The Luxury Pergola Super Pergola w/ multiple units connected

The Luxury Pergola is now SUPER SIZED

Bigger. Better. More Versatile

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High Wind? No Problem

No matter the weather, the Luxury Pergola can handle greater snow and wind loads than any other DIY pergola on the market. To get this strength, the only option used to be expensive, custom products.

Industry Leading Snow Loads

The Luxury Pergola has industry leading snow and wind loads when compared to the similarly priced competition. With Super Pergola, you keep that advantage while getting more sizes to choose from.

Waterproof Innovation

Super pergola takes the innovative louver system that The Luxury Pergola has brought to the market to ensure efficient water channeling to keep you dry and happy.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Our products are almost all fully American-made, and Super Pergola is no exception. Made for you and your space, we are proud of the unmatched quality we provide.

Creating Your Own Super Pergola

The video below will show you exactly how to create the Super Pergola by combining one or more Luxury Pergola units.

How to Create a Super Pergola