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The Louvered Pergola for 2023: What to Know and Understand

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I. Introduction

white aluminum louvered pergola

A louvered pergola is a unique and highly functional addition to any outdoor living space. With the ability to adjust the slats (or louvers) to allow for sun and shade, a louvered pergola is a versatile and practical choice for homeowners in 2023.

In this blog, we will delve into the different types of louvered roofs, materials used, and how to choose the right structure for your outdoor space. We'll discuss the maintenance and care required to keep your louvered pergola looking its best.

Stay tuned and you an learn all you need to know and understand about the louvered pergola in 2023.

Definition of a Louvered Pergola

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The aluminum louvered pergola is a pergola that is almost always higher quality and more versatile than a traditional pergola. With an aluminum louvered pergola, you get louvers on the top that act the same as slats on a pergola.

There is an important innovation that differentiates the louvered roof from the traditional pergola however. The louvered roof can open and close with the use of a remote control or a hand crank.

The adjustable louvered roof can rotate to keep out the sun or rain, to keep your outdoor living space comfortable, no matter the conditions.

Benefits of Having a Louvered Pergola

kermit looking at rain

As if keeping the sun and rain out isn't enough, let's go over more.

With a louvered roof, you can adjust the louvers to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. It's the best all weather pergola available. With a luxury pergola, you can expand your outdoor lifestyle on a budget.

Let's go over the different types of louvers and pergola options out there.

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II. Types of Louvered Pergolas

louvers in pergola

When it comes to the types of louvered pergolas out there, the first choice you will need to make are whether you want to have a remote control or a hand crank to open and close the pergola.

The main difference with the two options is quality and convenience. With the louvers, the hand crank options are always lighter than the motorized, otherwise the crank won't work.

Motorized Louvered Pergolas

motorized option for louvered roof

The Motorized louvered roof pergola offers the ultimate convenience and control when it comes to adjusting the slats on your pergola. With the push of a button, you can easily open and close the louvers to allow more or less sunlight and shade.

These types of structures are perfect for those who want the ability to easily control the amount of sunlight they receive, without having to manually adjust the louvers themselves. However, it's important to note that motorized pergolas may come with a higher price tag due to the added technology.

Manual Louvered Pergolas

Manual option with hand crank

Manual louvered pergolas offer a more traditional option for adjusting the slats on your pergola. Instead of using a motor to open and close the louvers, a manual louvered pergola will require you to physically turn a crank or handle to adjust the angle of the slats.

While this may require a little more effort on your part, manual louvered roof can be a more budget-friendly option compared to motorized louvered roof. Additionally, a manual louvered roof may be a good choice for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to adjusting their pergola's louvers.

Overall, manual louvered roof pergola options are a practical and cost-effective option for those looking to add a louvered roof to their outdoor space.

III. Materials Used in a Louvered Roof

aluminum in louvered roof

Finding the best aluminum louvered pergola comes down to the quality of the material used. When you look at why aluminum louvered roof systems are so expensive, it comes down to the materials used.


Wood is the cheapest material used for the outdoor living structure in a luxury pergola. Most of the time the wood options are done with DIY kit options. Sometimes they don't meet building codes, however.

Wood will require a great deal of maintenance and are at best, pretty good, for installation. If you choose to purchase just wood system, you may get a good price, but it won't be that effective.


The best louvered roof is made entirely from aluminum. You need to make sure you have a good manufacturer that can meet the zoning requirements for your outdoor living space. If you have an impervious surface restriction, a louvered product can be perfect for your outdoor area.

With the contemporary aluminum pergola with adjustable louvers, you don't have to worry about maintenance or yearly staining/painting.


With fiberglass, you see that in 2 different components. The cheaper pergola options have plastic or fiberglass louvers which require you to remove the louvers when there is too much snow or wind.

The other use for fiberglass is on the end caps of a louver. The luxury pergola uses as glass filled nylon that is self-lubricating to keep the operation quiet and comfortable for years.

IV. How to Choose the Right Louvered Pergola For Your Space

comparison of louvered pergola

When choosing the right louvered pergola for your purchase, you need to keep in mind quality, accessories, shipping, and how to install the particular unit. Some louvered pergola options offer more value for the price than others.

Consider the Size and Shape of Your Outdoor Space

Sizing of Louvered roof

The size and shape is a difficult part to consider. Many people overestimate how much space they need to cover.

Here's how you find the perfect great product for your patio.

  • Measure the largest room in your house

    • This gives you a good idea of the size needed

  • Measure the space in your patio or deck

  • See what your budget looks like

The Overall Design Aesthetic of Your Home

pergola kit

The aesthetic of your home or backyard is important in determining how the system and frame will look. You want what is perfect rather than what is pretty good.

The best value for the price is a DIY kit that can be easy to install. You need to pick something with custom colors and the right trim options for your house. Installation needs to be the key, however.

custom trim options on Luxury Pergola

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Determine Your Budget

pricing for luxury pergola

The budget is usually the biggest part of a louvered pergola. With a great DIY kit you can get the absolute best value for your house or patio that will meet your applicable HOA guidelines.

V. Maintenance and Care of The Aluminum Louvered Pergola

internal gutter system on louvered pergola

The biggest part of maintenance is the heat and rain that can hurt low quality louvers. The frame of the struxure pergola needs lubrication on the rotating louvers, whereas the luxury pergola is self lubricating. If you are getting an expensive pergola you want to know what you are getting.

Cleaning and Upkeep of the Louvers

  • Luxury Pergola DIY Kit: No maintenace needed

  • Struxure Smart Pergola: Needs lubrication to enhance functionality

  • Equinox Louvered Roof: Powder coated end caps don't need much maintenance

VI. Conclusion

white aluminum louvered proof

The Benefits of Louvered Pergolas

The benefits of a contemporary aluminum pergola is outstanding for any outdoor space that will enhance your home and more importantly be a great, sturdy feature for a great price.

With a Luxury Pergola kit, you can have a backyard that others will envy and control the amount of sun or rain that gets to your deck. The best quality aluminum system available today for a great backyard.

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