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Modern Pergola: What's the Difference

Modern Pergola On Stair Landing

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Modern Pergolas are the first change of pergola technology in over 3,000 years. Originally invented in 1400 B.C. Ancient Egypt, there are now new innovations that are changing the pergola space.

The main difference between a regular pergola and a modern pergola is the luxurious louvered roof. This creates adaptable shade for the perfect condition regardless of weather.

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Modern Pergola Kits

Modern Pergola Kit

Modern Pergola Kits are popular due to their luxurious features combined with their great price. A few companies that offer modern pergolas and modern pergola kits are:

  • The Luxury Pergola (Best Overall: $$)

  • Struxure (Best Customization: $$$$)

  • Imported Kits (Cheapest: $)

  • The Luxury Pergola (Best DIY Kit: $$)

For more in depth rankings and descriptions there are blogs that define the best pergolas of 2023.

Create A Backyard Oasis

Outdoor Oasis Created From Modern Pergola Kit

Like Ancient Egypt, everyone needs an oasis. Luxury Pergolas fulfill this need and create a spot to embrace love from family/friends and create memories.

The next step is finding exactly the right pergola design you would like that fits your home and adds value.

Luxury Pergola Designs

What Makes A Modern Pergola Kit?

Modern Pergola Kit Used To Elevate Outdoor Space

A modern pergola is defined by a pergola with adaptable shade due to its luxury louvers. This allows for a roof that can completely open and close at the touch of a button. Beautiful sunny day, keep it open, drizzly afternoon, keep it closed, the freedom of choice is yours.

Louvered Roof of Modern Pergolas

Modern Materials Allow For Functionality And Provide More Shade

What is a louvered roof? Louvers are the cross beams that run across the pergola, they are able to turn fully shut or fully closed thanks to a motorized mechanism that runs the louvers.

Custom Pergola Design: Necessary?

Custom Pergola Ideas Draw Inspiration

Many homeowners believe they need a custom pergola design to fit the needs of their home. Thanks to many options in size, shape, and time, this is unnecessary. Through several options provided and the ability to change color, trim, size, and height. Homeowners are able to find exactly what they need without all the custom costs.

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Aesthetic Outdoor Kitchen, Hot Tub, Fire Pit, Etc.

Pergola Over Hot Tub

As you can see from the picture above homeowners, like to create a luxury space around their luxury pergola. A popular option of which is a hot tub pergola.

Other things a pergola is perfect for is a pool, garden, and/or outdoor furniture as well to increase your outdoor living space. Modern style pergolas add the finishing touch to increase a homes value and create a "Wow" factor.

DIY Factor Of Pergola Structures

Pergola Louvered Roof In Manufacturing

The good news about DIY Pergola Kits is you can get the same product for about half the cost. The ability to hire your own installers or simply install yourself allows for the same luxurious feel while saving you money

DIY Installation Process

durable pergola corner

The installation process is made to be as simple and applicable as possible for all homeowners. This easy to assemble set up can be completed from start to finish in as little as a day. Instructional videos and articles are available even further simplify and help any questions along the process.

The Best Pergola Kits

The best pergola kits of 2023 have come to the market. Here are a few of the options that we see can be best fit:

  • The Luxury Pergola (Best Overall: $$)

  • Struxure (Best Customization: $$$$)

  • Imported Kits (Cheapest: $)

  • The Luxury Pergola (Best DIY Kit: $$)

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