Are Aluminum Pergolas Good?

Aluminum pergolas are indeed the best material to use for a pergola. They do not rot, decay nor do they need yearly maintenance and painting. This is the opposite experience when dealing with other types of materials. When comparing pergola materials, take a look below for more information.

With aluminum pergolas, the metal itself won't corrode or break down, but there can be a big caveat with the kind of paint used. An aluminum pergola will be powder coated and the kind of powder coat is incredibly important. Make sure the powder coat on your aluminum pergola is AAMA 2605. Anything less will fade in short order.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an open structure with (4) or more posts, generally speaking. There are cross beams for the roof portion and often times will allow more sun or shade depending upon structure orientation. Pergolas can vary greatly in design, size and materials used.

Outdoor living space wooden pergola

What are different types of pergola materials?

Aluminum pergolas

  • Will not rust, corrode or decay. Very durable option for outdoor space. Powder coated aluminum offers a much stronger finish than other materials.

  • Very minimal maintenance needed with aluminum pergolas.

    • A bit of water and a leaf blower will take care of any excess dirt or leaves on your aluminum pergola. Doesn't that sound like a much better option than pergolas made out of other materials?

    • No painting, sanding or sealing on a yearly basis is needed.

Perfect Outdoor space.  Aluminum Pergola

Wooden pergolas

  • Warm and natural appearance

    • Many different types of wood can be used.

      • Cedar

      • Redwood

      • Pressure treated wood, etc.

  • More involved maintenance needed.

    • There is a need to paint, sand or seal almost on an annual basis.

    • Natural Wood will rot, decay and can be infested with insects if not treated or sealed. It can also warp over time as it does not have the same structural integrity as aluminum.



      Wood pergola - Regular maintenance needed

Vinyl pergolas

Vinyl is not an ideal material when building a pergola. Vinyl has a tendency to warp or lose shape in extreme temperatures. Aluminum is a much stronger material and will hold up better over the life of the structure rather than vinyl. Vinyl will not meet high wind loads or snow loads due to the weaker nature of the material when compared to aluminum pergolas. Vinyl also has limits on its customization and often doesn't not have as many options as other building materials. Vinyl is also very susceptible to fading and color distortion after years in the elements.

Vinyl Pergola kit

What are the benefits of an aluminum pergola?

  • Sleek aesthetics

    • Aluminum pergolas allow for extremely clean lines and a much more contemporary look. Much more modern looking than other materials. Many homeowners choose the beauty and more aesthetically pleasing look of aluminum pergolas.

  • Minimal maintenance

    • Aluminum is, by design, resistant to rust, corrosion and other weather related wear and tear. Unlike wood pergolas, aluminum doesn't require any painting, staining or sealing, thus making it hassle free. Nothing more than a leaf blower and some water are needed to clean your aluminum pergola. Aluminum pergolas are about as weather resistant as you can get.

  • Durability

    • The strength of aluminum makes it the best choice for outdoor space projects.

    • It does a tremendous job combating the natural elements including heavy snowfall and rain, along with the scorching sun.

    • The durable nature of aluminum pergolas make them an ideal solution and perfect pergola for your outdoor space.

    Louvered pergola - Very little maintenance

Is Aluminum Environmentally friendly?

Aluminum is a recyclable material and it can be manufactured using less energy than other materials, such as vinyl. Making the choice to use aluminum in your outdoor living is a smart decision and is the sustainable decision for environmentally focused homeowners.

Consideration of costs

With aluminum requiring much less maintenance than either wood or vinyl, there is also less time and money spent on doing things such as painting, staining and sealing. Aluminum is also a recyclable material and its production and manufacturing typically use less energy, compared to other materials.

Wrap up

Just to wrap things up. Aluminum is the far superior pergola material to consider and use for your outdoor space, pergola project. Aluminum will not rot, decay or corrode and will remain beautiful for years to come. With low maintenance requirements and the resilience to extreme weather, an aluminum pergola is the right pergola for you.

Aluminum will withstand decades of extreme temperatures and weather, all while keeping its original beauty and sleek lines. Aluminum is absolutely the best pergola material for any homeowner to choose for their maintenance free pergola kit. With very little upkeep involved, many aluminum pergolas will maintain their beauty year round.

Aluminum vs wood pergolas and vinyl pergolas.  The choice is easy, the right pergola materials are aluminum.

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