Louvered Pergola Kit. The Next Big Thing!

Are you ready for the Next Big Thing with outdoor living space?! A brand new pergola kit may be right up your alley. A pergola kit can make installation a breeze as there is no "onsite" cutting of material that is necessary. A kit allows for the cutting of aluminum pergola parts and peices to be done in a factory before it gets to you. All of the materials will line up and be quite easy for installation.

A perfect solution for your outdoor living space can absolutely be a pergola kit. The installation is much easier and many homeowners can now take advantage of lower pricing also due to the cutting out of "middlemen" that add extra costs to your project.

Beautiful outdoor space, aluminum pergola kit with a motorized louvered roof.

Key Features and Benefits of Pergola kits.

  • Ease of Installation

    • All cuts made at factory thus taking much of the risk out of homeowners hands if they make the wrong cut. It is as easy as opening up the boxes, pulling out your material and getting started.

  • Pricing

    • Pergolas have traditionally been only available through long pieces of "lineal material" then cut on site to accommodate an outdoor living space. With a pergola kit structure, you are looking at a more DIY project, thus cutting out a traditional dealer. You can purchase directly from the manufacturer and save thousands of dollars.

  • Customizability

  • When looking at a pergola kit, you have the ability to truly customize size, color and several other options. The choices are truly yours. The best material, offering the most strength, would be extruded aluminum.

    Motorized pergola kit with louvered roof. High winds and sun exposure can finally be tamed!

What is included in a Pergola Kit?

Most standard pergola kits include the following: Adjustable Louvers, corner posts, gutter system, beams, bolts, accessories (light, center beam, etc) and screens, along with all of the fasteners needed (screws, lag bolts, washers, etc).

This list can of course be altered and may not be the same with every manufacturer that you check into but is a very general idea of what can be offered in a kit. The aluminum used to make kits can vary, greatly. Always make sure to do your due diligence when choosing a pergola kit manufacturer to make sure you are receiving the highest quality material possible.

Many people will also add different accessories when planning their outdoor living space. After the fact, you can add headers, lighting, fans, shades and screens. With a pergola kit, you have a perfect solution and complete control over the process.

Motorized pergola kits can provide shade and keep out inclement weather conditions.

Benefits of Motorized Louvered Roof

  • Adjustable Louvers

    • Adjustable Louvers allow for almost a fully open system allowing fresh air and appropriate amount of sun and UV rays inside of your pergola. They can also automatically close when it starts raining.

  • Easy operation, less maintenance

    • With the press of a button on a remote, you can open or close a motorized louvered roof system. NO need to step outside in the rain to manually close. Motorized louvers are an easy, maintenance free option for optimum fresh air.

  • Keep the elements out!

    • Keep the sun and rain at bay with louvers that assemble and install easily while adding great value in your back yard. Can help keep out strong winds and high UV rays

  • Cooling

    • With Louvers closed on your pergola kit, it can cool your space under your pergola by up to 20 degrees.

      A Motorized Louvered Roof can create the perfect setting for entertaining friends and family.

In Closing

Louvered pergolas, in a kit form are a much easier option and far less expensive that buying sticks of lineal through a "middleman" and then paying a contractor to cut and build on site.

When the kits are a motorized pergola option, they are an even better, and much less maintenance solution.

Can be added to a deck, there can be a wall mounted version; whatever your install method may be, you can be flexible.

People love using led lighting, heaters for when they are entertaining guests. You should check into a Louvered pergola kit today!.

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