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Smart pergola allowing outdoor living in outdoor living area

The modern pergola has taken the country by storm. While the design of the traditional pergola can still be seen in the new pergola, you'll notice some large changes for the better like:

  • Material

  • Usability

  • Durability

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Modern Pergola Build Material

Smart pergola over existing patio

Traditional pergolas have beenmade out of wood. Despite the high quality of wood, process of treatment for weathering and outdoor use wood will over time going through various seasons, cold and heat will rot and need to be replaced.

You see this often times in friends and families backyards that have these style pergolas

Wooden Design

showing different styles of pergolas with slats helping block sun

Spending thousands and thousands of dollars to have your pergola built just to have to retain, paint, and replace every couple years because of weather conditions can quickly become expensive and not to mention annoying having so much maintenance to keep up with.

Aluminum Design Built To Last

smart pergolas with extruded aluminum pieces over patio and mount for ceiling fans

The ability to withstand and maintain the structures integrity despite bad weather is an important quality for something that is supposed to protect you from the environment and its unfortunate elements like rain, snow, and wind.

Not only will an aluminum pergola enhance the space and its lasting protections, but the aluminum design increases the amount of stress the structure can take on.

Increasing the ability to take on heavy snow loads, high winds, and worse weather overall is a large reason for the popularity behind the almunimum pergola.

Aluminum Pergola Kit

Smart Pergola

Louvers showing range of motion and opening capabilities

In todays world, with our ease of access to advanced technology we are able to turn any simple structure or product and create a simple project into a smart and easily customized one at that with a few adjustments. and a remote control with your smart pergolas.

Smart Features

Smart pergolas can greatly increased the quality of the time spent in your backyard patios or deck space. Being able to accomplish tasks you never imagined possible with traditional pergolas.

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors can be built into the installation of your pergola with built in sensors and be designed to close your louvers when it starts to rain creating an automatic deck cover. Even when you're not home this can be controlled from your phone or set to be automatic.

Motorized Adjustable Louvers

louver system showing range of motion up to 135 degrees

Motorized louvers not only let you have the ability to protect you from the rain letting you continue entertaining company, but alongside this you can protect yourself from that bright hot summer sun at any angle giving you shade.

You are able to have such coverage because of the range of the louvers being 130 degrees of motion all with a remote control. Something that awnings cannot accomplish.

Installation Process

You don't even need to be a professional to set this advanced technology up on your pergola . Most smart services you can add to a pergola can be installed as easily as a ceiling fan if not easier.

How To Build The Luxury Pergola

Outdoor Living

outdoor living space

Outdoor living with a smart pergola in your outdoor space allows all those small details from efficient lighting and a reliable system and can adjust to your needs on the fly is a good system to have.

This can help make small accessories have a larger impact and help create the perfect backyard patios or deck pergolas with louvers for your outdoor Space

outdoor living room project idea

What is your space without a pergola? Your outdoor patio or decks rely on either the environment natural shade or shade provided by awning or obstruction from the house maybe right?

But before your pergola project shade isn't the only thing you are not in control over.

There are several elements that can prevent you from enjoying your outdoor site. By having such a system to help adjust to the ever changing climate elements at your site you will confident with having gone with The Luxury Pergola.

Not only one of the best system in the market, but also the best service with customers.

Call us today and discuss your plans and project!

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