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The Motorized Louvered Pergola for Your Outdoor Space

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A motorized pergola is the perfect solution for your outdoor space. The entire process from planning to installation doesn't have to be wildly difficult.

With the right pergola you can withstand strong winds, the burning sun, and torrential rain, while providing comfortable and enjoyable shade. A motorized pergola, especially a DIY louvered pergola kit, will be one of the best covered structure options you can get.


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Most people look at their backyard and see nothing but problems. They can't control sunlight and their deck is backed by the summer heat. They may have a wood pergola, or vinyl, and mildew and mold has set in.

If you're looking for the ultimate versatility, a pergola that opens and closes is the way to go. There are several options. You could get the best luxury motorized pergola from LouveRoof or a kit from The Luxury Pergola.

You may even consider the Costco Mirador Adjustable Louvered Pergola. Now that isn't something we recommend, but it is definitely an option for those looking for the function of anon and closing pergola, but durability will be lacking.

A motorized louvered pergola will maximize protection from the sun, and with a remote control you can easily rotate the louvered roof open and close to provide ventilation, protection, and a great experience that will complement any outdoor space.

Design of a Louvered Roof

The design of a louvered roof is incredibly important. For a strong pergola, the pergola cost can be something to consider. A louvered pergola cost can be widely variable when you compare the pergolas in the marketplace.

The motorized louvered pergola can sometimes have ceiling fans, and even screens, but with that extra capability, you will pay more for custom work. A Struxure pergola can cost, anywhere from $35,000 to $85,000.

You get a pergola with high performance, but you will end up paying quite a bit for the motorized louvered pergola. Now if you are wondering if a louvered pergola is worth it, you need to consider your space and the features offered.

Features of a Louvered Roof

Luxury Pergola handling the elements

The features of a louvered roof are numerous. You can get custom options as well and the materials are typically made of aluminum and the quality is quite high when comparing structures with aluminum elements.

The best aluminum pergola kits have some great options and maybe custom accessories. Let's go over the function of many louvered roof options out there.


differences in louvers

The adjustable louvers on many motorized pergola options out there is how the louver is being used. The louvers can have either a single or a dual walls to make sure that there won't be excess heating transfer.

A dual wall louver can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than a single wall louvered roof. In this business that is a lot. When the summer comes you will want the coolest possible space for your guests.

Fan Accessories

The fan installations can help with ventilation and create a nice, breezy space for your patio. With a nice remote and fan equipped, you can get an even better space than expected.

Installation of Motorized Pergola

Installations can be more difficult if you have a custom pergola unit. The video above goes through the installation of the kit option. The DIY kit can be much easier to install than a custom unit.

The main difference between a custom, attached, unit and a free standing motorized pergola, is the ability of homeowners to get highly custom, quality units that can extend to any size. With a kit, you get predetermined sizes, and a better price, while with a custom unit, a contractor will install, but for a significant investment.

Maintenance in Your Outdoor Living Space

aluminum louver

For your open and closing pergola, the maintenance is going to be major consideration. For the summer months, and even winter, a high quality aluminum pergola, will require very little maintenance, no matter the weather.

Depending on the durability of your pergola materials, you may need to stain or seal your pergola if it is made of something like wood or vinyl. With aluminum, you only need to service the gutters by making sure they are cleared of leaves and debris.


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No matter what you are looking to do, whether it be adding the best possible performance, or creating a great experience for guests, a controlled, outdoor living space at your house can't go wrong.

To try a pergola with all the benefits of a roof and a pergola, but can handle the greatest wind loads possible. Check out the options to shop below.

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