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outdoor space with a louvered roof pergola in beautiful location by pool perfect for events

Are you looking to transform your backyard space into a more usable, practical, and beautiful area?

Many homeowners across the country have sought out to do just that, and with the help of The Luxury Pergola and the louvered roof pergola kit, it has never been easier to drastically increase you're satisfaction with a single purchase.

Who Are We?

What Is A Louvered Pergola?

A pergola with a louvered roof is a pergola structure that has the unique features of being able to adjust the roof to be open or closed. With The Luxury Pergola, these are motorized.

Aluminum louvers being shown from closed to open at 135 degrees.

Here you can see the different orientations of the louvers, which are remote controlled to open or close with 135 degrees of motion from closed to open with a simple click of a button.

Having control over your space to this degree can help prevent elements like strong winds, rain, sun light, and snow. Having this control comes from the smart controls of the remote control. Giving you the outdoor comfort of your outdoor spaces for seasons to come year round.

You Are In Control

Sure you may not be able to control the actual sun, but you can control how much light fro the sun or how much shade you want in your space.

Imagine you are laying down relaxing and feel that light hit your eyes, or rain drop fall on your head. You don't want to go inside, you want to meep relaxing. Now you no longer have to elevate yourself to get up! Keep relaxing!

Remote Controlled Pergola Louvers Guide

Aluminum Design

louvered roof gives your control for shade and light and weather elements in your outdoor space

The louvered pergola has been designed to withstand any weather like strong winds and that hot temperature climate and condition while also maintaining a sleek modern look that is applicable in every designed space you may have.

The aluminum material ensures durability for the pergola and louvers. This way your investment is expected to last many years beyond other means of similar products and maintain value and style.

This also allows the design to have an integrated gutter system. As aluminum doesn't rust, you now have the control to move that water you're keeping off your head and space and direct it into our gutter system with out waterproof louvers.

Aluminum Compared to Other Materials

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