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How Much Does a Smart Louvered Pergola Cost?

From DIY To Contractor Installed Aluminum Pergolas

How much does a smart pergola or a louvered roof system cost? We're going to go through louvered systems from basically the least expensive models to the most expensive.

A louvered pergola, louvered roof, or motorized pergola costs from $2,000 for a cheap DIY option to $35,000 for a fully installed by contractor item. This pergola cost may be too much for your outdoor living space.

Roll Form Aluminum Louvered Roof System

To structure the system we basically have two different build types of a louvered system and then we have two different ways that they're installed. So on the low end a DIY roll form aluminum system is going to be your least expensive because of the components.

You do it yourself and the components themselves are made out of a roll form aluminum. If you're going to buy something from Costco or Wayfair or, anything that's online, most of those if not all of them are going to be a roll form aluminum. That's essentially equivalent to what your gutters are made out of.

This gives you very low strength per square foot.

Structure Issues with Roll Form

They're relatively thin they don't carry a snowy load they're not fantastic and high winds. Roll form aluminum louvered roof systems are usually just good for shade. Then you need to leave them open 99% of the time when you're not trying to have shade or rain with no heavy wind coverage.

That's kind of how those work. Then in terms of the actual support system I'm not entirely sure because it depends on the unit. How much it can handle snow and wind wise but the louvers themselves are really thin.

The reason why is because the less poundage of aluminum, the less expensive it is to manufacture. Therefore you have a lower price point at the end. That whole process brings the pergola cost down.

You can't make an extruded product at the same price point as those roll form ones. This is because the poundage of aluminum is more expensive than what those sell for.

Extruded Aluminum Quality in Motorized Pergola Cost

On the other end of the spectrum you have fully extruded systems that are design by contractors or dealers. The fully extruded systems are all the highest quality.

Extruded aluminum is taking a billet of aluminum or a big log and then heating it up and pushing it through a shape so it's like making spaghetti or play-doh spaghetti. If you ever did that with your kids.

The concept there being that as it forces it through with that hydraulic press you're pushing all that aluminum together you're making it a lot stronger. The material itself is also a lot thicker.

It has to be so that it doesn't come out the other end and sag immediately. You have a thicker more heavy components that are going to be better at handling snow and wind loads.

Difference Between Roll Form and Extruded Aluminum Pergola Cost

That's the high high end. If we're talking general sizes, a 12 by 12 is a common size in the louvered game, at the low end you've got the DIYs that are about $2000 to $4000 typically.

At the high end fully extruded, installed by contractor, freestanding units they're probably going to be somewhere around $18,000 these days. That's kind of your range:

  • Roll Form DIY Pergola Cost: $2,000 - $4,000

  • Extruded Aluminum Pergola Cost (low end): $18,000

Getting the High Quality Motorized Pergola for Less

That being said finding a fully extruded aluminum system that's easy to install so you have the product capability of the fully extruded system without having to pay a contractor to actually install it is difficult.

You can get that same system at a much better price. That's essentially what the luxury pergola does. We spent about three years designing our system to be a fully extruded system.

As we started getting aluminum price increases month after month, we found that we were going to be too expensive. We wanted to offer something that was direct to consumer at a much more attainable price.

The Engineering of the Luxury Pergola Kit

  • 8000 lbs of Snow (louvers open or closed)

  • 115 mph Winds (louvers open or closed)

Our 12 by 12 is a fully extruded system can still handle up to 8,000 pounds of snow on top of it. It can still handle 115 mile per hour winds.

Your windows are essentially shattering at that amount of wind speed, but we can get it in for about $9,999. That's what we have them starting at.

The concept there being that we allow people to get a very premium product that will probably outlast most of their house, for a reasonable price. That's what we did.

It took us a long time to get it designed to the point where it's at right now. The installation can be done in a day.

After Installing a Luxury Pergola Kit

Then you've got a product that when you're looking at value retention on your home a traditional pergola is going to retain, at least in terms of a lot of statistics, somewhere between 60 to 70 percent of its value or its cost.

If you're trying to put an addition on your house and you buy the high-end, installed by contractor version, you probably recoup a smaller percentage of that. Whereas something like our product, you're gonna have a much higher percentage if not potentially the whole thing to be able to be part of the new value of your home.

Our systems are also fully remote control for your outdoor living space. They also offer superior price per square foot when compared to ANY of the extruded pergola options on the market.

The gutter and weather resistance keep your outdoor patio clean and pristine.

Breaking down Investment Barriers

louvers in pergola

If you get it reappraised or you go to sell it on and that was kind of the goal we wanted to give people a fully made in america product that gives people that quality without having to cost an arm and a leg. That's how much a smart pergola, Struxure smart pergola costs.

A struxure louvered Pergola costs a fortune, and doesn't give you any more weather protection, control, or technology compared to the Luxury Pergola Kits

A louvered system cost the actual price ranges depending on what you're going to buy from a roll form system. For DIY that's very inexpensive to a roll form installed by a contractor to an extruded DIY.

This is what we do to an extruded built by a contractor. You've got quite the range and so you have to find within that range, what you feel comfortable with.

If you're interested in what we do you can always look in the link luxurypergola.com and you can see more about what our product looks like and why we designed it the way we did.

I'll be doing more informational videos about the louver system market and shade cover in general. You can see how adjustable our louvered pergola is and get a per square foot cost.

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