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What does a Struxure Pergola Cost?

This is always the question people ask when they start looking at a struxure pergola or a smart pergola. The louvered pergola industry has the same prices almost everywhere. If you are looking to start looking at improving your outdoor living space, make sure you know the following.

Quick Version:

What is the cost overall

A Struxure Pergola Cost is broken down below:

  • A 12x16 Struxure Pergola cost is approximately: $45,000

  • The per square foot cost (with installation) is approximately: $198 per square foot

  • Material Costs is: $38,000

  • Installation Costs: $7000

These costs can vary depending on your location and the outdoor living space you hope to install in. Additionally, louvered pergola costs can vary based on factors such as size, quality, and customization.

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Why does the Struxure Pergola Cost So Much?

Struxure Pergola Price Breakdown

You may be asking why does the pergola cost so much, especially when considering the costs and comparisons of various louvered roof systems? How do you know? We will go over that here. When comparing Struxure pergolas with Solara adjustable patio covers, it's important to note the differences in affordability and customization options, with Solara offering a more budget-friendly and customizable solution.

First: Raw Aluminum Supplier +15% Cost

The raw aluminum supplier, has to sell the material and cover their cost of operations. This is where the first increase in price for the system happens. Unfortunately, aluminum is a commodity market, so the price of raw aluminum will fluctuate greatly.

Second: The Aluminum Extruder +25% Cost

The aluminum extruder then takes the raw metal, melts it down, and pushes it through a dye into a shape. This gives you the custom shapes for the luxury pergola.

This same extrusion process is used for gutter system and allows for more flexibility in options for building a unit.

Third: Louvered Pergola Corporate Supplier +35% Cost

The corporate supplier is the one who buys all of the metal. The are the ones who warehouse, market, and distribute the louvers and entire systems to customers. They are responsible for making sure that the item is of high quality from a material standpoint.

Fourth: Local Louvered Pergola Dealer +55% Cost

The local louvered pergola dealer who a customer would contact, is the last step before a customer gets their structure installed. The local dealer will handle the adjustable louvers and make sure the item is installed in your backyard.

The question is still whether or not the contractor is reliable. For this, you have to check local reviews. There will be an additional cost for install on your structure, but that is to be expected.

When looking for pricing, make sure you budget at least $5000-$8000 for installation if a dealer is the one to install the unit on your patio space.

What does this mean for Customers?

Unfortunately, the math breaks down in a way that can be difficult for customers to wrap their head around. The 'smart pergola cost' can significantly vary depending on the features and customizability options chosen, emphasizing the need for a detailed discussion to accurately estimate the final pricing while considering the benefits of all-season usability and protection against the elements.

Example: The metal Runs $2000 from the supplier

  1. Metal Supplier: $2000 + Profit of $300

  2. Aluminum Extruder Buys for $2300 + $575 Profit

  3. Louvered Pergola Corporate Buys for $2875 + $1006 Profit

  4. Local Dealer Buys for $3881 + $2134 Profit

  5. Customer Buys Material for $6015. Over 3X the Aluminum cost

As you can see, the last $3000 in expense comes from the corporate store and the local dealer. You start with $2000 of material, and suddenly are paying 3X the cost of the aluminum.

How does a Customer Save Money on a Smart Pergola System?

Supply Chain for The Luxury Pergola

When you are looking to get a pergola for your sun and weather protection, the best pergolas for your space depends on size and what is available. For your home, you need to make sure you get the right shade possible. Opting for a motorized louvered pergola can offer cost benefits by providing adjustable shade and ventilation with the convenience of remote control, without the need for costly weather sensors or automated systems.

Wood is always an option, but if you want something custom, a kit is always a good option for your house. The kits generally come in standard sizes, but there are some that offer customized design for your size, as well as different trim options. Motorized louvered pergolas come with a variety of features and upgrades such as speakers, automated roller shades, and options for adding rain or wind sensors, gas or electric heaters, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, and misting systems, all of which can significantly impact the overall cost and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Higher Quality Than Struxure Smart Pergolas, Lower Price

The best option or a kit is the Luxury Pergola. These pergolas offer a dual wall louver, unlike Struxure, and these pergolas are 97% made in America. They are perfect for residential builds and come in a range of prices.

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These systems offer the best of pergolas and allow you to have a roof over your head. They provide sun and rain protections that other pergolas don't and are perfect for any weather you might have in your backyard.

Custom Trim Options

Louvered Pergola from The Luxury Pergola

The benefit of the Luxury Pergola is that you can choose your own color for your louvers and frame. The structure itself can also have different custom options.

The system has high quality louvered pergola options that make your outdoor living area perfect. The adjustable louvers can be used for any outdoor area.

They will keep sun and rain off of your patio, unlike the traditional pergola. The technology allows you to control your space in an unparalleled way.

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What are the Benefits of Louvered Pergolas?

remote control outdoor aluminum pergola

The right thing for the louvered pergolas is the gutters system, the louvered roof and the fact that the systems can control shade and rain. The best ones are also great for wind and snow.

The additional cost for a louvered pergola over a wood pergola is that they are fully adjustable. They can protect any customer from the elements. The structure and technology are far superior to the wood pergolas you can get.

Louvered pergolas can significantly enhance the outdoor space by providing adjustable shade and protection against the elements, making it more enjoyable and functional.

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