DIY Pergola Kits: Best Pergola For Home Value

DIY Pergola Kits

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DIY Pergola Kits are a new wave of value in modern America. It allows for homeowners to increase there home value and live a luxury lifestyle while at the same time maintaining something affordable and fun for the family.

Pergola Kits take 1-2 days to install and cost roughly 10-20 thousand compared to built dealers that charge 35 thousand or more just starting. This massive savings for the same material and value is what has created a surge in the DIY world.

DIY Pergola Kits

What Is The Best DIY Pergola Kit?

A DIY Pergola Kits Best Feature, Versatility

After 100's of hours of market research and product quality development as well as review reflection, here is a list of the most popular pergolas and highest quality for your dollar.

# 1: The Luxury Pergola

The Luxury Pergola provides value through having a high end product for a DIY price. Save 20 thousand or more for doing it yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

# 2: Costco Pergola

The Costco Pergola is a great product as well on the low end of things. It is naturally very cheap and low quality compared to others which makes it affordable for many looking for a temporary solution.

# 3: Overseas Imported Pergolas

Overseas imported pergolas are all over the internet. They are a fine product as well but if you are going with that route you may as well buy directly from the Chinese manufacturer rather than getting upsold through a drop shipping store.

The Luxury Pergola Home Page

How To Install Your Own Pergola

Pergola Kits Being Built For A DIY Pergola Space

Installing your pergola is easy and attainable for people of all ages. Grab a couple friends and get it done within a single weekend.

There are plenty of in depth installation guides available online to show you exactly what you need to do in a step by step process. There are also videos to use for reference which can go in depth even further.

Easy Assembly Instructions

Pergola Kit Assembly Instructions Explain Drilling And Screws

Similar to the last paragraph, assembly is easy as you want it to be. With a crew this can get done in a single day without any trouble at all.

One of the most common questions is how to pour the footings. The answer is it depends on your area, and in some cases you may not even need footings if you are building on a deck for example.

Easy Assembly Pergolas

Install To An Existing Patio

Pergola Kit Installed On Existing Patio To Provide Shade And Shelter

Installing to an existing patio is any easy process. Simply pour footings underneath the pavers you plan to use for your foundation, or attach the foundation directly to the footers itself. Both of these can work for kits.

As you can see in the photo above, these homeowners attached their pergola directly to the footings under their pavers which worked out perfectly. This can often looks really clean and is much easier to do than imagined.

Install To A Deck

Pergola Kit Installed On Deck (Base On-Wood Pergola Kits Are Easy To Assemble)

Installing to a deck is another simple method to pursue. Attach the deck to the floor joists and you will be just fine.

You do not have enough space in your floor joists to attach it fully? Simply add a few pieces of wood connecting to the joists and that will serve just as fine if not better.

Install On A Slab

Pre Cut Posts And Beams Create Installing Accessibility In One Weekend

Installing to a slab is as simple as drilling in the bolts. You do not need to pour footings or add any other features to install.

As seen in the photo above these homeowners drilled the project directly into their slab without any footings at all which turned out quite nicely and is highly secure thanks to the concrete slab.

Can I get Custom Sizes?

The Luxury Pergola Site Provides All The Details On Maintenance, Pergola Kits, Benefits, Etc.

You can not get a custom size down to the inch, but you may as well be able to. Options of all foot sizes from 8' to 20' have helped with hundreds of customers to find exactly what they need.

If you are able to save 20 thousand dollars or more by having your pergola be an inch smaller than you would like, common sense would say to take it. That is why these pergolas are so popular.

Custom Size Pergola Kits

DIY Kits And Outdoor Space Effect

DIY Pergola Kit Over Hot Tub To Elevate Patio Space

DIY kits can have a transformative effect on your outdoor space. Take this hot tub for example. The homeowner thought it seemed "naked" and needed to dress it up a little. Now they can enjoy their hot tub regardless of the weather and it adds a luxurious feel to their backyard.

This is why DIY Pergola Kits are so efficient at increasing home value. It is able to dress up any backyard and add another level of elegance to the playing field.

DIY Pergola Kits

DIY Pergolas Vs. DIY Gazebos

Pergola In Backyard Patio Space Next To Roof As A Sun Cover

DIY everything has gained popularity over the years. A DIY Gazebo is popular as well. The reason so many prefer the pergola is versatility and ease of installation. A Gazebo will often need shingles, insulation, complex wiring, and also more complex permitting as you try to install.

A DIY pergola can get rid of all those problems and add another benefit as well, it can open. You are not limited to if you want it open or closed all the time, or change at anytime with the touch of a remote. The choice is yours to make your preference on how you create shade.

What Are The Best DIY Pergola Kit Materials?

Aluminum Extrusion Material Allows For A Bit Larger Range Of Pergolas

The Best DIY pergola kit materials boils down to a combination of functionality, performance, longevity, and durability. After carefully selecting the best materials, aluminum extrusions to create aluminum pergolas has shown to be the most highly effective in all those categories.

Aluminum Pergola Kits

FREE DIY Pergola Plans

Get Access To Styles And Materials Quality Information On The Luxury Pergola Site

If you are having trouble with how you would like to design your pergola look no further. There are plenty of designs online for pergola and all luxury outdoor spaces.

The luxury pergola website also offers plenty of design options and ideas that you can utilize to create the exact pergola you would like in terms of color, trim, and size.

DIY Pergola Photos

Luxury Outdoor Spaces Envisioned

Luxury DIY Pergola Kit Next To Luxury House In Traditional Model Style

Luxury outdoor spaces have been desired since the beginning of time. The ancient pyramids were even a complex luxury outdoor space that was envisioned.

Coincidently, ancient Egypt also came up with the original pergola as well. It has had many innovations over the years giving you what is now the modern luxury motorized pergola today.

Free Standing DIY Pergola Kits Vs. Attached Kits

Pergola Attached To Roof In Custom Structure Done By Customer

Attached kits can be done if you have the skill and know-how for it. This will void the manufacturer warranty as you are making changes to the kit, but you are more than welcome to try and attempt this.

If you are looking to get this done by an outside dealer company, plan to pay 2x-3x as much on your project. The truth is it is up to your own opinion and judgment. How much more is having it attached worth to you?

Freestanding Pergola Kits


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