Should I Consider a Pergola With Retractable Screen?

Pergolas are designed to be outdoor living space structures. They are also designed to provide protection against sun rays and uv rays, also allowing for shade enhancement and wind protection. Knowing this, we should absolutely consider a pergola with retractable screens!

They have grown in popularity for the outdoor space consumer and are often available in Aluminum, vinyl and wood options.

What are retractable screens?

In simple terms, retractable screens are exactly what they say they are. They retract. Retractable screens will roll up into a protective housing when not in use. They are very difficult to see when they retract.

Screens are a great way to keep light breezes out of your pergola as well as many types of bugs and insects.

Screens are also a great way to offer enhanced privacy if you have neighbors that are close to your outdoor living space.

Many types of screens either offer a manual operation, while many more also offer a motorized screen with a wireless remote control.

Retractable patio screens offer year round control over surrounding elements and can be used to cover large openings.

Insect protection

Screens are an important item, especially, if near areas where lots of mosquitoes and or other insects are present. Insects can be a mild irritant but can be as bad as carrying a multitude of diseases.

Outdoor space with pergola can be covered with retractable screens to keep pesky, annoying insects out.

Sun and wind protection

Sun shades can offer protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun. UV rays can damage skin and cause cancer, long term. Those same rays can also fade flooring, furniture and any cloth material that would be in contact with UV rays.

Climate control more possible, even on windy days, with  retractable screens.


In conclusion, retractable screens absolutely have their place when you are considering a louvered pergola. With their ability to shade from the suns harmful UV rays as well as to keep a wind off of you while you're enjoying your outdoor living space, retractable pergola screens are an easy way to add comfort and much enjoyment to your space.

Beautiful outdoor living space

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Luxury Pergola water tight?

Yes, it's water tight in a light to heavy rain. The Luxury Pergola has a sealing louver system that will keep you dry and send the water to the internal gutter system and then drain out of one of your posts.

Does the Luxury Pergola keep the area cool as well as provide shade?

Yes, the dual louvers provide a great insulation barrier, keeping the space up to 20 degrees cooler with the louvers closed.

What maintenance does the Luxury Pergola need?

The Luxury Pergola is designed to be as maintenance free as possible. Generally, you only need a hose and leaf blower to clean off leaves, dirt and debris that can accumulate. Keep the gutters clean of debris to allow for rain to flow away quickly.

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