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a shade solution with louvered on new pergola. Great for offering shade, rain protection, and protection from other weather.

Looking to add some shade to your backyard? Your time outdoors is measured in quality. You deserve a space that offers shade, getting you that much needed protection from the direct sunlight .

The Luxury Pergola has a perfect solution for that much needed shade with their modern pergolas design you are able to get protection from the sun with just a click of a button. In this article there will be many instances of pergola shade ideas.

The Luxury Pergola

Create Pergola Shade

Having your own pergola cover gives your space more than just sun shade. When you purchase a louvered roof pergola kit from The Luxury Pergola, you are receiving a product that protects you from various other weather as well.

You are in control with The Luxury Pergola as you have control over the louver roof ensuring you get your space the way you want it with a click of a button.

Louvered Roof

image showcasing pergola shade and pergola shade ideas.

With 130 degrees of motion, no matter which angle that sun is above the pergola, you can create pergola shade and its more simple than ever.

The Luxury Pergola

The aesthetically pleasing modern pergola design has become a customer favorite with the clean lines, simplicity of install, and wide range of practical use.

Not only being the focal point from its looks, but how the pergola works at providing shade, protection from rain, wind, and snow has made so many people across the country fall in love.


Patio space with pergola that has pergola shade solutions with a sun screen able to provide shade

The Luxury Sun Shade

There are accessories available to enhance your usability despite any pergola styles. The Luxury Sun Shade is a solution to needing more pergola shade. One great questions customers tend to ask themselves is "how much more shade is too much shade", or "can we add shade".

Depending on how much sunlight your outdoor spaces receive you may be interested in extra protection from the sun shine. Similar to retractable awning, these shade sails are erectable retractable to create the shade you need while also protecting you from harmful sun rays with its uv resistant material.

The Luxury Bug Screen

Bug Screens are great for outdoor space with any insect while also keeping your pergola style fresh.

The Luxury Bug Screen while still able to provide some shade, sun protection and its ability to provide shade is not the focal point of the pergola shades for bugs. The bug screen while acting as pergola covers, is not intended for sun blocking to create shade.

This product is amazing for bug prevention, just not a great shade solution. Especially with the summer sun beating down. If you're looking to use your covered pergola with the intention of blocking out bugs, and are not worried about the suns harmful affects then this might be the product for you to integrate into your pergola.

Pergola Accessories Page

Extra Protection

  • Water Proof

Not only are the Luxury Pergolas able to have rain protection from heavy or light rain, this diy pergola is waterproofed and capable of keeping you dry from just about any wet situation.

Pergola tops view of unit with rain water flowing into pergolas gutter system from louvered roof

What about those not so sunny days? You need to ensure your space can keep dry you can can keep enjoying your time with your friends or family.

  • Snow Load

If you live in a part of the country where those rainy days can quickly turn into snowy cold days, then you will want to pay attention to several factors with your outdoor purchases.

Your pergola designs need to made to last through winter and hold up the weight that comes with snow and ice. The Luxury Pergola has sizes that are able to hold up to 8,000 pound .

  • Wind Load

Wind is a weather characteristic that's prevalent in every part of the country, but some more so than others. This is why we did create pergola shade that can withstand higher wind than most other sun screens that are available to mount onto a pergola unit. Our Bug Screen and Sun Shade can withstand wind up to 45 mph. That is just the screen!

pergolas with seating area on patio with louver roof keeping backyard space dry and illuminated with light

Our pergola designs are done in such a way that allows for safety, and comfort when installing in a high wind area. Take Florida for instance, heavy winds are expected up to 100+ mph in many parts of Florida. This is why our louvered pergolas are capable of handling heavy winds, starting at 130mph, and with the louvers closed.

Pergola Shade Ideas

There are obviously numerous other ideas for backyard shade. Retractable canopy and shade sail with some shade cloth are cheaper alternatives. However, with cheaper you tend to lose usability. Retractable canopies tend to need to be attached to a structure. Free standing isn't much of an option.

So whether you go with a wooden pergola or an aluminum, you at least have the option of free standing away from a house or building. Placement is everything. You don't want to push all of your entertainment space up against your home.

Shade Options With Pergolas

Outdoor Living Space

Patio with pergola casting shadow on outdoor living room under pergolas louvered roof.

Outdoor Living spaces are great ways to use your pergola unit to its maximum potential. Granting you the comfort of an indoor living room on your patio, with control of your pergolas shade and weather defense.

Adding light to your pergola roof or pergola side walls can help you illuminate the space and enjoy the memories being created in your outdoor living space with he help from your pergola.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens are a great space to install a pergola overhead to fill in the absence of natural shade. The Luxury Pergola has an aluminum design that has a higher heat resistance than regular fabric restartable canopy. Heat resistance is important when working around grills and fire.

Outdoor Dining Room

instead of retractable canopy, this customer used a pergola to cover their outdoor space

Outdoor Dining Rooms with pergolas are picking up in popularity, working away from traditional patio table and chairs to a more indoor dining room feel in the outdoors.

Adding your environment to your space can make all the difference, imagine your garden right next to your dining room, letting you get up and grab fresh veggies from your garden. Gardens are a perfect backdrop for your dining space.

pergola accomplishing the same as a shade sail, but with more coverage and control over your environment

Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space is a huge part of your home. you carefully consider your potted plants, and garden space, house color, and so much more. So carefully consider

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