DIY Pergola: Your Own Pergola Plans

DIY Pergola Plans

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DIY Pergola Kits are growing in popularity across the USA for several reasons. They have been innovated from past pergola concepts to now have roofs that open and close at the click of a button along with performance and longevity increases.

As pergolas have grown in popularity the room for DIY plans continues to increase as well as more and more homeowners are streamlining this process for both installation and manufacturers.

DIY Pergolas

DIY Pergola Kits

DIY Pergola Materials Used In White

The best DIY Pergola Kits of 2023 are all available on the internet (as everything else is). There are different categories from luxury to affordable all with varying weather ratings and performance quality.

Every possible outlook fits differently for each customer as no two homeowners are the same. What may work best for you can vary, but overall the DIY aluminum pergola kit tends to be the most befitting for anyone across the board.

DIY Pergola Kits

Install In Your Outdoor Space

Planter Boxes On Back End Of Pergola

Installing your outdoor pergola takes 1-2 days with you and a friend. There is an easy assembly process with the added benefit of online installation guides for any other questions you may have.

On A Concrete Slab

Installation on a concrete slab is essentially a grab-and-go process. There are no alterations needed to be made and you can simply install the pergola as is.

On An Existing Patio

On an existing patio is slightly different, footings are recommended with a patio or the pavers to be cemented together. This can be done quite simply and from their your patio base is ready for installation.

On A Deck

A deck is another of the big three most simple installations for a luxury custom pergola. The way to fortify the base of a deck is by attaching the pergola to the floor joists or adding wood to increase the floor joist space. This is more than enough for installation.

Other DIY Pergola Plans

Box Type Pergola In Snow

Other DIY pergola plans include installation on stamped concrete, in turf, in other landscape and more. This remains the same in terms of the principle, if your base is strong you are more than able to install your pergola and withstand weather.

That being said as well, the luxury pergola has one of the highest weather ratings if not the highest weather rating of all pergola kits. With 140 mph wind resistance and 6000lb of snow load, you can park a truck on top of this pergola and it remains in contact.

More DIY Pergolas

Modern Pergola

Basic Tools For DIY Project Pergola Provide More Shade

The modern pergola of the future is already here today. Being able to open and close regarding of the weather and having versatile shade is a huge future in creating the impact of what homeowners would like in their pergola kit.

All modern pergola kits contain smart features which allows for a streamline installation process as well as a streamline point of use. This is one of the largest reasons for its jump in recent popularity.

Classic Pergola

Plant Hangers Can Be Attached To Pergola Beams

A classic pergola comes down to only one thing, the finishes. Aesthetic is in the eyes of the beholder, and being able to get the aesthetic you want through custom trim options is one of many features homeowners prefer.

A classic pergola would more likely than not contain the traditional trim option as shown above. This allows to give the aesthetic of a classic pergola on a modern luxury pergola performance.

Classic Pergola Kits

Beautiful Pergola Plans

Pergola Design Integrated Into Roof

Pergola plans are all up to whatever you are looking for in your project. You are the visionary to create whatever you would prefer. Attached roof options have been done before, although they can be 2-3x the price due to roof customization needs.

The possibilities are endless for what you would like, it all boils down to how much are you looking to spend.

All The Details For The Building Process

How Much Shade From A Closed Pergola? Substantial

Details for the building process can be shown both online as well as in the installation video on our YouTube channel. It is an easy assembly as stated before with a 1-2 day installation that can be finished with little to no hassle.

Enjoy not only the pergola itself but the assembly of the pergola as well as you and your friends realize that you saved 15k+ for getting the DIY version rather than any other dealer order product.

Step By Step Instructions

Pergola Out By Pine Landscaping

A step by step instruction manual will be included in every package to make any further questions in assembly accessible and easy to find. You will see that the installation is nothing more than putting beams together and adding screws.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your pergola as you reap the benefits of your labor and money saved.

Pergola Ideas

Free Standing Vs. Attached

Pergola By Pool

Touched on briefly beforehand, of the two options, free standing is by far the more preferred choice for the homeowner when it comes to a cost effective job that has low risk of error. Attached jobs not only cost more, but are prone to leaks and other issues as you are drilling into the side of your home.

A freestanding kit is simple, easy to install, has little to no error, and is cheap as well which is why it is considered the most popular choice of any when it comes to your future DIY Pergola Kit.

Freestanding Pergola Kits

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