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Outdoor space with outdoor living room on concrete patio and outdoor furniture and coffee tables

Outdoor patios can be the space that creates endless memories for you and your family. Why let anything take those moments away from you, especially weather.

Your moments should be able to be enjoyed and remembered, The Luxury Pergola has a great solution for this problem.

The Luxury Pergola Solution

Lets imagine you want to enjoy the outdoor space feel, the family is gathered together and everyone its out back on your non covered patio. You're grilling out, enjoying the laughter and jokes when all of a sudden a light rain starts to fall and quickly turns to a heavy rain.

Ruining the moment, everyone is rushed inside, and you're stuck out under the cold during rain flipping soggy burgers.

Does this sound familiar? Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but this is still the case with so many people across the country. Many other people across the country have fixed this problem with an incredible product made here in the USA. That product is The Luxury Pergola.

The Luxury Pergola

What Can The Luxury Pergola Do?

hot tub on outdoor patio for year round use good for patio design ideas

There are numerous outdoor patio ideas out there. From furnishing, to vegetation. One factor that is often hard for home owners to overcome is the coverage of the space. Using these spaces for any means entertainment or relaxation like having this hot tub or pool area in your space.

With so many options it's sometimes hard to know the pros and cons of all options. This is where the motorized louvered pergola comes in and saves the day.

Motorized Louvered Pergola

more patio design ideas with outdoor dining area with dining table and extra seating

What is a Motorized Louvered Pergola?

A motorized louvered roof is are the individual parts of the roof of your structure that open and close. Being powered by a motor and controlled by a remote control to add an extra level of connivence. They remove the need to check the weather before deciding if you want to spend time outdoors.

image showing roof of pergola focal point being louvers opened slightly

Designed for the homeowners to always have control over the condition they would like to spend time in. Sturdy materials allow for versatility in a durable project you can rely on.

multiple images showing different degrees of range for louvered roof to add contrast of options

With the louvers having 135 degrees of range from open to close, you are given the tools to ensure you can give your backyard patio the perfect condition for you and your guests.

What Is A Pergola

Outdoor Patio Ideas

A pergola doesn't just cover an area and help prevent the sun or weather. It can host many other options for your outdoor patio ideas and allow in comfort and quality to your outdoor patio.

Many families have different direct purposes they would like to use their covered patio space for, such as:

  • Outdoor Kitchen Space

  • Out door Dining Room

  • Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Kitchen Space

diy friendly pergola covering patio space with an indoor outdoor feel on patio area

Let's jump into many peoples personal favorite outdoor spaces, the outdoor kitchen. This space is where the best meals are made, surrounded by fresh air, natures finest offerings, and the open outdoors help create an open space feel.

This space could be the next place you are grilling burgers away from the sun's rays and in the perfect shady spot by your grill. Definitely being the center stage of your backyard patio.

The design has plenty of prep space alongside a built in sink, mini fridge, and dual grilling stations, all while being protected from varying weather in your backyard patio.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Dining Room

covered patio with outdoor furniture designed with home's interior style to have casual meals outside of house

Your backyard patio kitchen area is great, but where are you planning on eating? You didn't just cook that meal outside just to go inside the house and eat did you?

This is the perfect moment to discuss a very import option of the many outdoor patio ideas, the out door dining space. Similar to an indoor living space the family will want to gather in this area. It's something about an outdoor dining table that pulls people together and join as one. Especially when there's food!

patio area with sitting area at dinner table outside of house

An outdoor patio dining area can be the perfect addition to your outdoor patio space. Gearing one step closer to an outdoor oasis, this space could be the best option for your patio designs.

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it simple is never a bad direction to move into. You don't need to overthink this process, you can even compare your indoor area and replicate.

Adding a dining table makes sense with a dining space right? There are other options for outdoor patio tables. However keeping the patio decor less patio and more interior can bring that inside effect to your outdoor space.

Looking at the patio pictures above, you can see this customer kept a simple yet elegant design. Having natural light, potted plants and other varying natural materials surrounding your space makes your seating area and dining set pop.

comfortable seating and perfect example of an outdoor dining area with neutral colors and clean lines

This style of outdoor room creates a focal point of a comforting environment that is the cherry on top for those incredible memories that will be created around the table.

Important Pieces to Remember

  • Ensuring you have proper space to eliminate feeling cramped.

  • Allow for additional seating, never know if you'll have that extra guest.

  • Use your environment, nothings wrong with natural textures at your seating area or dining set.

Year Round Enjoyment

Outdoor Living Room

Similar to indoor living space but in their outdoor space on backyard patio with throw pillows and coffee table.

Create an indoor outdoor feeling with an outdoor living space. They are an amazing way to keep that relaxing, comfy and social area you have inside your house to the outside living room with the free feeling of the fresh air and outdoor sounds.

Why Outdoor Living Rooms?

Depending on the state in which you are in, you may have the wonderful ability to enjoy the sun and warmer weather year round, other parts of the country may experience winter in various ways.

With this additional feature to your backyard, a living space can an incredible way to not only enjoy the outdoors but can also be a financial benefit to your home if ever deciding to sell.

another idea of outdoor patio ideas showing comfortable outdoor patio furniture and throw pillows

This backyard addition isn't just some other room. This space is where you can take interior design ideas and implement them in a comfortable way that allows you to really beef up the comfort level with extra pillows, comfortable lounge sofas and even maybe a fire feature such as an outdoor fireplace or even an outdoor rug and coffee table.

Similar to any outdoor area you should consider all your needs and desires when planning this area out. Consider the furniture, lighting, and all the seasons you plan to enjoy this outdoor living room.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Fire Pit Area

patio design ideas for outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your outdoor space for your concrete patio

including a fire pit underneath a pergola structure allows for year round enjoyment regardless the season. Fire pits for pergolas have grown in popularity as the comfort level and amount of time you can enjoy the space and concept is increased.

Aluminum pergolas allow for a higher heat rating and is not flammable. This increases the comfort of having a fire under a covered structure. This also allows for a wider range of styles you can use for a fire pit. such as a traditional fire pit in ground or even a style of fire pit that sits on your backyard patio or concrete patio.


How can you offer this high quality product for a fraction of the cost of other products of similar quality sold by others?

We can offer the highest quality pergola kit in the world we manufacture the product ourselves, here in the United States and ship directly to the consumer. We are able to cut out dealers (middlemen) that other companies use to distribute their product.

How is The Luxury Pergola different than other online kits?

Unlike the other kits, that are typically rebranded kits, that are all the same out of China, The Luxury Pergola is manufactured ourselves. We use the finest aluminum grade, the same material used for commercial applications. Other online pergola kits use a light weight aluminum. For example, the material kit used for our 10 x 13 pergola has a total weight of over 1000 lbs. Other pergola kits, of same size, have a total material weight of less than 250lbs.

Will The Luxury Pergola be able to handle my snow load?

Yes, while other pergolas will only handle snow up to 8.2 lbs. per square foot (quite weak), the Luxury Pergola is engineered to hold up to 60 lbs per square foot of snowload when closed.

Will The Luxury Pergola be able to handle my wind load?

Every Luxury Pergola is built to not only meet the expectations of your climate, but exceed even some of the harshest weather conditions. Our engineering is designed to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

Adding Light to Your Pergola

One great way to enhance your space is by adding lighting. You can check out this blog here for tips and tricks on lighting your space up.

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