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Costco Mirador Aluminum Pergola vs. The Luxury Pergola Comparison

In this article we will go over the differences between the Costco Mirador Pergola and the Luxury Pergola. We know that there is a large price difference between the two, but we don't want any potential customers upset with their purchase by going with a cheaper unit.

So what's the difference between a $2,000 pergola Costco and a $30,000 pergola?

Now at the Luxury Pergola, we do not sell the pergola for $30,000 although that's what they typically go for. We sell our units for between $8,000 and $15,000.

Both of the pergolas with roof are essentially a pergola that opens and closes. The similarities stop there however. The main differences are:

  • The Luxury Pergola is significantly stronger

  • The Luxury Pergola has significantly greater function

    • Motorized, better gutters, etc.

  • The Luxury Pergola has a more appealing aesthtic.

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Difference in Strength

strength difference for Costco Pergola

The main difference between the Luxury Pergola and other louvered pergola kits is the strength. The Costco adjustable louvered roof is not the best pergola for high winds.

The Costco pergola states they can only handle 60 miles per hour of wind. That typically means that it doesn't handle much. A strong gust and the unit is gone.

When it is higher than those wind loads, you are actually instructed to take the louvers out. For a DIY louvered pergola kit, that is asking a lot.

Luxury Pergola Louver

Luxury Pergola snow and wind loads

The Luxury pergola is a louvered pergola that is tested to withstand 8,000 lbs of snow and 130 mph winds with the louvers closed and at the same time.

This means that the Costco Pergola and the Luxury Pergola are very different things. You'll see that difference in the pergola cost.

Luxury Pergola vs Costco

You can really see the difference in the pergolas when you look at the louvers when they are placed side by side. A louvered pergola can only be as strong as the louvers themselves.

The Difference in Beam and Gutter

Another main difference is the gutter and beam systems. The gutter system on the Costco version of the louvered aluminum pergola has an incredibly narrow gutter system. They won't handle a whole lot (if any) water.

I don't know if you could imagine that as a water tight system. We don't know how they market their louvered pergola kit, but it sounds a little difficult to imagine their gutter and beam system as "water tight".

Differences in Posts

Difference in post thickness

The differences in thickness on the post is where a lot of the strength of the unit is derived. That strength is in the extrusion itself for the post, as well as how it is attached to the ground.

A single plate is the way the Costco unit is mounted (as seen above). With the Costco pergola you screw that single plate into the post and then bolt the whole thing to the concrete.

This isn't a great way to approach things. As the Mandalorian would say, "This isn't the way."

At the Luxury Pergola, we don't have just a plate to keep your pergola from flying away to the wonderful world of Oz. Ours is an 18 inch stainless steel post base.

The Stainless Steel Post Base

Luxury Pergola Stainless steel post base

Above you will see our stainless steel post base. It is a beast.

The post base alone weighs almost 40 pounds. Are we proud of it? You bet we are.

The post base is also already drilled out for drainage. Once this thing gets anchored down to the concrete, you know it isn't going anywhere.

Aesthetic Differences between Luxury Pergola and Costco Pergola

Luxury Pergola by pool

There are definitely different looks for the two different kinds of pergolas. Anywhere you can shave cost, whether it be in thickness, as well as height or proportions, the more you can save money.

Therefore a Costco pergola is going to be less expensive because everything has been downsized. It's just smaller. when you're looking for pergola kits with a roof, size can matter.

Building the Luxury Pergola

The Costco pergola we tried is a 10 x 13. The luxury pergola in the picture above is a 9 foot 6 inch by 18 pergola. You can also tell that our unit is quite a bit taller than the Costco one.

Difference in Overall Height

Costco Pergola is way shorter

We like to offer our pergolas with a 9' post. That means it is 9 feet from the base all the way to the bottom of the beam.

That will give you a total unit height of about 10'2" with the louvers straight up and down. The another big difference between the two is the number of trim options available. All of this helps inform what a louvered pergola costs.

Trim Options for Louvered Pergola

Luxury Pergola with no trim

If you're looking at a DIY pergola kit, trim and crown moulding can be a question. The luxury pergola pictured above does not have any trim on it at all. Although you still get a motorized pergola.

Contemporary Crown on Luxury Pergola

contemporary crown on Luxury Pergola

Traditional Crown Moulding

Traditional Crown Moulding on Luxury Pergola

Base Trim Option

Black base trim on Luxury Pergola

These are the three trim options available for the Luxury Pergola. This kind of flexibility is what you get when you're looking at a higher end of the market.

Difference in Functionality

Costco pergola closed next to luxury pergola

The Costco pergola and the Luxury Pergola are both open and closing pergolas. With the Costco version you obviously have to crank them with a hand crank, whereas with the Luxury Pergola you can just use a remote to operate your motorized louvered pergola.

If you are looking for something where you don't have to worry about wind or strength or how long you have it, a motorized louvered pergola is worth it from the Luxury Pergola.

With a simple remote, you can get a very high quality motorized louvered pergola that is incredibly quiet to operate. From a drainage standpoint and a functionality standpoint, you can hear the louvers sealing as they are closed up, keeping the water out.

Once everything is sealed up, everything drains into the gutter and out through the post.


Pergola from Luxury Pergola

Now it comes to you. Whether the differences in the unit are worth the cost of upgrade from a $2500 unit to an $8,000 - $11,000 unit is ultimately up to you. People ask us quite a bit what the difference is between the two units.

Obviously the main differences are in the name. Ours is The Luxury Pergola and we think it is the best luxury motorized pergola in the world. That means it is going to be a bit more expensive.

Go ahead and check out our products on the website and feel free to shoot us any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

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