What Size Pergola Do I Need

A Pergola is usually known to be a structure found in an outdoor space. It is used as a practical shaded space, walkway or sitting area. It usually will have (4) or more vertical posts or pillars that support cross beams above. Some are freestanding pergola while other structures are attached pergola.

It is important to make sure that you pick the correct size pergola for your outdoor living space. Do you enjoy entertaining family and friends? Make sure the pergola dimensions are large enough to accommodate a typical get together that you may have.

How do you assess your outdoor space?

The first step in assessing your outdoor living space is to determine what your "open dimensions" are and if there is sufficient room to place a large custom pergola in that space.

I would recommend using a measure wheel to accurately check and see your width and length dimensions and determine how much space you actually have for your outdoor space project.

Also, you want to make sure there are no boundaries or obstacles in the way of your available space. You want to take into account things like electrical boxes, landscaping and other items.

Outdoor living room.  A larger deck or small patio can be perfect for an outdoor dining table or fire pit.  Low maintenance Aluminum pergola kits can be a perfect solution for your outdoor living needs.

Why have a Pergola and how would you use it?

Pergolas have a wide variety of uses. Anywhere from carports, to outdoor kitchen to a shade structure, to using a hot tub underneath, pergolas are multi functional and can even be added to an existing patio.

As discussed earlier, are you a person who enjoys hosting large events and get-togethers? Does your backyard lend itself to large groups of people? A larger pergola may be for you! A pergola can come in exact dimensions or can often be used with more standard pergola dimensions.

Your backyard layout will determine the exact needs and will deliver a perfect fit for your project.

Outdoor kitchen under larger pergolas.  Utilizing an outdoor kitchen is quite popular, depending on the size of the pergola.

Design and Style considerations

Pergolas offer a multitude of different materials to be made from, as well as many different sizes and styles. Pergola size will be determined by your outdoor living space and what pergola dimensions are available. We will go into pergola material options a bit later.

Pergola material options

Pergolas are typically designed and manufactured out of Wood, Vinyl, Metal or Fiberglass. While wood has a more traditional look, it has a tendency to decay, rot and invite insects into your perfect pergola. Vinyl pergola can be a low maintenance option but does not have the strength of wood or aluminum. Vinyl can also expand and contract, causing warping over time.

Fiberglass does not allow for many color or style options and is a fairly new material used in pergolas. Aluminum is the strongest material with the least amount of maintenance required and will give the best value over time.

A Freestanding pergola could be the right pergola for you.  Choosing the right size is a general rule when creating your outdoor space.

Free standing pergola or attached pergola?

There are a couple options when deciding to install a pergola in you outdoor living space. Are you looking at building a free standing pergola or attached pergola to your home? Many times, this boils down to what the specific engineering says about these 2 options.

Many times, this will also come down to the pergola dimensions and how much outdoor living space you have available. Attaching a pergola to your home will give you a bit more room and will take the inner posts closest to the home, away as the house will be what the pergola is anchored into.

Outdoor dining and patio

A free standing pergola requires a bit more space but provides a dynamic and luxurious flair with the right pergola size.

When planning your pergola dimensions, you will also need to figure out how you will orient your pergola to where the sun is in the sky. Make sure you are well versed, directionally, with how your home is laid out. You can then plan on which way the louvers (roof) will block the sun and create shade. The perfect pergola size will greatly reduce the sun during the afternoon heat and will allow more shade.

Common pergola sizes often have a minimum height and will fit on many spaces or patio


What maintenance does the Luxury Pergola need?

The Luxury Pergola is designed to be as maintenance free as possible. Generally, most dirt, leaves or debris can be washed away with a bit of water and a simple leaf blower!

Does the Luxury Pergola keep the area cool as well as provide shade?

Yes, the dual wall louvers can keep the temperature up to 20 degrees cooler. When the louvers are closed, it they can keep the harmful UV rays off of you windows and other outdoor living space.

Is the Luxury Pergola water tight?

Yes, with the louvered roof system, the Luxury Pergola is designed to be water tight in a light to heavy rain. There is also an integrated gutter system in the pergola that will handle rain and drain it properly. It is not waterproof, however, since the louvers can open and close thus allowing water to drip inside. Also, all 4 sides are also open.

Water tight Louvered roof system with your custom pergola.

Will the Luxury Pergola be able to handle my snow load?

Yes, the Luxury Pergola is engineered to hold up to 60 lbs per square foot while many competitors only allow for 8.2 lbs per square foot, which is a significant difference.

Smaller size pergola structure with snow on roof.

Can I adjust the size of my Luxury Pergola kit?

There are countless sizes and options available. Also, when you add in the Super Pergola dimensions, the sizes are almost limitless.

Larger Pergolas offer a beautiful outdoor space

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