Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola | Some Key Tips

Outdoor kitchen pergolas over l shaped outdoor kitchen with grill station and partial shade

Your backyard space is the part of your home that you can get your guests, friends and family gathered together and share memories and stories and create endless good memories in an ideal sized area Cookouts, games, and much more can go on in this space.

Your surrounding landscape can add a natural beauty for your back patio in the great outdoors. With inspiration from plants and greenery. Plants are a great idea as they can bring a personal taste to your custom pergolas space whether a dining area or lounge space.

The Outdoor Kitchens With The Luxury Pergola

One outdoor room in particular that has become a customer favorite across the country is the outdoor kitchen space pergola.

Outdoor kitchens with outdoor furniture and modern pergola granting shade cover from new pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

Whether you love to grill or roast, the option to do such outside is always there. When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, one great way to get started planning is by looking at some kitchen pergola ideas. The Luxury Pergola has a great list of sizes that ca accommodate any size outdoor kitchen space.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens can follow suit with your current style you may have outside your home or inside your home. The nice part about the planning stage is you can plan for things such as counter space, cooking area, and the size pergola that covers your outdoor kitchen space best.

Inspiration from other customers is a good way to see what works and doesn't for you personally.

Pergola over cooking area with l shaped style to create the ideal size for friends and family to relax while you cook

In outdoor kitchen pergola space above you can see their outdoor kitchens an l shape with various focal point items. having a sink links this area to traditional spaces like indoor kitchen spaces in the kitchen ensuring you can clean dishes and wash off food items during prep before putting your meals on the grill.

Notice the built in grill, alongside the secondary egg grill. This space is amazing with the stamped concrete pavers and pergolas overcast creating shade from the sun making your outdoor kitchen pergola a great backyard space to retreat too on hot sunny days.

Cooking space with grill on patio outside of house with pergola stopping sun creating shade making great pergola ideas

No matter the size of the area, you can find a pergola to cover your patio grill space. In this photo you can take the ideas they implanted with privacy alongside open seating style countertop creating a social space for guests. This is a great outdoor kitchen design to use for inspiration.

Sun blocked by outdoor kitchen pergolas over cooking space with grill. Table for friends and family to sit while you cook

This Style of outdoor space is a mixture of outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining area. The Outdoor shade structure, or pergola as you see lets them control their shaded space.

Making this area a more inviting outdoor space in your own backyard space.

Outdoor Space

There are many spaces you can create in your backyard space. Whether it is an outdoor fire pit, with a fireplace, or pool area even if your backyard has an outdoor living space or outdoor kitchen these patio area ideas can greatly enhance your backyard areas style.

Other Outdoor Spaces That You Can Do!

Pergola in backyard creating shaded space on concrete patio in back of house

Outdoor Dining Room

Outdoor Dining Room under pergola creating an inviting space to be with friends and family around a table.

Outdoor dining rooms are a great way to gather the family together and enjoy a goof meal right off the grill station and not having to go inside if you have an outdoor kitchen in your backyard patio.

Benefits of an Outdoor Dining Room

Having an outdoor dining room allows everyone gathered outside to have a seat at the table in the fresh air without worrying about bugs and weather when protected by the luxury pergola with sun shades.

Outdoor Dining Rooms Ideas

Outdoor Living Area

outdoor living area allows you and your guests to comfortably enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Living areas have been done with the open pergola ideas alongside the concept of having a screen porch, you can get retractable screens on pergola units.

Screens On Pergola

With a similar purpose to screen porch, The Luxury Pergola has two different shades available.

  • Sun Shade

  • Bug Screen

Pergolas With Screens

Sun Shade From The Luxury Pergola

Patio space with pergolas in backyard showing sunshades down creating a closed in space

Bug Screen From The Luxury Pergola

Left side has sun screen right side has bug screen. Visibility difference in pergolas

Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is a great space to end evenings and enjoy the warmth of the fire in concurrence with the beautiful night sky.

Being outside the house, taking in fresh air with the light and warmth of the fire is a great way to transform your backyard into something special. importantly because of the louvered roof the fire can vent properly.

Use some of these ideas to redesign your backyard into something amazing and special for you and your family.

Outdoor Ideas for Back Patio

FAQ | The Luxury Pergola

Lighting on pergolas

Adding lighting to your space can be incredibly easy with options to chose from like pendant lights, string lights or ceiling mounted lights. Especially with the help of professionals from The Luxury Pergola. Follow along this guide for lighting here.

What is a Louvered Roof?

The louvered roof is a great new way to have outdoor structures, especially since the motorized version came into play giving you total control.

A Louvered Roof functions as an outdoor product designed to give you shade when you want it and light when you don't. Conventionally these products also are water tight, allowing you to sit underneath in the rain. Find out more about motorized louvered roofs here

What is the wind load on The Luxury Pergola?

Every Luxury Pergola is built to not only meet the expectations of your climate, but exceed even some of the harshest weather conditions. Our engineering is designed to withstand winds up to 130 mph

What is the snow load on The Luxury Pergola?

While other pergolas will only handle snow up to 8.2 lbs. per square foot (quite weak), the Luxury Pergola is engineered to hold up to 60 lbs per square foot of snowload when closed.

Is 12x20 your largest size? for a pergola?

You can find out more about how to make larger sizes here at the Super Pergola Page

What maintenance is needed for The Luxury Pergola?

Designed to be as maintance free as possible the Luxury Pergola requires only a hose or leaf blower to clean off the leaves and dirt that will accumulate. Keep the gutters clean of debris to allow for rain to flow away quickly!

Where is The Luxury Pergola made?

Designed, extruded, powdercoated, entirely in the United States by American Craftsmen, we are proud to say that the Luxury Pergola is Made In America. Other online pergola kits are mass produced in China then rebranded under countless brand names.

How long does it take to assemble my kit?

he Luxury Pergola is designed for easy installation. With three people and existing concrete, the unit should take about a day to assemble.

Keep in mind, our aluminum is high grade and does weigh more than other online kits. Each of the people assembling our product must be able to lift 50-70lbs.

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