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Pergolas That Open and Close: What Are They?

pergola that open and close

This is a common question. What is going on with these new pergola products that can open and close? This is a relatively new development in the United States, and are growing in popularity in people's outdoor space.

These operable pergolas that open and close are a great new innovation in the outdoor space. The product can adjust for homeowners for maximum outdoor comfort.

A pergola that opens and closes is typically called a "Louvered Roof Pergola" or a "Luxury Pergola". Some even call it a Smart Pergola.

What Options are There For Your Outdoor Space?

This a great question. When you're looking for the best option for your patio, the market today can be confusing. All of these items are resistant to rust. If you are looking for the best item, you need to have great manufactured louvers and no maintenance, your options are the following:

The market for adjustable louvered roof

The Luxury Pergola

luxury aluminum pergola

This is a new and highly enticing option. It offers all the strength and durability of the most innovative louvered roof, without the high price tag.

The Luxury Pergola is a kit option that uses extruded aluminum to withstand heavy snow loads, as well as handle rainwater with its internal gutter system. This system is also made with partially recycled aluminum to help with environmental innovation.

The cost of the luxury pergola is a way to transform your backyard space and you can install this yourself or with a handyman service. It gives you full control over the sunlight and rain.

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The LouveRoof

remote control louvered roof

The LouveRoof is a very similar product to the Luxury Pergola. This one also uses aluminum to optimize your patio cover. The biggest difference is that you can have unique design options and they are custom build.

The manufacturer of this item also has some of the strongest engineered standards and installation is handled entirely by someone else. This uses extruded aluminum and the system is great for any space.

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The Struxure System

structure louvered roof

The Struxure System is from one of the larger players in the industry. It can also handle rain, stop sunshine, and it can operate in most climates. The market has certainly grown due to Struxure's marketing efforts and push throughout the market.

This item has some custom colors for you to choose to enhance your space. It was previously manufactured overseas, although that may have changed recently. The materials used are also aluminum for the panels.

For this product the pricing is very similar to the Luxury Pergola, but the main difference is in the louver design.

Struxure Pergola Pricing

The Mirador Adjustable Louvered Pergola

installed mirador pergola

This is the cheapest option that allows you to control the shade on your patio. It is self constructed, and requires you to build this yourself. It has thinner columns than any of the other options.

The Mirador pergola is much less resistant to weather. This system and louvers are limited in their range, but this purchase will not last nearly as well as the other options. The materials are primarily types of plastic to keep costs down.

The life of this pergola is much shorter than any of the other options.

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Louvered Roof Pergolas

gutter systems in louver roof

The louvered roof pergolas, are all good at handling shade. The biggest difference most people will notice day to day is going to be how they handle rain.

For rain protection, everything except the Mirador will handle rainwater in a similar manner. The cost of the different systems is the main difference for many buyers.

Different types of Adjustable Louvered Roof Pergola

The main differences in adjustable patio cover comes down to two the system is made. Almost all of them are made of aluminum, which helps with heat transfer, durability, and can help improve your patio.

The main factor most people will focus on is cost, rather than the ability of the pergola to last going forward. The sun protection offered can be similar, but the differences come down to the manufacturer.

For the value buyer, the Luxury Pergola, is by far the best option. With this option you will typically have to handle your own installation.

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