8x16 Pergola: Make your backyard more luxurious

Aluminum pergola with motorized louvered roof

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For those searching for new ways to improve your backyard living space, the 8 x 16 pergola is a fantastic project that you and the entire family will love. The pergola will not only add a better aesthetic look for your space, but it will also generate a versatile area for anything you'd like to do with it.

Among the pergola sizes, the 8 x 16 pergola provides much needed shade and comfort for anyone wanting to either use it for entertainment, dining, or even just a place to rest. The purpose of each pergola is to enhance your outdoor space the way you've always wanted and give you the best opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Pergola structure

Bronze pergola with louvered roof and ceiling fan

A pergola is an outdoor structure that consists of four vertical posts, supporting a center beam and louvered roof. It can be placed on your deck, patio, garden, or even against your back door. Each of the posts and pieces are all pre drilled for you, adding the convenience of not having to do it yourself or make a mistake. The louvered roof comes with a remote control, making is very simple to adjust the roof to your liking.

The design of each pergola is made to be sturdy and durable, as they are all made of aluminum. With aluminum, they are the most durable material in stock and will also last much longer than other materials that competitors will use. By purchasing from the Luxury Pergola, you can check off that box in regards to looking for the best material!

Does the pergola provide shade and protection?

White pergola with ceiling fan and furniture to enhance their outdoor space

Getting much needed shade and protection are some of the many benefits that each pergola will do for you. Each 8 x 16 pergola is constructed to provide cover and protection to anyone in the outdoor space from any weather conditions. The bad weather conditions that the pergola can withstand are excessive sunlight, heavy wind, rain, or snow.

You can now have pergola screens installed as well, as they provide more shade and protection from not just the elements, but also any insects. By adding a screen to your pergola, you will have a more private space for you and your company while also being better protected. It's important to note that each screen comes with a handle that is easy to access and operate.

Customization options with your pergola

Outside living space made better with furniture features under pergola with louvered roof

Regardless of what pergola size you purchase, you will be given plenty of customization options to enhance your backyard space. You can customize your pergola by its color, crown moulding, and other functional features. The Luxury Pergola strives to provide options for you to transform your outdoor area into a haven of comfort and style the way you've always wanted.

Pergola color

The pergola colors will vary between white, black, and bronze. The louvered roof will offer the same colors plus stone as an additional option. We work very hard to provide you as many options as possible to give you the freedom to transform your backyard space into a space of comfort and style you have always wanted.

Crown Moulding

If you decide to add the crown moulding to your pergola, you will have to pick between traditional or contemporary. There is also a base trim that can be added, which will provide more style and protection to the pergola. By having crown moulding included, it will improve the pergola's overall appearance and will complement your home and outdoor space.

Other Functional Features

When it comes to the other features, it will vary depending on each customer's needs and preferences. Some options include adding a ceiling fan, LED lights, speakers, or the attachable pergola screen. Regardless of what you add to your pergola, it will only improve your backyard space to its full potential and will be the place where everyone will want to hangout.

What can I use the pergola for?

Aluminum pergola frame with louvered roof

The usage of each pergola will vary for every customer based on their needs and preferences. Some options for your outdoor space include hosting events, get-togethers, pool parties, relaxing, or even camping if you'd like! You can also add other outdoor features to further improve your outdoor space like some furniture, camping chairs, plants, fire pit, the options are endless for you.

Having the 8 x 16 pergola will give you the space to do anything you want and will provide a very versatile and comfortable living space for you and your family.

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The Luxury Pergola strives to give you the best quality product to enhance your outdoor living space. Purchasing a 8 x 16 pergola will not only fulfill that aspect, but it will also bring everyone closer together while enjoying the great outdoors. The installation is made to be pretty easy for anyone to do, with clear instructions attached to the pergola kit.

You may find our YouTube page helpful if you have any questions or need more review on how we fully assemble the pergola. Ready to buy a new pergola at an affordable price? The Luxury Pergola is the answer for you. No need to travel to a store to purchase when you can order straight from your mobile device.

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