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Aluminum Pergolas, manufactured by The Luxury Pergola, are the best low maintenance pergola options on the market. What are some of the things that come to mind when you think of "maintenance free"? Does the thought of wood rot keep you up at night? Does thinking of insects nesting and living inside of your outdoor living space terrify you? If you answered "yes" to either of these two questions, continue reading.

There are many different types of custom pergolas, made out of many different materials. The three most common are Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl pergolas.

Aluminum Pergolas

At The Luxury Pergola, we specialize in manufacturing a fully extruded aluminum pergola structure for your backyard enjoyment. You can enjoy the sun and beauty of your backyard space with your dream come true pergola.

At The Luxury Pergola, we only use the highest grade extruded aluminum and best possible paint, powder coat AAMA 2605 process. Aluminum is not prone to rot, decay or damage from insects. Extruded aluminum also does not need painted, stained or sealed on a yearly basis. The Luxury Pergola is truly low maintenance pergola.

Low maintenance beautiful pergola

Vinyl Pergolas

While vinyl can be a nice material choice, but it does not have the same strength of aluminum. Vinyl can also attract mildew and mold that will need cleaning, often. When vinyl gets too hot, it will expand and when too cold, it will contract, causing issues like warping and cracking over time.

Vinyl Pergola to spend time outdoors on deck or patio with poor shade.

Wooden pergola

Wood is susceptible to rot, decay and easily invaded by insects. Extreme heat and cold can also cause wood to crack, warp and deteriorate. Wooden pergolas need to have serious maintenance performed on a yearly basis, including painting, sanding and sealing. If a low maintenance pergola kit is something that you are after, wood may not be the best choice.

Sturdy wood Pergola provides less protection from elements

The Beauty and Simplicity of Aluminum Pergolas

  • Durability

    • Resistance to Rust and Corrosion.

    • Very suitable for most areas of the country, can withstand cold and hot temperatures.

  • Customization

    • Aluminum Pergolas from The Luxury Pergola are available in many different sizes and colors thus allowing you to accompany any current design in your backyard.

  • Best Value

    • With low maintenance required and long term durability that aluminum pergolas possess, you will see a significant cost savings over time than if you were to go with other pergolas.

  • Low maintenance pergola

    • Minimal cleaning or maintenancerequired.

    • No sanding, painting, stain or sealing needed, year over year.

    • Could use a simple leaf blower to clean off any leaves or dirt.


Bring Home a custom pergola

FAQ - The Luxury Pergola

  • How is The Luxury Pergola different than other online kits?

    • Unlike the other kits, that are typically rebranded kits, that are all the same out of China, The Luxury Pergola is manufactured ourselves. We use the finest aluminum grade, the same material used for commercial applications. Other online pergola kits use a light weight aluminum. For example, the material kit used for our 10 x 13 pergola has a total weight of over 1000 lbs. Other pergola kits, of same size, have a total material weight of less than 250lbs.

  • Is The Luxury Pergola water tight?

    • Yes, it's water tight in a light to heavy rain. The Luxury Pergola's sealing louver system keeps you dry while all the water will rush into the gutters and drain then out of the system. Water Tight does not mean totally waterproof. Because it can open and close, the Luxury Pergola will not keep out the water as well as a traditional roof. Also, the sides of the unit are open, allowing for rain to enter.

  • What maintenance is needed with The Luxury Pergola?

    • Designed to be as maintenance free as possible the Luxury Pergola requires only a hose or leaf blower to clean off the leaves and dirt that will accumulate. Keep the gutters clean of debris to allow for rain to flow away quickly!

  • Does The Luxury Pergola keep the area cool as well as provide shade?

    • Yes, the dual wall louvers provide a great insulation barrier, keeping the space up to 20 degrees cooler with the louvers closed. When closed, it also keeps the sun off your windows, increasing their lifespan and reducing the energy bills of cooling the house.

  • Will my pergola blow away like a patio umbrella or light weight pergola?

    • No. The Luxury Pergola is designed to last a lifetime, not be replaced each year. Our engineering allows for the winds up to 130 mph. This far exceed any of the other online pergola kit wind ratings.

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