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DIY Pergola Kit: Crown Moulding Advice Before You Buy

So do I get crown moulding or do I not get crown moulding for my DIY pergola kits? This is a big question people have when they take a look at the website and plan their own pergola.

Now the luxury pergola is the best pergola for high winds, and perhaps the best all around aluminum pergola,

Two Different Kinds of Crown Moulding for Pergola Kits

Traditional crown moulding on box type pergola

When looking for crown moulding on your outdoor structure, you can choose from two main options. You have either the traditional crown moulding, or the contemporary crown.

If you are looking at louvered pergola kits, you will need to consider what the best motorized pergola kits options are out there, and even DIY louvered pergola kits and how to best hide the motor.

traditional crown moulding on free standing pergola

The traditional crown moulding obviously gives you a softer look and more of what you'd expect from a traditional crown moulding. It has the same kind of look you'd find on cabinets or in a lot of traditional architecture for a house or cover.

Now for the best aluminum pergola kit, many can offer crown moulding to give a fresh look to a different kind of roof.

Contemporary Crown Moulding Pergola Designs

Contemporary crown moulding on pergolas

The contemporary crown moulding has a different aesthetic of a diy pergola project. If you want your outdoor space to have a more modern look while providing more shade than a traditional pergola, the materials used for the louvered pergolas are your ticket.

Contemporary crown gives what is essentially a double step look or shapes to decorate the outside of the unit.

A look at Both Trims

motor on top of pergola frame

Now these trims, not only look aesthetically pleasing for your particular outdoors style for your backyard, but the also offer another advantage.

One of the downsides to a louvered pergola canopy in your yard, is that you have to keep the motor, typically, away from the water in the gutter. This means the only place to mount the motor is on top of the actual unit.

The downside here, is if you don't get any trim, the motor is going to be sitting on top of the beam itself, marring the look of your beautiful pergola.

You can see what that would look like on the picture above. This project is from an old show or floor display that we have. You can see the motor operating the canopy and understand how it works in the video at the top of the article.

Considerations For Your DIY Pergola Kits

Crown moulding style on deck backyard pergola

If you do not have the ability to orient the pergola, which is easy to do considering the pergolas nature as a DIY kit, to make sure the pergola motor is away from your family and friends for your outdoor spaces, you should consider crown.

Your house can be a great block to hide the motor and create a great backyard oasis, but if you don't like the look of the motor for your layout, you might want to consider getting a crown moulding option when planning your site.

One of those crown moldings is designed to help hide the motor attached to the beams for your roof, and keep your patio looking crips and clean with a whole new set of shade features.

These crown moulding options lift above the unit so your project can hide the visual representation of the motor. You may be able to see the motor peak out every so often (not when you're using furniture under it).

Now most of the time the material will hide the motor from your family and friends.

Closing Out your Pergolas DIY Nature

White pergola with crown moulding near wall

We want to make sure people know that if you don't do a top trim, you will see the motor when operating your canopy cover as it sits on top of the frame. You can see the video above to understand exactly what that looks like.

This was a very short article so we can give you an idea of what those mouldings look like, how they offer more than a cedar pergola, and tips to ensure you get the most from your outdoor structure and outdoor space.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. so we can help you figure out how to make the best pergola plans for your existing patio.

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