10 x 12 Pergola Kit From The Luxury Pergola

White pre cut pergola kit that has been assembled

12 x 10 pergola

Searching for the perfect addition to your outdoor space? Let's dive into a product from The Luxury Pergola that can entirely change your backyard outdoor living space for the better.

No matter what the intended purpose of the space is, a pergola can give you control of your environment, help with hosting and wow your guests.

We will be getting into the specifics on the install process, shipping and delivery, and all the benefits of having this structure in your yard.

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Outdoor Living Space

Beautiful white pergola with beam anchored on patio

Whether on your concrete patio, wood deck, or paver space when you complete your purchases for this backyard addition you won't be disappointed with the results when your beautiful pergola is delivered, and after following instructions, is built and ready.

Reviews have been able to add to and show the heavy change to our customers space. One helpful review talked about the plenty of issues they had with their space before the pergola. Issues like lack of shade, or having to go inside the home after changes in weather.

Outdoor Structure Information

Dimensions of 10 x 12 Pergola Kits

helpful 10 x 12 product size information

The 10 x 12 pergola is a tremendous product manufactured by The Luxury Pergola.

The exact measurements of the frame is 10 x 12 pergola from the Luxury Pergola can be seen in the graphic above. Ensuring that this size is best for you take note of these measurements. If you are unsure, you can always contact The Luxury Pergola team of pergola experts to better find out the perfect fit for your space.

Pre Drilled Holes

Post assemble information graphic

The Kit will come pre cut to size and predrilled holes alongside this it will come with all the hardware necessary for and easy assembly and to be installed.

Luxury Pergola Comprehensive Guide

Post Length

The Height of the Post is exactly 9 feet tall. With the height of the posts your total built hight of the structure is 10'2". The Kit will come as a freestanding product ready to be assembled.

Post Columns are 7 inches by 7 inches.

Beam Dimensions for Pergola

10 x 12 top view of pergola

The beam dimensions for our 10 x 12 Pergola is 2" x 10". This design is built to ensure structural integrity and able to maintain heavy loads of weather.

Strength and Stability

Withstand over 8000 lbs of snow, and top to 130 mph wind with the louvers closed.

Assembly is incredibly easy as you move through the step by step guide for installation you quickly realize this.

Types of 10 x 12 Pergolas

There are many different types of pergolas. Discovering the most durable option for you and your space should be a high priority.

If you are looking for a pergola that can withstand high winds you should look into aluminum made structures. As it is one of the more durable metals.

To help with high winds and structural integrity, installing on concrete is the best way to install and anchor the structure to the ground.

Pergola Ideas

Installation of a 10x12 Pergola Kit

Installing your 10 x 12 free standing pergola doesn't have to be a challenge. Check out the video above for a step by step installation instructions. This system has helped so many families and business owners. 

Dive into our Youtube channel some more and you can access and link yourself to many helpful product tips online to make your purchase, install, and enjoyment a breeze.

Our kits are shipped with all the proper hardware needed to fully assemble your purchase. That means you don't need to make any hardware store runs for anchors, mounting brackets, nuts or bolts.

Alongside having all the necessary hardware, the production team has pre drilled the posts and beams. Our kits are designed this way to ensure your purchase is simple and easy to have installed.


The Reviews of The Luxury Pergola speak for themselves. You can read reviews yourself here. It is helpful to read the reviews on the page online to see how other buyers have had positive experiences with everything from directions on how to install to how the product turned out and is helpful to their.

The Luxury Pergola Reviews

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