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Outdoor Living Space under a free standing pergola kit placed on existing patio

With every backyard different in style, shape, and size sometimes there isn't a one size fit all solution for renovating your backyard deck or patio with a motorized louvered pergola. This is why The Luxury Pergola has a an incredible selection of sizes that are ready to be cut to your need for your space.

Looking to enhance your outdoor space patio or deck? Would you like to shade in your space and get away from the sun? Or Maybe you are wanting to keep enjoying your backyard space even if it's raining.

The luxury Pergola has crafted the perfect solution for your needs, whether it's for a deck or patio or for an outdoor dining space or outdoor living space. The motorized louvered pergola from The Luxury Pergola has you covered.

The Luxury Pergola

Popular Sizes

Here are our top pergola sizes or more common pergola sizes we have available.

  • 12x12

  • 10x14

  • 12x16

  • 12x20

Pergola dimensions are more curated towards your spacial need. However customers tend to lean towards specific sizes for varying reasons. At the end of this blog we will touch on what some dimensions and pergola sizes and how they are being used for specific purposes by our customers.

12x20 Pergola

Available Kit Sizes

freestanding pergola on patios showing louvers that help create more shade than traditional fixed roof

Kit sizes come in 3 standard widths, with lengths that go up to 20 feet. These units will have 4 posts. This means you can have a 12x20 (our largest dimension) and only have 4 posts while still maintaining one of the highest standards of wind and snow load requirements in the industry.

Pergola Width Louver Sizes

We have a set standard pergola dimensions with custom sizing options available.

  • 8 feet

  • 10 feet

  • 12 feet

Why Only These Sizes?

Here at The Luxury Pergola, we wanted to create a product that could accommodate any customers need in any location. In the United States, there are many different seasons depending on which state you live and region of the country you are in.

Some customers have a need to worry about snow load, while some need to worry about hurricane force winds. Our available sizes have been carefully crafted to not only be safe under large weight from snow or heavy push from wind but we also designed the luxury pergola to last for years and years to come.

Pergola Lengths

In connection with our standard louver widths, you can take that width and run the length up to 20 feet. giving you the ability to have a custom pergola to your needs ensuring we make you the perfect pergola for your outdoor living needs in your own backyard.

This allows for the smallest units, by width, to be:

  • 8x8

  • 10x10

  • 12x12

And largest units to be:

  • 8x20

  • 10x20

  • 12x20

And every size in between.

How much space do I need?

installation of unit with attached custom pergola to concrete foundations

We get this question a lot, if you're not sure on right size pergola for your space we are here to help! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so we make sure we find the right pergola size for you whether you have a small patio or large deck we help ensure you have enough space for the unit.

Following your sizing needs and using our pergola size guide we can help find the perfect fit with the perfect pergola for you and your outdoor space. Having the correct size pergola is important.

If you have large decks in your outdoor space and want to have large coverage, then a smaller pergola may not be what you're looking for, where as if you have a smaller space, different size pergola kits like our smaller pergola sizes may be the right pergola size direction to move in.

Need Larger?

We designed our kits to match there needs for any situation. So what if you need bigger than a 12x20? Maybe a 12x40 or 24x20 or even 24x40, can we do it? Yes, and larger pergolas.

The Super Pergola

24x20 Large pergola in outdoor area giving cover shade to an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining area.

The Luxury Pergola allows 2 or more units to combine to each other and share a post to create a larger pergola. While each unit would add 2 posts overall a 2 unit Super Pergola would have 6 posts. Adding 2 posts for each unit connected.

This unit doesn't host a single beam length of 24 feet. instead it utilizes the same sizes for each 12x20 with a connection being right in the middle on the shared post.

Checkout this YouTube video with Brendan showcasing and reviewing our Super Pergola unit shown in the image above.

Super Pergola Information


We created a product that by design is overkill. We wanted to have a robust strong build this way you know with confidence your investment was worth it. Living without fear of wind lifting and throwing your unit around like a trampoline in a storm.

Wind Load

Outdoor Structure large pergola in storm creating coverage for backyard patios

Every Luxury Pergola is built to not only meet the expectations of your climate, but exceed even some of the harshest weather conditions. Our engineering is designed to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

Depending on your location, you may need to achieve a higher wind rating. With our engineering team, we can help you achieve a higher wind rating with varying modifications to installation process and product. Contact us today if you would like more information.

Snow Load

snowy landscape with pergola attached to house not freestanding

Other pergolas will only handle snow up to 8.2 lbs. per square foot (quite weak), the Luxury Pergola is engineered to hold up to 60 lbs per square foot of snow load when closed. This is massive as many parts of the country experience very heavy snow fall. Keeping the louvers open is best practice for those home owners that are in the heavy snowfall areas.

All Weather Pergola

Water Proof Design On Your Custom Pergola

water falling into gutter system on any size pergola size


Installation with The Luxury Pergola Kits is made to be as simple as possible. We understand you may have never installed a pergola before, better yet one that is the size we are supplying. And we know this may be daunting to some people whom are wanting to take this project on.

I recommend watching this installation video and see for yourself how we have created a product that allows someone with little to no experience with tools can construct their unit in their own back yard

Installation for the Super Pergola is a little different, we also have a video to help you understand the process, watch the video below.

Ideas for pergola structures with specific dimensions

Outdoor Living Room

Pergola with practical shaded space with space covered by large pergola size kit in back yard and comfy furniture

Outdoor living rooms are a great way to have luxurious flair with low maintenance needed for your space. Allowing the whole family or guests a place to have comfortable seating no matter what pergola size you go with.

Outdoor Kitchen

large pergola size for kitchen with l shape dimensions and small sitting area for seating on furniture

Outdoor kitchens is a perfect structure to protect you from the sun, rain or other weather elements while cooking and grilling for your friends and family.

Outdoor Dining Room

beautiful landscape design with outdoor dining table and wood furniture for seating with shade from sun

A pergolas structure being used for outdoor dining is a beautiful touch to your outdoor space. Bringing that indoor feeling of being around the dinner table to the outdoors giving perfect memories with those perfect weathered days.

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