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Best Pergola For High Winds: The Luxury Pergola

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Many people are looking for a pergola that can handle strong winds, and survive the hurricane force winds of hurricane season, or just get piece of mind in a major storm. The answer is generally pretty simple:

Outside of the Luxury Pergola, a pergola's ability to withstand heavy winds will largely be dependent on the engineering requirements and the materials used. The biggest thing to look for is wind rating when everything closed tight.

What is a Wind Resistant Pergola?

wind resistance chart

A wind resistant pergola is a pergola that can handle the winds in a hurricane prone area. The basis for understanding the wind load, is to avoid the "fluff" that most manufacturers will add to their pergola's ability to withstand strong winds.

Almost everyone will say they have a "hurricane rated pergola", but that term comes with a few questions. What does "hurricane rated" mean?

Typically what a manufacturer will do is remove the slats or louvers and just rate the frame. The Costco Mirador Adjustable Louvered Aluminum Pergola calls out that the customer should remove their louvers in high wind and storms.

Who is going to do that? No one.

Most Durable Material for a Pergola

pergola with durable material

The most durable material for a pergola, is aluminum. Wood pergolas can have strong build quality, but typically they will weather and fall apart in the same way as a less well put together structure that can offer shade.

The thing to look for is a structure that is made of extruded aluminum and has easy installation. Getting some kind of coverage from the rain, as well as shade for those long sunny days, is also incredibly important.

Ultimately the best thing to consider is pergolas that open and close. Ultimately the pergola cost is the biggest consideration for your patio.

Next we will look at other structures and what the term "hurricane force" means int he context of a pergola in your back yard.

What does "Hurricane Force Winds" mean?

kermit looking at rain

The best thing to look for is a DIY louvered pergola kit. If you get the right one, you can get something with solid construction for your project and one that is easy to install. A louvered pergola can stand against hurricanes and keep your backyard shaded from the sunlight when the harsher elements roll around.

Hurricane rated pergola means that the pergola can handle storms and winds with greater than 85 mph winds WITH the louvers on the pergola CLOSED. Anything less than that is just ridiculous marketing speak.

The best pergolas for Florida will be a structure that can maintain their color during the punishing sun and also withstand the high winds and offer true storm resistance. The Luxury Pergola louvered roof is easily the best option for this.

Checking for Wind Resistance and Harsh Weather

water resistant pergola structure

Alright let's figure out what to look for with a wind resistant pergola. There are a wide variety of durable pergola designs, but what is the best aluminum pergola?

You can go one of two ways, either louvered pergola kits, or custom pergola options with a wind sensor. Why a sensor for wind? Because the pergola can only handle winds in certain conditions.

When you are checking for the wind resistance of your pergola do the following:

  • Find max wind load on the website or manual

  • DOUBLE CHECK FINE PRINT. Many times the wind tolerance is with parts of the pergola removed

One of the most ridiculous things we see is a pergola structure that gives a high winds rating, but only with the louvered roof open or the louvers removed. It won't withstand inclement weather in most situations.

Pricing of Durable Pergola Styles

prices of many pergolas made of aluminum

Now when looking at pergola kits with a roof, the price of the pergola becomes a huge concern. Materials are the driving factor of putting a pergola in your outdoor space.

The most popular option is by far the Struxure pergola. The Struxure Pergola cost is the biggest issue for most people when the look at building something nice on their deck or garden.

If you want the best deal to install a hurricane rated pergola on your deck, look at Louvered Pergola kits. You can get high quality materials, with great construction and installation for an incredibly affordable price.

The difference in price is the kits (which can match engineering requirements of the larger units) are usually 50% of the price of a custom unit.

Wrap Up

Pergola outside house

When looking for a wind resistant pergola, look for the following:

  • Made from Aluminum

  • Withstand 85 mph Wind

  • Appealing Style

If you can meet those requirements then you can create great outdoor structures with ease.

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