Pergola Dimensions: The Best Size Pergola For You

Bronze Pergola Dimensions Vary With Trim

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Pergolas in the modern world come in various sizes as every fit is different for each customers home. When looking for the greatest size you would like to see what you are going for in terms of your total outdoor space, rooms within the pergola, other structures, and accessories you plan on adding.

Finding the perfect fit for your sizing needs can seem daunting, but this blog will help you to decipher and determine what exactly is needed in creating exactly what you are looking for. Common pergola sizes are the 12x16, 12x20, and 10x10 to utilize maximum outdoor needs.

Best Size Pergolas

What Size For Your Outdoor Living Space?

Outdoor Space Maximized By Pergola With Lights

Each outdoor living space is different, it all depends on what you are looking to create with your pergola. A few examples of outdoor pergola spaces would be:

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Hot Tub

  • Outdoor Living Room

  • Bar Area

  • Outdoor Dining Table

  • And More

The ability to utilize your outdoor space will best be determined by the limitations of your imagination. Create essentially anything you envision to add to your home value and backyard experience.

What Are Standard Pergola Dimensions?

Large Pergola Kits Fit On Large Decks

For standard pergola dimensions, the answer is somewhat complex. There is no exact definitive standard pergola dimensions you must use, you can create whatever dimensions best deem fit. Possible widths are 8,10,12,16,20, and 24. Possible lengths are anything from 8-40.

This would be through a combination of pergolas called a super pergola. Super pergolas are shown on our youtube channel in an accurate description which can allow for even further leeway in the homeowner experience.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Pergolas Rafter Are Actually Called Louvers: A Common Misconception

The amount of space you need is determined both by what you plan to put inside and outside of your structure. The different sizes would vary regarding the fact that a leeway of 1ft would be beneficial around the base.

For example, if you are looking for a 12x20, a minimum slab of 13x21 would be beneficial to allow for leeway on the post bases. Otherwise on a deck and on pavers you can get much more precise. The perfect pergola size will be determined by what you are envisioning.

Freestanding Pergola Vs. Attached Pergola

A Few Factors For Perfect Dimensions Are What The Pergola Encompasses: Ex. A Hot Tub Pergola With A 10x10

A freestanding pergola and attached pergola have different pros and cons. Overall, most customers tend to lean towards freestanding pergolas due to the fact that they are cheaper and have much less maintenance and room for error.

Freestanding pergolas seem to be a better fit for most customers. The reason attached pergolas are more difficult is room for error in the installation process and the often further expensive price tag.

Larger Pergolas Vs. Smaller Pergolas

Utmost Importance: Pergola Color And Trim To Match Home

Wether looking for a larger or smaller pergola there is no wrong answer. Smaller pergolas are a great fit for all home sizes and available space to be utilized as the size of the pergola allows for more versatility. Larger pergolas allow for more creativity within the pergola space with just a few more posts.

The largest size pergola with 4 posts only is a 12x20. Any size after that begins to be a super pergola and now would have 6 posts that are attached at the center. A small price reduction for super pergolas is given as the system would have 6 posts for 2 units saving 2 total posts.

All Pergola Sizes

Find The Correct Size Pergola

Pergola On Patio With Outdoor Dining Table

As you can see in the photo above, these homeowners found the perfect size pergola size to fit their exact needs. A good pergola size guide would first begin with designing the interior space you envision and then utilizing the best size to wrap around that interior space.

On the site in shop pergolas you can see all size options available as previously listed. What makes for a good system is one that can accommodate all your needs while remaining within your budget range.

Custom Pergola Dimensions Available

White Pergola On Existing Patio

A common question we get asked is, "what are custom pergola options?".

The answer is simple, custom pergola options do not go down to the exact inch but are made to accommodate exact foot measurements.

Size: Post Dimensions, Beam Length/Width, Etc.

As for sizes and exact dimensions, the beams can be anywhere from 8-20 feet long with more leeway through the combination of super pergolas. The post will be 7 inches by 7 inches, and the post will be 9 foot tall with the option of 8 feet or 10 feet.

The Perfect Pergola (Pergola Kits)

The perfect pergola kits are easy to assemble and fit all the needs required for your pergola ideas. A freestanding pergola kit is the most common route taken in finding exactly what you need for a great price.

Accessories: Fire Pit, Outdoor Kitchen, Hot Tub, Furniture, Etc.

Practical Shaded Space With Pergola Fireplace

Accessories are able to be attached through a variety of ways on these pergolas. Thanks to the ability for these pergolas to be highly weight bearing, potted plants, tvs, speakers, fans, and other interior accessories can be added.

A good item to add for more accessory customization would be a center beam. This allows to hang a fan or whatever else is deemed fit in the center of the pergola thus creating another avenue of customization.

Center Beam Accessory


Ideal: Low Maintenance And High Functioning

Standard Dimensions Pergola With Fan

In any product at all, the ideal situation is to be low maintenance and high functioning. The luxury pergola set out to create the most simplistic and functional design possible while maintaining high quality materials, and that is exactly what we have done.

General Rule For Your Backyard

A good rule of thumb for your backyard would be to first walk around and imagine yourself in the space. A shade structure is designed to protect you from all elements, and positioning of where you place the pergola can be as important as the pergola itself.

All Pergola Sizes For A Free Standing Pergola

Below is a list of all pergola sizes for a freestanding pergola, they can be broken up by super pergolas and single pergolas as the width will remain stable throughout. This can be used to easily determine what size pergola could fit you. They are:

  • 8 x (anywhere from 8-40)

  • 10 x (anywhere from 8-40)

  • 12 x (anywhere from 8-40)

  • 16 x (anywhere from 8-40)

  • 20 x (anywhere from 8-40)

  • 24 x (anywhere from 8-40)

These sizes are compatible for any home on a patio, deck, or a slab, as long as they are built correctly based on the given foundation.

Find The Right Pergola For Your Luxurious Flair

Optimal Standard Size Pergola In Outdoor Space

Every pergola is different for every homeowner. It is all about finding what best fits your needs for your ideal situation. In this homeowner above he put a pergola on a deck in an outdoor kitchen. Whatever is best for your personal outdoor living space is exactly the best route to take.

Create More Shade In A Versatile Structure

The best shade structure is one that is able to allow both sunlight and protect you from the rain depending on your personal preference. With the versatility of the luxury pergola, you can have protection from the rain and a completely open roof to allow sun at the click of a button.

Versatile Pergolas

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