part if not all of the wooden pergola after several seasons from ground up.

While there are steps to winterize and prevent weathering, again, this plays into how much maintenance is needed. Which can all be avoided with an aluminum build.

Aluminum Design

storm passing through with pergola granting cover to the porch patio space. giving more protection than an umbrella can

Aluminum not only gives you extra protection from weather. But overall the structure can with stand higher points of wind.

As is the case in many cities and states there are requirements for how much wind your structure should be able to withstand under certain conditions.

Aluminum helps achieve those necessary wind requirements. That isn't always the case however, ensuring your structure hits the target requirements also plays into how the structure is developed, how much it weighs, and several other factors.

At the Luxury Pergola, thanks to the robust design the average kit can withstand up to 130 MPH wind with the louvers closed, That is just the baseline there.

You may have a higher requirement. No worries call into The Luxury Pergola today and discuss your need with the pergola experts!

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Small Deck Decorating Ideas

Hopefully you have seen some great ideas from the images and text in this article. There are many small deck decorating ideas you can use and even discover yourself.

The best thing when looking for small deck furniture or ways to make your deck feel larger is to create a space with the chairs and table cover the ground with a rug, decorate with planters and potted plants. Use wood looking accessories giving you a home feel.

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