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Modern Style Pergolas best for outdoor living space using modern materials

Modern Pergola Kits

The modern pergola kit has revolutionized how families are remodeling their outdoor space.

For years the pergola design has maintained within wood framing. Until more recently aluminum pergola designs have been very custom, expensive, and not residential friendly. With manufactured kits for pergolas like the ones we make here at The Luxury Pergola.

Why are they so popular?

Custom Modern pergolas with sleek clean lines giving your backyard style while providing shade

When you mix the beautiful sleek design, durable thick posts, and next generation rafters being our motorized louvers. You end up with the perfect addition to your outdoor space to control your atmosphere.

Whether you want shade, sun, or to block out some bad weather like rain, you now have that control at a click of a button.

Simple, yet Elegant.

modern pergola kits creating your shade space with ease of installation

We have crafted a simple, easy to follow insulation method with our units to not only save you time, but money. We understand not everyone wants to take on such a large DIY project.

However, even if you hire this project out, you can find comfort knowing this project won't take a week to install, but in some cases a single day. Saving you costs with the contractors hourly rate.

Commercial Quality, Residential Comfort

Different styles allow your structure and column to blend well with any outdoor area.

Many DIY products out there are promising quality but missing the mark. This is common with pergolas that are light weight and made over seas. Keep in mind when searching out for your perfect solution for a pergola need that many companies are selling light weight solutions.

Why does this matter?

This matters for several reasons! Let's imagine you and your children or family are gathered under your pergola for a birthday party... all the neighbors, friends and family gathered together.

Suddenly a wind gust sweeps through and lifts the pergola up... I'm sure you can imagine several terrible possibilities at this point.

This is why local city ordinances have building codes in coordination with your local wind code. Going back to these light weight strictures, it is less likely for a light weight pergola to be able to pass wind codes if permits are necessary. this is because of that awful scenario and various other reasons.

We're Here For You and Your family, Not the Sale of a Product.

We want you to be aware of your restrictions, safety requirements, and most importantly being satisfied with your purchase.

One of our favorite parts of working with home owners and business owners alike is the happy excited messages we get with images after their Luxury Pergola has been installed and being able to see the transformation that took place.

The Luxury Pergolas Modern Pergola Kit Process

Enhance your space with a modern pergola kits

Planning your project out is the first step.

Deciding what size modern pergola is best with your space. Measure out the area you are interested in filling in. Keeping this in mind, let's next consider your aesthetic.

Modern style is easy to achieve and simply blends well with most any outdoor aesthetic. However if you are not interested in a modern touch, there are several options found on our website.

The Luxury Pergola Options

The Installation Process

modern pergolas grant more protection than woods or vinyl options and just as easy for assembly.

Are you planning on installing this or having a contractor/ handyman install?

This is a big decision as well. I always recommend to customers that are on the edge of one way or another to check out our YouTube video for installing your pergola unit to see if its a good fit for you to take on!

Assembly can be a fun way to have the family together for a weekend project to help create that backyard remodel you all can enjoy and love.

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