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Motorized Louvered Pergola: Quick Guide on What to Know

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1. Introduction

Luxury Pergola motorized pergola

Looking for the best shade for your outdoor space? Want to get a great product without paying an arm and a leg? Well look no further than a motorized pergola for your outdoor living space.

The motorized louvered roof system is the biggest innovation in the outdoor living space in a generation. You get the benefits of a pergola and a solid roof without darkening the rooms behind the pergola. Unfortunately, some louvered pergola cost considerations can get out of control.

These aluminum pergolas are great for Miami, Montana, or even Alaska. If you get the best motorized pergola, you can get just the right amount of shade, and handle strong winds. The benefits of a louvered roof, make it so you can get an affordable option with fantastic control and durability.

2. Types of Motorized Louvered Pergolas

There are a wide range of potential open and closing pergola options. There are some great DIY louvered pergola kit options on the market. Ultimately you need to find the right motorized pergola for your outdoor living space.

When it comes down to the motorized pergola louvered roof options, the main difference is the function, accessories, performance, and material used. Additionally, only some pergola options offer customers the ability for custom colors or custom design options.

Traditional Wood Pergola with Motors

wood for pergola

That traditional wood pergola can also be retrofitted with louvers to get a louvered roof. So with the louvers you can get the exact amount of sun on your patio, and gets the best sunlight control of your structure.

The issue, is that it is not weather resistant and is terrible with rain protection. Since everything is made of wood, the louvers are not water tight. You will get leaks.

Aluminum Motorized Louvered Roof

aluminum louvers

The aluminum pergola is a great all weather pergola that allows you to get the best possible performance for your backyard. The louvered pergola made of aluminum can get you the best rain protection, ventilation, and can be the perfect solution for any outdoor space.

With aluminum motorized pergola, you get remote control capabilities and homeowners have the ability to get a fantastic style for their backyard space. Weather is always the biggest issue with these pergolas.

Aluminum is the most weather resistant and has the highest durability of all louvered roof systems on the market. The modern louvered pergola has the best trade off between cost, durability, and control of any motorized louvered roof for any outdoor living area.

Fiberglass/Plastic Motorized Pergola

Louvers from Hanso Home

Alright, let's talk about fiberglass and/or plastic as materials for louvered roof systems. The benefit is that homeowners get this option CHEAP. That' it.

When you look at how well they stand up to snow, wind, or rain, the fiberglass or plastic options cannot stand up to the weather. Perhaps it can work if you live somewhere in California where it never rains or snows, but for 95% of people, this is just not a good option.

Additionally, the most ridiculous thing, is that in many models, the fine print says you have to remove louvers in snow and heavy wind. Who can do that? It's just a bad solution for a pergola.

3. Features of Motorized Louvered Pergolas

led lights on backyard louvered roof

The main features of a motorized louvered roof come down to:

  1. Adjustable Louver Angles

  2. Remote Control and/or smartphone app operation

  3. Weather Resistant Materials

Adjustable Louver Angles for Sun and Shade Control

adjustable louvers for exact amount of sun

The best part about the louvered roof systems out on the market, is you can get full sun, or shade, with the ability to keep great ventilation for your patio. The main thing with pergolas that open and close is the ability to have protection from the elements or full sunlight. You get the benefits of a roof and the benefits of a pergola.

Remote Control Options

Most options for the louvered roof options for a patio, have a way to remote control the pergola. With ventilation, you can manage and create the perfect outdoor oasis.

If you want a smart phone app to control the pergola, you will need to get your pergola motorized with a Somfy receiver. There are several options there, but a Somfy receiver is the way to go.

Weather Resistant Materials

The best part of a great pergola is the ability to have great weather resistance. With the luxury pergola, you get aluminum for the frame, and then there is protection with AAMA 2605 Powder Coating. This is some of the best powder coating on the market.

The best louvered roof kit offers some great style and shade with a strong weather resistant kit. If you want a strong and weather resistant pergola, make sure you get one that is motorized and can survive the elements.

4. Conclusion

Luxury Pergola motorized louvered pergola

If you are looking for the right motorized louvered roof system for your outdoor living space, you need to consider the design options, louver types, and style you are looking for. They are great outdoor solutions for homes and business places, to give you the benefits of a solid roof and a pergola.

When looking for a motorized pergola, make sure you take into account the durability and how well it can withstand the elements. Focus to maximize quality and enhance your outdoor oasis.

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