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Outdoor space under florida pergola using aluminum pergolas to protect you on your existing patio

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Many families across the country are discovering the new modern version of pergola structures to install in your backyard. Why are these so popular? Are they really enhancing backyards that much?

Let's dive into some of the reasons why customers are choosing the luxury pergola for their backyard not just in the midwest or west coast. But most importantly with Florida and their unique weather situation.

Commercial Grade Materials at a Fraction of the Cost

custom pergolas with clean pergola design giving your pergola kit ability to make an outdoor oasis

Pergolas traditionally have come in various designs and built with different materials. Wood, vinyl, and now aluminum.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum has picked up in popularity for many reasons. The life of an aluminum outshines other materials for obvious reasons. Aluminum being a more durable material that doesn't age, warp, or break anywhere near as easily as alternatives.

This is important to consider when living in places that experience some crazy wind and storms. Let's consider Florida for instance. The more southern states have much harsher climates with storms, such as hurricanes.

They make pergolas that can withstand hurricanes? The Luxury Pergola Does.

Florida Pergolas

poolside pergola with customer pergola kit next to swimming pool with outdoor kitchen to help create shade

Pergolas in florida or the sunshine state need to be able to withstand some crazy winds. This is something not many companies in the industry even the aluminum pergola industry are able to achieve. Why, you may ask. Well, simply put....Price.

Do You Need A Permit

Many companies aren't wanting to go the extra mile to create a heavy, durable product to withstand harsh winds so they often times aren't able too provide backing with engineering to pass approvals for HOA and City Requirements of building codes.

These Permits are important for may reasons. Let's think about a trampoline in a storm. Have you ever heard of or maybe seen a trampoline flying through the air or across the street? This can be your light weight pergola if a harsh enough wind comes though your area.

Built to withstand, Built to last.

Here at The Luxury Pergola we have created a pergola structure that can withstand up to 180 mph wind. The perfect solution for the state of florida and other state locations that tend to be affected by hurricanes.

Weather Conditions

low maintenance custom pergolas giving your florida home seating area shade and protection from harsh weather

Weather plays the largest factor or at least should play a large part in the decision making process for what product they are putting in their outdoor space.

While many pergola companies have great products, when it comes to weather withstand ability many come short on the mark for south florida residents.

Wind Gusts and Speeds

Wind is one of the largest factors as we said. Look at the image below, do you notice how high the winds ratings get as you move more south? This is something that cities often times require permitting for depending on the size of the unit or location oftentimes.

florida pergolas need to withstand winds of high momentum and keep an aesthetic appeal for your outdoor space.


Many companies are touting their waterproof design. As the luxury pergola comes to you, every unit is water proofed with the interlocking louver design guiding the water into the integrated gutter system. This allows you to continue enjoying your space even when that light 10 minute rain passes through.

Outdoor Living Space

aluminum pergolas are great patio cover with various pergola styles available you can find your own pergola being the perfect pergola

Let's get into what you will be doing out under your new pergola system. Are you looking for an outdoor living space? A Louvered pergola is the perfect structure to help make this spacemore customizable to your liking at anytime of the day with any type of weather.

Having a louvered roof allows you to control the shading of your space helping you keep the sunlight and other weather conditions out of your space. giving you peace of mind and comfort with just a click of a button with the remote controlled motorized louver roof.

Outdoor Living Trends 2024

Custom Pergola

Need a specific size? With custom cut kits available straight from manufacturer, you can expect to get the exact size you are looking for to put into your backyard and let you start enjoying the benefits of the modern pergola.

The Luxury Pergola has many sizes starting with the widths of 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft and lengths up to 20 ft long. The unique design allow us to create what is called a super pergola connecting 2 or more units together to create larger structures. Giving you endless possibilities for the space you're looking to transform.

The Luxury Pergola Kits

pergola construction made easy with luxury pergola aluminum pergolas and louvered pergola roof

Customize your pergola kit on The Luxury Pergola website here. you can see the accessories you can add such as the center beam, or screens.

Who are we?

So who are we? The Luxury Pergola manufactures all of our custom sized pergola kits here in the United States. Westfield, Indiana more specifically. That is designed, manufactured, and shipped all here from the United States. Many companies play word games when it comes to this topic.

Saying designed in United States place doesn't mean you are receiving American made products. Even manufactured in United States doesn't always mean you are using American quality material. We are proud to say we are receiving our extrusions of aluminum from Georgia, United States.

Why does this matter?

Let's begin with material and get down to more specific complaints I personally hear from customers reaching out where they are in search of a replacement pergola as theirs has aged, or been destroyed over time.

weight of material.
aluminum pergola with proud pergola size able to withstand extreme weather chasing the right pergola made easy

When you are buying a home, you consider the cost per foot to be calculated. This helps you find the average cost of homes with similar size, design, amenities. This is value being shown in an equal platform giving you the ability to decide if it's overpriced.

This can be done with pergolas as well. Now, we won't be using a simple cost per square foot, as anyone can make a pergola a specific size, what you cant do is fake the weight of the product. Aluminum being a metal should have considerable weight right?

Measure the weight!

When considering your outdoor structure and basing value to your purchase can be done simply by calculating the weight of what you're buying. let's run a scenario with this.

The Luxury Pergola 12x20 has a roundabout weight of 1747 lbs. current pricing has us at just under $10 per pound. Let's compare that to an unnamed competitor where the 13x19 so similar size weighing in at 926 lbs at their current price this is a little over $20 per lb.

Why does this matter? this can help show you how much you are paying for little material. Going back on the house price comparison, you're paying for more but receiving less. it doesn't make sense from a financial investment point of view.

If you are wanting to enhance your space and not replace that enhancement every so many years if a large wind gust destroys this because its light weigh and has a low turnover rating youre bound to have to pay up this cost again.

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