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Swimming pool space in yard with modern style pergola to provide shade.

There is a wide variety of designs for pergolas. Not necessarily speaking on the sizes or colors of the pergolas themselves, but the use and purpose of them at your house whether in your front yard or backyard.

Let's start with the most important information you should keep in mind with your project.

Will It Withstand Your Weather?

First things first, it is important when seeking pergolas for your outdoor yard space to ensure it is capable of holding up through the various weather climates you may experience in a given year.

Winter Is Coming.

natural snow fall covering front yard and back yard

Depending on your location, you may have a single season or multiple. For those whom have the beautiful snowcaps settle in their yards during those cold winter months, you should be looking into the weight load that a pergola is capable of withstanding.

Weight of snow

The Luxury Pergola has created a design that is capable of withstanding up to 8,000 pounds of snow load. This is an impressive number, however it is also a comfort factor knowing you have the assurance of a strong robust addition to your outdoor space.

diagram showing snow loads

How About Wind?

When looking for pergolas, you should keep in mind for one that can withstand heavy winds. This is a critical aspect for building codes and permits. Typically building codes for a pergola structure are assuming a pretty major storm and for some terrible adverse weather conditions.

Wind Speeds

For both residential and commercial applications it is important to ensure your pergola can withstand 90-120 mph winds depending on where you are it could be more.

To withstand high winds like this, the best pergola is typically made from aluminum or steel as they weather even the most major storms.

diagram showing wind speeds

High Wind Resistant Pergolas

For When The Rain Comes

Weather is a common theme in this article but its a very important feature and aspect to not shy away from. Most outdoors spaces are unusable during rainy times. The use of a pergola from The Luxury Pergola can save the day with our waterproof design and integrated gutter system.

Gutter System

digital render of gutter system on The Luxury Pergolas products

The integrated gutter system gives you control of your space. Water is guided down through the pergola posts.

diagram showing water flow

This process starts with the rain meeting out waterproofed louver system, the water then flows into the gutter system and towards the drainage post.

After the vertical trip down the posts the water then will rush out the drain cutout and guided where you wish.

Internal gutter system with water


This system will not only keep you dry but also direct your water runoff down the drainage post away from the space or even the house. Ensuring that water isn't being trapped next to your foundation of your home which can become a large costly issue.

Saving your home in style

Runoff water washing into your homes foundation can lead to future damages with that foundation or even more undercarriage issues as this can create sagging floors leading to cracked walls or broken window edges.

What Are The Designs For The Pergola?

Pergola poolside with out door furniture

Something to keep in mind are spaces with specific uses. The best part about specific use spaces are that you can add your own style in your yard with different decorative elements from your landscaping ideas.

Let's see what some of the different styles and options you can add to your landscaping space to reinvent your outdoor areas.

  • Outdoor living Area Styles

  • Outdoor Kitchen Styles

  • Outdoor Dining Styles

  • Fire Pit Area Styles

Backyard Ideas

Outdoor Living Area

Clean lines symmetrical design with a touch of modern in this outdoor living area.

Having outdoor furniture on the deck or patio can make for a great backyard space to host events, or enjoy your time with family.

It's a great way to get away from the indoors and have the outdoor living space be the focal point of entertainment and relaxation.

Enjoy Those Good Days

For those days you are not hosting, but maybe wanting to enjoy your day off and relax and take in that warm sun. The upmost important aspect about an outdoor living room is the comfort level you aim to achieve.

Comfort isn't just how soft the cushions are, but also ensuring you have ample space to move around in without being smashed.

Outdoor Living Room Images

Let's check out what some customers have done with their pergola to create an outdoor living space.

Natural feel with trees and grass surrounding this outdoor living room and low maintenance spaceDrought resistant landscaping ideas with false yard for a ground cover and seating area

Hottest Trend For Your Yard

In hot areas throughout the country droughts are a concern. Drought resistant elements can enhance your space and keep the colors on point. With proper shade growing plants and ensuring you're giving proper light to them can be easy.

Landscape For Your Space

Grass on the other hand, the green landscape can help bring all the elements in your yard. Unfortunately grass doesn't tend to get much shade often times and can lead to dying out and yellowing if you are experiencing a drought.

Front yard or back yard this is possible, However this little trick is a great way to avoid ever having to worry about this.

Outdoor Kitchen

modern outdoor kitchen built under modern pergola with natural surrounding landscape in yard

With an outdoor kitchen its much more enjoyable in any weather condition and easier to host and cook those great meals without worrying about getting wet and ruining that grill time you've been looking forward to.

Cook In Style

An outdoor space designed specifically for cooking is a stylish addition to a backyard and can leave a big impact with family and guests.

A pergola can keep you dry from the rain and it can be done with a simple click of a button.

Remote Control Louvered Roof

The Luxury Pergola uses a motorized louvered roof design that is controlled with a remote control.

This way, you can be relaxing and not have to get up and adjust the direction of the louvers to keep the sun out of your eyes every five minutes or better yet you now no longer have to get wet while trying to keep you and your space dry. Simply Click, Hold, and Enjoy.

Motorized Louvered Roof

Fire Pit Area

straight lines symmetrical design for fire put area with raised beds and flowers surrounding.

If you enjoy spending those late evenings or nights out by a fire, enjoying the company of friends and family, but the weather is just a tad out of favor you don't have to let that stop you anymore.

Having a pergola unit protecting your overhead keeping you dry and warm by the fire.

Enhance Your Space With Style And Usability

No matter the style of layout, the scene that a fire pit can create can greatly enhance your porch, patio, deck or outdoor space that you may have bare or empty currently.

By adding some outdoor furniture, throw pillows, and a fireplace this can instantly turn any area into a cozy welcoming site for anyone to enjoy.

Landscaping Designs

backyard with pergola and nice yard and landscaping

Landscape Design

The landscape design is important for many factors, mainly this is the best place to add your own design ideas and taste. Your garden styles or landscaping might possibly be center stage to some guests.

Take your personal preferences of flowering shrubs, colorful flowers, and various other flowering plants into consideration with the space you have to work with.

Your flower beds often times are the focal point. From the straight lines or curved edges all the way to your lights and seating areas are factors not to take short cuts with.

Water Feature

Pool with organic shapes on a large scale size

Pools And Ponds

Having a water feature whether a pool or pond is a great way to fill in an empty space and give a low maintenance modern look in your garden space.

Evergreen shrubs are a great natural background creating a good transition when you add color of the trees being green to the space. The contrast can help your landscaping have a natural open feel of nature.

Landscaping Style

landscape design showing turf grass with outdoor kitchen dining area

Landscape Style

No Matter your landscaping styles, a pergola can be a great addition to your formal or informal style. one of the best structural elements of the Luxury Pergola is that the design is able to blend well with any natural world look, or a space that has a modern touch to it.

Lets drive into a few different styles customers have already included The Luxury Pergola into.

Outdoor Dining Area

grass surrounding modern pergola with nature elements like trees and shrubs in back yard with shad and with privacy wall

This space is showcasing an outdoor dining room with tons of natural green from trees and shrubs that fills the yard landscape to help create an environment that adds a textural contrast when blending the modern design of the pergola.

straight lines and organization in a garden styles design. flowering plants and ornamental grasses

Many customers use their space to create an environment to help host or enhance guests experience in their home. Most importantly, customers are creating a space that is exactly what they want for themselves.

Encapsulating your seating area with a pergola surrounded by small trees and neutral tones. These type of landscaping styles can have a great affect on your space.

Outdoor Dining

Seating area under pergola with  natural landscaping style good for landscaping ideas.

There are plenty of design ideas you can take from our gallery and use towards your own space. In this photo above you can see a nice seating area with great landscape style, usability, and landscaping ideas both formal and informal style.

If you look towards the louvers you will notice wall mounted heaters that are able to supply heat for you and your company on those chilly but manageable evenings.

The Luxury Pergola

Luxury Pergola units are designed to showcase home improvement while maintaining a low maintenance need. This is the case in all seasons, and locations.

No matter what part of the country you are in, The Luxury Pergola can withstand very harsh weather conditions.

Covered patio with pergola overlooking trees and natural water landscaping and good ground cover

Landscaping Styles With The Luxury Pergola

Between the landscape style and the pergola unit, these decorative elements have turned this space into a beautiful relaxing area to get out of the sun and enjoy a good view.

Your house and yard may have different styles or ideas implemented into it, however that doesn't mean you are restricted to few ideas.

A Look That Always Looks Good

Even if you had no trees or plants and wanted to place a pergola in a desert landscaping style area.

The Luxury Pergola can help add elements to your yard and create a beautiful practical and usable space for you and your family to create endless memories together.

The Luxury Pergola

Louvered Roof

Louvered roof render from The Luxury Pergola

The Louvered roof design makes all these options possible. With you being in control of your environment at a click of a button you can keep the sun, snow, or rain out of your space and enjoy your time with your family and company.

Image showcasing the different degrees of the motorized louver system

Our design allows a 135 degrees of motion to open and catch that right angle to let the sky view in. The opposite side of this allowing you to close out the sky and enjoy your space as if you were inside but with that beautiful fresh air flowing through the area.

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