Motorized Pergola

Motorized Pergola

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The modern pergola system with motorized louvers has gained popularity due to it's versatility and ability to adapt regardless the weather. Louvers that open and close can be enjoyed year round thanks to the aluminum material.

Find a day with rain and strong winds, close the roof. Want more natural light on a beautiful sunny day, open the louvers up and enjoy. This is all open to your own preference based on the circumstance.

Motorized Pergolas

A Louvered Roof Outdoor Space

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A louvered outdoor space allows for greater ROI and home value, although it can be expensive. Many homeowners are finding that in home installation projects can go way beyond their budget.

The DIY route has helped many homeowners to save money with the help of just a little sweat equity. DIY routes have been found to be half the cost if not less than other pergola routes.

Louvered Roof Pergolas

Louvered Roof System Price And Features

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The luxury pergola louvered roof system price can vary from 8k-16k which is much less than the high ticket install brands which can be 70k plus. This lower price allows for a realistic approach that homeowners are excited to move forward with.

Remote Control

A feature for the modern pergola roof system would be a remote operated louver system. This allows you to be at your seat clicking a button to operate the louvers exactly as preferred.

Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas can often be viewed as the most high durability and low maintenance of all pergola systems. Utilizing aluminum can provide much more freedom and room for creativity in the installation process.

Motorized Louvered

A motorized louver systems is often on every modern pergola system. This system can open and close with a motorized mechanism to create your ideal situation.

The Ideal Outdoor Living Space

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An ideal outdoor living space can be entirely circumstantial based on exactly what the homeowner is looking for. Some may look got great lighting and ceiling fans while some may simply look for a place to find shade on their patio.

Whatever elements you are looking for in your pergola structure can be found through multiple customization ideals. Protection from the sun in an elegant fashion provides luxury for any home an increases the value.

A Motorized Louvered Pergola ROI

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The ROI on a motorized louvered pergola is often more than some expect. Increasing shade and outdoor structure to your home can have a higher return than things like a pool or even some landscaping.

A louvered pergola DIY system can have even further ROI due to the fact of utilizing sweat equity to increase overall value in the project. With ease of assembly, many have hired a local contractor or even asked a friend for help in installing their pergola system.

DIY Pergolas

Weather Features For A Motorized Louvered Roof

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The best motorized pergola system is one that can withstand any weather condition while maintaining high performance. If you are able to balance that with little to no maintenance as well you will find a perfect combination that many homeowners tend to love. Some of the high tolerant weather features include:

Heavy Snow Loads

The ability to take heavy snow loads regardless of the location allows for high versatility in where this product can be used. Wether in Idaho or Minnesota, our pergolas can take up to 9000lbs of snow load allowing for a high functioning product.

Block From Sun Rays

The ability to block from the suns rays is a given, but also a perk as well. The hollow louvers manufactured to insulate and reflect the suns heat create a cooler atmosphere than regular shade under your structure.

Outdoor Structure For High Winds

High wind tolerance can help contribute to versatility as well. The aluminum extrusions combined with the engineering create a wind tolerance of 130mph+ wind with the louvers shut and even more with the louvers open.

What Makes Installation A Great Experience

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Installation if often a great experience due to the fact of the ease of assembly and in-depth instructions already provided. This is designed for ease of use and clear communication further solidifies this process.

Feel free to sit back and enjoy with your friends on a nice sunny day as you bear the fruits of your labor in this beautiful shade. Allowing yourself to have a nice shade structure can be exactly what is needed to take your home-life to the next level.

Ease Of Use Pergolas

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