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Hurricane Proof Pergola: High Wind Resistant Pergola

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First off, No Pergola Is 100% Hurricane Proof, similarly to how almost everything is not entirely hurricane proof. That being said, there ARE pergolas that are High-Wind Resistant to ensure increased safety. This article will include all wind resistance for pergola kits.

Hurricane Force Winds Resistant Pergolas

>130 MPH Wind Hurricane Proof Pergola

Wind Resistant Pergolas have increased in popularity as this ever changing weather continues to reach more drastic conditions. Hurricane Force Winds is a good goal to reach for, but is not exactly a current reality. The best pergola resistance of today is roughly 130 MPH wind resistance with the louvers shut and even further with the louvers open. Companies like Louveroof, The Luxury Pergola, and other high end companies are able to achieve this.

Wind Resistant Pergolas

All Wind Resistance (Open or Closed)

High Winds = Open Pergola Louvers

When looking at a backyard pergola, a common question for wind is "should I leave it open or closed?" This is a good idea to ask, the answer is to allow for airflow always leave it open if it is truly going to be a storm of concern.

Construction For High Winds

Aluminum Louvers Create Reinforced Strength

Aluminum Pergola Kits have the strongest wind resistance of any pergola kits on the market. The reason being for that is due to durable materials. Aluminum beats out competitors like wood and vinyl due to their fallbacks which is consistent moisture retention with wood and structural defaults of weight collapse with vinyl.

Aluminum passes all the tests of being long term lasting, being able to withstand heavy loads, and most of all being able to resist high winds.

Other Harsh Weather (Major Storm)

Hurricane Map For Hurricane Rated Pergola

Major ice storms or blizzards can be a scare for home owners in some parts of the United States as well. Luckily for these individuals companies like the luxury pergola can take up to 7000lbs of snow-load allowing for a ton of safety regardless the season.

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How to Get A Hurricane Rated Pergola

Strong Winds Pass Through Open Louvers

Similarly to as stated at the beginning, the answer on how to best get a hurricane proof pergola is, you simply don't. There are no pergolas out there that can take on any hurricane possible. 130 mile per hour winds and 7000lbs of resistance force, yes, entirely hurricane proof, no. This is to be left up to each home owner to make the best decision with your best judgement.

Best Wind Resistant Pergola

Wind Resistance and Ice Resistance Pergola

The best wind resistant pergola will contain these multiples of factors:

  • Able to withstand high wind closed

  • Able to withstand high wind open

  • Able to withstand fluctuating wind (tornado)

  • Able to withstand wind related storms (ice, hail, monsoon, etc.)

Aluminum pergolas are your best bet when considering all of these guidelines and are resistant to all the weather conditions stated above.

Louvered Roof That Can Withstand Strong Winds

A louvered roof that can withstand strong winds is an aluminum louvered roof. This is due to it's lightweight material while still being structurally strong at the same time to allow for the best of both worlds.

Levels Of Hurricane Winds

Hurricane Resistant Map Showcasing Hurricane Areas

Levels of hurricane winds can vary, the strongest hurricane wind ever recorded was hurricane Patricia with 215 mph wind gusts. With gusts like this nothing is safe, even commercial grade buildings can be washed away by the major flooding and high winds of such a storm. Your best bet is to take your chances and enjoy what you have regardless of what storms may hit you.

Pergola Styles In Hurricane Prone Area

Outdoor Structures Over A Fireplace

Pergola styles do not need to vary in a hurricane prone area thanks to modern aluminum pergolas. As long as they are bolted down into the cement floor below home owners will not have to worry about getting about things getting blown or washed away. Rest easy with your modern luxury pergola.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space For Hurricane Season

Aluminum Pergola Can Withstand Heavy Winds With Durable Material

Hurricane season can come at unwarranted times and be untimely for many families. The best thing to do is be prepared year round. By heavy furniture that has the ability to strap down to your deck or patio. This makes for a safe environment to go around your high wind resistant pergola that perfectly compliments any outdoor space.

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