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Louvered Roof - What is it?

The louvered roof system is revolutionary when it comes to pergola roof designs. Instead of the traditional fixed position, granting you temporary shade specific to where you are sitting. With this new modern take on the roof system, the shade is now in your control.

Closed roof with rain protection when opening roofs you can see the degree difference up to 135 degrees

Control over the louvers doesn't just allow you to have control over the shade, but your overall environment. Rain, snow or sunny. You can have peace at mind knowing no matter the weather you can still enjoy your outdoor space with a simple click of a button.

Did you Say Rain? Is The Luxury Pergola Waterproof?

Every Luxury Pergola is designed and prefabricated with our integrated gutter system. Our water tight louvers help guide the rainfall towards this gutter system which collects the rain and directs it into the drainage post and out the bottom of the post away from the pergola.

Drainage system constructed into the pergolas from The Luxury Pergola

Gutters on Pergolas

The Luxury Pergola

add your personal style on your patio and take on full sun without sacrificing comfort.

Here at The Luxury Pergola between our long presence in this industry and the feed back we have revived over the years we have designed a what has been in the past a complicated process, and turned it into a project that can be knocked out in just a day or two. Even for the average homeowner to take on.

That's right, you don't need to have 10 years of construction experience, Our unit can practically be put together with an impact driver and and a hammer drill.

Check out our installation video and see if you're interested in taking this project on. Don't worry if you aren't wanting to put your pergola up yourself. The nice part about the simplicity of installation is that it doesn't take long for professionals to install either. Keeping your costs down and the ability to enjoy your space to come sooner than later.

Outdoor Space

adjustable shade with your outdoor living spaces with louvered roofs controlled by remote control changing your outdoor experience

Your outdoor space is important to you, after all that's why you're looking to upgrade your space and you're looking to add a pergola to transform your outdoor area into a more comfortable convenient one.

Your Guests Will Love Your Space

Hosting in your backyard will never be the same. With a perfect blend of luxury and convenience having a Luxury Pergola in your backyard will "WOW" your friends family and neighbors that come see your newest addition to your home.

Your pergola will not only protect you and your guests from elements of the sun, but also from the rain or various other degrees of unfavorable weather. Thanks to the aluminium

Louvered Pergola Structure

Add Convenience and VALUE

roof pergola allows your to protect your patio when you open and close your aluminum louver roof.

Adding a pergola doesn't just add to your space, but it adds to your home value as well! Our pergolas are built to outlast any of us reading this right now. That's why our pergola system can inevitably add to your home value if you were to ever decide to sell or move from your home.

Dont want to sell the pergola with the home?

Dont worry! You can disassemble our structures and take them with you! That's the beauty of our simple design. Removing the units pieces like the louvers, the columns, and the baseplates. You can take the unit apart and take it with you to your new home if you wish. that way you can keep on relaxing with peace of mind in your new space.

Opening Roof Pergolas

pergolas with opening roof on a patio protecting the space from the sun on those hot summer days

Opening roof pergolas are creating new ways to enjoy your backyard. Additionally adding to the aesthetics of your space and style. Aluminium has a unique ability to blend well with your house materials like siding, deck color, or even your landscaping. The unique design isn't over bearing with shapes or angles that it should easily be able to blend in with your outdoors style.


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