How is a Pergola Made?

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If you are looking for a pergola for backyard entertaining, it is important to understand how it is made.

The most long lasting pergola materials are aluminum that is powder coated in an AAMA 2605 standard. This offers:

  • Superior fade resistance

  • Durability to snow, wind, and rain

  • A maintenance free shade

The most basic version of pergola materials are wooden posts on a concrete slab that you cut yourself with a circular saw. This is generally cheap, but costs a fortune in labor.

If you don't want to go to a lumber yard, see how the best aluminum pergola kit in the world is made. From order to packaging, you have the best diy project ever.

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Ordering Your Own Pergola

ringing bell for pergola order

Everything starts with ordering the pergola. Whether you just buy pergola plans or get the full materials list, it is a great idea to thoroughly understand the costs, benefits, and all the details needed for your pergola plans.

When you make an order, that is the start of the pergola process. Before you start dreaming of planter boxes or climbing plants, you need to make sure that your posts will be located in the right spot.

If you choose a Luxury Pergola, then the plans for footings can be found here:

Pergola Pier Footings

These are for free standing pergolas. The depth required for a pier or concrete will not be equal distance for each person. You need to get below the frost line in your area.

Since there are a huge number of different pergola sizes available, you'll need to make sure you get the perfect one for your outdoor project before you build a pergola.

Cutting Beams

cutting support beams

The support beam for each pergola need to be cut perfectly for your pergola. This step ensures that the pergola will fit on your existing patio, or whatever patio you choose to build around when you build a pergola.

Some companies offer longer posts, but that post height will raise the rafters and the header boards of your particular installation. Be careful to measure everything properly as with more height, you lose wind resistance.

The reason is simple, leverage. Especially with wood, you can risk shearing the post or pulling out screws.

The Post Bases

welded post bases for a pergola

Next the post bases are manufactured. The materials used for this are stainless steel (if you use The Luxury Pergola) and are designed to handle great amounts of overturn momentum.

This is key for wind resistance. When looking at a modern pergola, a pergola that opens and closes, they can provide more shade, but they need to be properly designed to handle greater than 105mph wind loads.

Constructing the Posts

drilling out posts for luxury pergola

Next the posts need to be set up. We use an automated CNC machine to make sure the pergolas are made to the highest possible standard.

After that, the focus is just packing and shipping everything needed.

The DIY Pergola

beautiful pergola with outdoor kitchen

A DIY pergola is a great way to add value to your home and most pergolas or other shade structure options can be installed with basic tools.

If you don't have a concrete slab, you will need to pour concrete and make sure your structure will meet local codes. A wind resistant pergola that meets building code in most of the United States has to withstand AT LEAST 105 mph winds.

How to actually build a pergola is the next part after everything is made and ready to go.

Pergola Assembly Guide

Choosing the Perfect Pergola

Whether you decide to go with pergola plans you find on the internet, or buy a DIY kit, when you build a pergola, getting your posts in the right place is key.

If you are planning to use a power auger to dig holes in the back yard, make sure to properly space your footings and avoid any local utilities.

Attaching to a Concrete Slab

When you attach to a concrete slab, you need to ensure that your anchors are properly strong to attach and provide enough resistance in wind and impact. Usually a 5/8" hole will be plenty with about a 3.5 inch length on the screws.

Perfecting Your Outdoor Space

Now that the pergola is built, you can add the finishing touches to your outdoor space.

I hope that you get the best freestanding pergola kit possible and you have the ground needed to get the materials required.

If you need any help, call our experts to discuss your project.

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