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best outdoor blinds style screen to protect you from the sun's harmful rays

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Considering a new backyard DIY project but not sure where to start? Many times it's a good place to start with what's important to you.

  • Sun Coverage

  • Rain Protection

  • Privacy

These topics tend to be higher up on a person need and want list when it comes to planning a pergola to be installed in their space.

Thanks to the Luxury Sunshade at The Luxury Pergola, you can tick off all these boxes with a single product.

Screens With Pergolas

This being said, let's discuss other options and find the best fitting method for you and your space.

Outdoor Space

best outdoor solution to getting shade on sides of your pergola is the outdoor shade from The Luxury Pergola

First we should start by determining what you are looking to achieve out of a sun shade. Are we looking for overhead sun protection, or for those moments when that sun is lower and in line with your eyes. Maybe both?

If you are looking for overhead protection, commonly you will see this is referring to the louvers or the roof of a pergola structure. Most outdoor shades with a pergola come with the intended purpose of installing on the side of the unit and drawing down to protect the side walls of the pergola.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor Shades Come in many different styles. Some are more awning style. Either retractable, or stationary. It's important to think what works best for your space.

Often times with pergola units being installed in your space, the need for above coverage from shades is already covered with the motorized louvers. This is where home owners tend to purchase the best outdoor shades the luxury sun shade or bug screen from the accessories shop at

Outdoor Roller Shade

Outdoor roller shades are a popular and convenient method of retracting that sun shade when you're done with it or are no longer in need. These items are great for protecting you from natural light in your outdoor living space

The Luxury Pergola Accessories

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are great, and convenient. So why doesn't the luxury pergola have motorized shades since they have motorized louvers?

Motorized shades have a much lower wind resistance being made of fabric. With 45mph wind resistance, typically you'll see more than this when your area is being affected by a storm.

If your power were to go out from a storm, and you forget your shades are down. You could be stuck with your shades being in a vulnerable position potentially leaving them to being destroyed.

Manual Shades

Manual shades while you may not have the extra convenience of a remote control, we have seen that most customers prefer having the total control of their shades positioning with our hand crank control

Not having to mess with the remote or dynamic of power outages. Because when you most need to retract the shades in a storm, you will always be able to.

The cordless operation makes you have a very simple install process, as shades can be a wall mount install thanks to the durable materials used on The Luxury Pergolas.

The Luxury Pergola Options

Luxury Sun Shade

sunshades that work on a rail system give you ease of control, sunshade and bug screen both function this way.

The Sun Shade has been a wonderful addition for our customers whom have purchased a Luxury Pergola. Available with all custom pergola sizes, and with a wrinkle free appearance, you can add that layer of privacy alongside having UV rays protection from the sun.

Our Sun Shades are able to withstand 45 MPH wind. Comparably the "other guys" tend to be able to withstand a light breeze.

The sun shades are manually operated, this giving you a benefit if there is ever a storm and you lose power. You are still able to pull your screen up and avoid damage.

Many customers have found this a great benefit as who hasn't forgotten if they closed the garage door or not? Same can happen if you're gone and forgot that screen on your pergola.

If you are curious, yes, this screen also prevents bugs as the netting fabric is tightly woven similar to the bug screen with additional layers to achieve a uv rays protection.

Luxury Bug Screen

image showing color difference you can compare with bug screen and sun shade

The bug screen is a wonderful additional accessory to your outdoor living space. while allowing natural light to pass through this screen does not protect against uv rays however is the right outdoor shades for bug protection.

The Luxury Bug Screen gives your outdoor spaces the protection you need to keep enjoying the moments with your friends or family and not those unwanted pesky insects. Thanks to the wrinkle resistant material you don't have to worry about creasing or breaks in the fabric.

What's The Difference?

Many customers ask the difference of bug screens and sun shades. ultimately, these two shade options have similar outdoor use. Both maintain their expected use in various weather condition instances.

With your outdoor areas you will need to decide if you are interested in allowing more light in or if you'd like to keep those sun's rays out of your outdoor living area.

The only real difference is the protection from harmful uv rays you get with the Luxury Sun Shade. Both will prevent bugs, sideways rain, oil your outdoor area.

What's Best For You?

If you are looking into buying shades for the first time or buying new shades for your space. choosing outdoor shades can be a breeze. Call in to The Luxury Pergola with any questions about your space or home's exterior and you can find the help you were looking for.

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