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15 Year Warranty

We stand by our products. That is why Haven comes with the longest and most comprehensive warranty in its product class. Haven Adjustable Pergola Kits come with an unrivaled 15 year warranty.

Unparalleled Strength

Haven adjustable pergolas are stronger than anything else at this price point. Able to withstand 120 mph winds and hold 2000 lbs of snow at the same time while closed, Haven pergola kits are the strongest and most reliable option.


Haven's innovative drainage system has the louvers closing directly over the gutters. This ensures that rain doesn't get on you, but instead is channeled down the legs of the unit.

Made in USA

Haven by The Luxury Pergola is proudly made in the United States by expert craftsmen. With the same care and precision that The Luxury Pergola is known for, you can get a fantastic product at an unbeatable price. All made in the USA.

Sale price$5,750.00 Regular price$7,749.99
Save $1,999.99
Size: 10' x 10'
Orders ship in 4-6 Weeks

Due to massive demand, orders placed today will ship in 4-6 weeks from order.

Open For The Sun, Closed For Rain

Control At the Push of a Button

With Haven by The Luxury Pergola, your space can be open for the sun and airflow, or closed tight to provide shade and rain protection.

Haven Pergola Open


Haven Pergola Closed


Haven | Adjustable Pergola
Competitor's Pergola Kits
Made In USA
Can Meet Building Codes
Re-Labeled and Marked Up
15 Years
2-10 Years
Wind Rating Closed

120 mph

40 - 80 mph

Snow Load Closed

25 lbs per Squre Foot

8-14 lbs/sq foot

Head Clearance
8' 6"
Can Meet Max Snow & Wind Load At Same Time
Units Motorized
Yes - Included
Costs Extra
Alloy for All Aluminum Components
Product Weight (Excluding Packaging)

450 lbs

250 lbs

Price Per Pound of Aluminum



Strongest Option At Price Point
Product Features
  • Wind Load: 120mph Closed (even more open)
  • Snow Load: 20 PSF (2000 Lbs of Snow)
  • Clearance to bottom of Frame: 8' 6"
  • Motorized: Grade IP67 24V electric motor for louver control via Remote Control
  • Frame Beam: 1" x 5" with 1/8" Sidewall
  • Post: 5" x 5" Post with 1/8" Sidewall
  • Louver Width: 6"
  • Made in: United States in our own plant.
  • Powder Coat: AAMA 2604
  • Color: Black

  • What is the best way to ensure quality and precision for such a premium product?

    You make it yourself!

    Haven is built to our exacting standards, by our own teams, in our own plant.

    Where others will import ready made kits and mark them up, we make them ourselves and ensure premium quality, strength, and reliability.

    At The Luxury Pergola, we stand behind our products.

    That's why we offer a 15 year warranty on all Haven units. Yes, this warranty covers the motor too.

    This makes it the longest and most comprehensive warranty at this price point.

    Who wants to spend money on a high end structure that just blows away like an umbrella?

    With Haven it was incredibly important to us that we make sure it can handle high winds, even when closed.

    We looked all over the market and found nothing at this price point met even the most lax building codes.

    So we made sure Haven could handle 120 mph winds, with the louvers closed. Enough to meet building codes in most of the country.

    It was important for us to be able to offer the Haven Adjustable Pergola to a wide variety of customers, while still meeting building codes.

    That's why we worked tirelessly to ensure that Haven can handle 2500 lbs of snow while closed & handle high winds at the same time.

    With Haven you get an unparalleled snow load rating (while closed) when compared to anything else available in this price range.

    With Haven, your comfort is paramount. You can open up the louvers and get air and sun, or close them tight to stay dry in the rain and snow.

    With haven, you get the best of a pergola and a solid roof.

    Who would want to feel claustrophobic outside? That's why we went tall.

    With a clearance of 8'6" to the bottom of the frame, you'll be comfortable no matter what.

    When your product is outdoors all the time, it is important that the powder coat doesn't fade in the sun.

    That is why we use an AAMA 2604 Powder Coat on All Haven Adjustable Pergolas.

    With this high grade powder coat, we offer unparalleled quality and fade resistance for the price.

    Haven is truly unmatched in paint quality when compared to anything else at this price point.

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