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Best Pergola Options with durability, weather resistance, and usability.

A common question for home owners across the country, "What is the best aluminum pergola?" If you are asking this question yourself keep reading below as we dive into the years of experience that led to the creation of The Luxury Pergola and why we create the best aluminum pergola for your project!

Who Are We?

There are so many companies out there, so how do you chose which one to go with?

What's important to you?

  • Customer Service?

  • Durability?

  • Made in the USA?

  • A Great Looking Product?

We know that all of these things matter, especially when it's a product that is going to be placed where you will be making memories with friends and family.

Here at The Luxury Pergola, we want to give you that ability to enjoy those moments not just for a season. but for years and years to come and never having to worry about replacing the structure.

Customer Service

Customer service doesn't just start after you purchase a product here at TLP. Our team of pergola experts help you from start to finish.

While we create our kits within certain sizes, we dont just leave it to you to understand our product and if it will work. We go the extra mile to ensure that our unit will not only fit in your space, but look amazing.

Call Our Pergola Experts

Information Not Confusion

Here at TLP we believe in transparency and education. Our YouTube channel has been a consistent benefit to future customers and customers after they purchase.

Everything from planning your space to installing the unit and maintaining it. We want you to have all the necessary information at your finger tips.

You can checkout the Youtube channel below.

Helpful Pergola Videos

The Extra Mile

enhance the quality of service with wonderful customer service agents  to assist with different options you have

When you call into the Luxury Pergola, you will be greeted by our Pergola Experts, that are eager to assist with and answer your questions. We understand that no matter where you are in the process for your yard, that there is a lot that goes into it.

Size Matters?

We help from the ground up, ensuring the proper sized unit for your space. Discussing your area in measurements, length width and height. These factors are some of the most important. We don't want to sell you a unit that doesn't fit in your space!

"Ground Up", Seriously.

Get assistance with your backyard project and discuss customization options with a pergola expert

"Ground Up" isn't just an expression here, what you are sitting the unit on matters. When you are dealing with heavy duty, durable, and robust material like our units are made of, weight is a factor that can weigh as much as 1800 lbs.

We ensure you have the proper footings prepared for your investment as this is one of the most important and first steps many homeowners take on for their project. Planning out the space with a proper foundation but also making sure you keep it where the unit will be plumb and square.

Call Our Pergola Experts

Best Color For You!

One of many styles of pergola install options providing shade from uv rays

It's hard to really visualize a product in your yard sometimes. This is why we provide complementary 3D renderings placing the pergola you're looking at in the color you want in your space to see how it will really look!

Quality and Durability

We take great pride in our product and proudly announce our USA made product. Ensuring that we are giving the best product. Our products are designed, cut, manufactured and packaged all in house.

This in house process allows us to ensure out the door that you are receiving a great quality product.

Our material is aircraft grade aluminum, being the best pergola material, extruded in the United States where it is shipped to our painting facility receiving the highest standard of paint in the industry, AAMA 2605.

From our painting facility to our manufacturing facility, this is where not only we produce your kit, but also where our customer service, our sales team, and our owners and management all are.

This allows our communication to be to fast and effective eliminating those days of no contact. You can expect quick results with questions, concerns and problems.

Why Aluminum?

get the outdoor experience with a weather resistance pergola at an affordable price

When you are considering pergola materials for your outdoor structures in your outdoor space. Weather protection is probably one of the first things that come to mind.

Doesn't it make sense to have rust resistant aluminum for your pergola kits? Considering most places get rain in their outdoor spaces it's pretty important to make sure that your pergola project can withstand the weather you get.

Rain isn't the only factor of weather to consider. Obviously depending on where you are changes the type of weather you are concerned about. This was greatly put into consideration when designing our aluminum pergolas.

Whether you are in the hot Arizona sun, the heavy snowy mountains of Colorado, the hurricane force winds of Florida or the never ending rain of Mississippi were confident in our structure to not only withstand all of these weather forecasts, but also outlast other structures that could be an option.

Wood Pergolas Don't Weather...Right?

cedar pergola structure to protect from sunlight not a low maintenance option pergola does have regular maintenance needed to prolong life

Not exactly, and by not exactly, I mean not true at all. Even if you were to go with a water sealed, treated lumber option you might get 10 or more years out of it. Now this definitely depends on a lot of factors.

Temperature fluctuations. How hot or cold your area fluctuates in temperature can drastically affect wood. especially if you live in a state like Indiana, where there can be a 40 degree difference from night to day.

Wood can rot, warp, burn, or break much easier than other alternatives out there like steel and aluminum. That being said, Wood is much stronger than some of the vinyl options out there but not as strong as aluminum.

Vinyl Pergolas

Backyard garden pergola great for small gardens cost effective great visual appeal, not long lasting or durable in storms

When it comes to vinyl pergola options you aren't left with a lot of room for customization. Vinyl pergolas tend to come in molds that are prefabbed and you are left chasing from a template of options.

Assuming you are able to keep a unit for several years in tact, if anything were to break or destroy a part of the unit, replacing the feature may be a challenge if that company changed their style or disconiutnued a variance of design.


This brings us to the durability of vinyl. Vinyl pergola options are on the weaker more lighter side. Being more susceptible to wind overturning which can inevitably lead to your structure breaking or being damaged.

Discoloration or Fading

Discoloring or fading can happen from prolonged direct sunlight giving distinct advantages to aluminum powered coated pergolas

Often times the vinyl material isn't susceptible to heavy chemical painting, keeping the paint layers thin and penetrable. making scratches, breaks and paint chips more possible.

Wood Pergolas

A wood pergola has many varying designs, which is why its such a popular option. Many homeowners who currently have them or have had them share similar complaints. The upkeep to lengthen the life is quite intrusive.

Maintenance Requirements

Owning a wood pergola leaves you with quite the task for maintenance. You should be buying weather protection wood, or treated wood for this project to begin with.

This will definitely help keep the life of it eating longer. That being said, wood is always susceptible to warping, breaking, and not to mention burning.

Depending on the use you're looking to get out, I personally never recommend wooden pergolas to be the source of overhead coverage for fire pit areas, for obvious reasons.


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