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Outdoor Living Trends 2024

Outdoor living area near pool with curved furniture and patio furniture nearby great for outdoor areas.

Now that we're getting our feet wet into 2024, we can look back at this past year and see what new trends kicked off in the world of outdoor spaces and what's is expected to continue to grow in popularity in this new year.

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The Luxury Pergola

DIY Outdoor Space Is A Hit!

DIY modern pergola style on porch side and. natural finishes around fire pit

Outdoor spaces took the internet by storm this past year with more people doing DIY projects from their flower beds to the places they entertain guests. Fire pits are a great use out of these spaces. It was the year for backyard renovators!

We are going to touch on some of the most trendy topics and give insight on what's picking up in popularity for 2024.

Living spaces can be given privacy with SunShades from The Luxury Pergola

Shades are a great way to enhance your space and give some privacy for your gatherings.

2024 is the year for vibrant colors and bright pops surrounding your outdoor area in your backyard. The focal point of this blog is not to emphasize the trends for 2023 but to build off what we have learned.

Let's dive into what was the summer long trend, what gained a renewed interest, and which outdoor space will be the next top trend.

Outdoor Spaces

Backyard patio with dining area and string lights helps create natural well lit space for your porch

There are many spaces you can add to your backyard and transform your natural environment into an organic modern style creating a more inviting space with the right outdoor decor and patio furniture.

Many spaces have different purposes. Similar to a house, each room can have its own unique purpose outdoor rooms are no different.

Square footage holds a valuable importance with renovating an outdoor space. Ensuring you have ample room for friends and family to walk, move about, and enjoy their time.

Outdoor Living Space

outdoor furniture and outdoor sofa with throw pillows in outdoor space

An outdoor living space isn't meant to be a replacement to the indoors living space we are all familiar with. That being said, it is supposed to continue the same feeling! Outdoor living spaces are best equipped with an outdoor sofa, alongside other outdoor collections such as rugs, lights, end tables and so much more!

The outdoor living area is meant for comfort and escape while getting to take in the great outdoors. adding some throw pillows, comfortable chairs, and more interior style decorations can help create that outdoor living room feeling.

Outdoor Space Ideas

Outdoor Furniture

create perfect living space with throw pillows and outdoor comfy furniture

Outdoor Furniture is always vital whether its for an outdoor patio and simply metal furniture or by a fire put and using natural materials for seating. The furniture you bring into your space will help set the tone for comfort with throw pillows and availability, and most import enjoyment.

You have these spaces to create lasting memories with friends and family. So why not take the extra effort to ensure you and everyone enjoys the outdoors space the way you intended in your yard.

Outdoor Dining Space

outdoor furniture at dining table can also be used with patio furniture

Many Families have dedicated a space to share those family meals and special occasions around the outdoor dining table. This concept isn't new, however in recent years this has increased in popularity with extending the outdoors area space to feel more like its inside the home instead of the home's exterior.

patio space with dining table with outdoor furniture and pergola to create shade for space

This has grown from the traditional outdoors patio in your backyard with the round table and chairs around, maybe with a space umbrella and given a modern twist. The modern pergola, being the louvered roof pergola has blown up in popularity for this space.

outdoor space used for dining with outdoor furniture on patio

Allowing for a natural touchy including decor pieces like rugs, interior style chairs and tables. These various decor pieces help give that fun natural feel while still being in tune with nature and the outdoors.

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Outdoor Kitchen

patio kitchen with pergola coverage helps create shade for the outdoor space

Another one of many living spaces is the Outdoor Kitchen. A perfect backyard patio style addition to increase the fun in grilling and preparing meals while being surrounded by the beautiful summer nature air.

Outdoor furniture for dining and kitchen in outdoor space using organic shapes with an earthy feel

Tied in perfectly with outdoor dining, being able to prepare meals and cook near the outdoor dining area create the perfect system and wow your guests with the wonderful layout and set up you have created.

Outdoor furniture is necessary for all outdoor spaces, patio furniture and outdoor sofa sets are a perfect set of outdoor collections to have


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