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Modern Pergola Kits: 2023 Pergola Kit Reviews

In 2023 there are a huge number of modern pergolas on the market. The come in varying sizes and most are going to be a louvered pergola. Here we will go over the main louvered pergola kits and what the pergola cost looks like for each of the options.

In case you don't want to read the entire article, we will give you a quick answer.

The best freestanding pergola kit is the Luxury Pergola Kit.

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The Landscape of Modern Pergolas

Modern Pergola Structures

When looking at the different pergola kit options on the market, homeowners will probably look at a few things first. Price is going to be the first consideration when looking for a modern pergola kit for your outdoor living space.

Now a louvered pergola is a pergola that can open and close. Price won't give you a complete picture of what to consider when looking for louvered pergola kits.

You will need to look for the most durable pergola material used, shipping, and how customized you can make the size to fit your outdoor space. The most durable option is aluminum, and the ability to customize the styles only come down to one option: The Luxury Pergola kit.

Differences in the Most Popular Modern Pergola Kit

louver differences

If you are considering a modern pergola kit for your backyard oasis, then you will almost certainly see four very popular brands. Each has modern materials, works in an outdoor space, and are made of metal, although the difference is in the details.

The highest quality, and most expensive one, is definitely the Luxury Pergola. It is the only kit designed to handle 130 mph winds and 9600 pounds of snow on top of the unit at the same time.

Every other option will sag in snow and rattle or fall apart in high wind. With Luxury Pergola you can get a 12 x 16 pergola kit or a 12 x 20 pergola kit with only 4 posts.

Ultimately the main question is going to be what does a louvered pergola cost and what do you get for the money for your backyard oasis or pool area.

#1 The Luxury Pergola Kits

Luxury Pergola structure

The Luxury Pergola is the gold standard in DIY Louvered pergola kits. It can give you fantastic shelter from the sun and clean lines that will enhance your entire outdoor space. The cost is the biggest barrier for most people though.

The 8x8 pergola unit starts at $7,999, but has free shipping. The aluminum is painted with the highest quality powder coat in the entire louvered roof industry and is perfect for any family.

Additionally it is resistant to rust and corrosion as the frame is entirely aluminum and the post bases are stainless steel. It will give you a great modern pergola look, and there are even trip options to suit the style of your home or yard.

You can even combine units to get something like a 24 x 12 pergola kit by combining two of the 12 x 12 pergola options.

The reason we recommend and offer the luxury pergola kit, is that it is the best aluminum pergola kit in the world. Even better it is also motorized, making it the best luxury motorized pergola as well.

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#2 The Costco Pergola Kits

difference between Costco and Luxury Pergola

Costco pergola kits offer a nice modern look for the outdoors, and the material is all aluminum. The question is how well it will work when entertaining or in high winds/rain.

The metal on the pergola is incredibly thin. You get a good price for the project, but the utility will be somewhat limited. as the gutter system is laughably small and the louvers are not designed to handle anything more than 60 mph winds.

It won't meet building codes anywhere in the United States.

Costco Pergola Comparison

#3 Purple Pergola on Wayfair

Most people see sagging in purple pergola

The Purple pergola kits from Wayfair may not be the best option for your house or deck. It can help protect from the sun, but with the longer spans, you see a giant sag in the middle of the unit.

When you assemble the unit, make sure you are aware of the potential issue where the material may sag in the middle and make drainage almost impossible. Not the best option for an outdoor kitchen or outdoor cover.

We reached out to the individual who had issues with their purple pergola kit and advised them on how to solve their issue with water buildup and sagging of the main beam.

Issue with Purple Pergola

#4 Hanso Home Pergola Kits

They claim to be "Scandinavian Design" but are incredibly guarded about where the unit is actually made. Given the price point and the design, it is almost certainly made in China or overseas.

The design is also very similar to (maybe the same thing) as offered by Starry.

Hanso Pergolas look like rebranded Starry Pergolas

Now we will see if they actually ship the units. Be wary when working with them.

Different Pergola Materials

aluminum louver for pergola

When looking at the different pergola kit options, the adjustable louvered roof can be a maintenance free and a stylish way to create a beautiful atmosphere.

When looking at different pergola kits with a roof, the materials and how the unit goes together will be the biggest single factor, by far. Aluminum is definitely going to be the most weather resistant and you don't have to paint or stain the unit each year like you do with wood.

If you are looking for the best aluminum pergola, you need to consider the thickness of the aluminum you are dealing with.

Conclusions on Modern Pergola

White Pergola with furniture by pool

Homeowners who are seeking the best shade possible, will need to match their needs with their budget. You can get a complete solution with a motorized louvered pergola, in the sleek Luxury Pergola, but it is a higher end cost.

Some aren't comfortable spending that much and what to soak in the rays with a lower quality pergola unit. That's fine.

The main thing to understand is that you may pay more for a high end unit once, or pay to replace and fix a lower quality structure multiple times.

No one can make that choice for you, but it is something to consider when putting together your fire pit, outdoor oasis, or pool area for entertaining.

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