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Block of 6063 T6 Aluminum

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In our relentless pursuit of excellence, The Luxury Pergola has made the commitment to use the highest quality, most durable, and most crucial materials for the industry. With 6063-T6 aluminum components, there is no higher standard. These materials not only enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also play a crucial role in ensuring functionality and long-lasting durability of every piece we craft.

Close up of Luxury Pergola Paint

Armor Finish Powder Coat

Paint That Lasts

The premium paint we add to our Luxury Pergolas makes sure your unit retains its color and beauty for years to come. All parts are tested for durability after painting, and each batch of painted components has a sample collected and stored for 10 years. This is to ensure compliance and quality for every Luxury Pergola customer.

Strength Guaranteed

Rigorous Testing In Every Batch

To ensure the highest quality of aluminum in The Luxury Pergola, each batch of aluminum is tested for tensile strength. This ensures that every single unit meets our exacting standards. This way we can confidently offer the longest warranty and highest specs in the industry.

Rigorous Standards

Hand Verified Quality Checks

When we are building each Luxury Pergola, they go through even more quality checks. Each component is checked before assembly, after assembly, and before packaging to ensure only the best reaches our customers.

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American Craftsmen making the Luxury Pergola in Manufacturing Plant

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