Hurricane Proof Pergola

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High wind resistance pergolas are at the top of the list for any hurricane prone area. Storm resistance for hurricane winds allows for the ability for many homeowners in Florida and other states.

The best pergolas to survive hurricane season often have high grade weather resistant materials. Heavy duty pergolas are able to withstand extremes in every season. Materials like aluminum and other strong metals do a good job at providing what many homeowners need to last through any season.

Hurricane Proof Pergolas

Wind Resistant Pergola (Hurricane Material)

Wind Resistant Pergola

High wind resistance in pergolas need high wind resistant materials. Hurricane proof material in the form of metals can be heavy and expensive making the assembly process more difficult as well as increased difficulty in shipping too.

The ability to withstand any hurricane force winds allows for further creativity in the process, which makes this viewed as a non-negotiable. After testing several kinds of metals we found that aluminum was the lightest material combined with the most quality price.

Withstand Hurricane Force Winds

Hurricane Proof Pergola

The best wind resistant pergola may be different for every homeowner. With several set ups for backyards there are many ideas of what may be the best fit. Each individual is entirely separate in what fits them best. Regardless of what fits you best you will want a pergola that can withstand any weather condition out there.

The ability to withstand hurricane force winds allows customers to further customize their set up. A home in the mountains may have much different requirements than a home in south Florida. This versatility in weather tolerance allows for customers to find exactly what they need.

Weather Resistant Pergolas

High Wind Resistance

White Pergola With Louvered Roof

High wind resistance creates the most ideal situation possible in your home. Besides this wind resistance that was test at 130 mph with the louvers closed, this creates a sense of ease during any storm to know that your pergola will stay intact.

Not only does the luxury pergola withstand 130 mph winds with the louvers closed, but even higher winds with the louvers open. Uncertain with a hurricane coming in, open the louvers and know that your pergola will withstand the test.

Hurricane Rated Pergola

Hurricane Rated Pergola

In order to be a hurricane rated pergola, you must be able to withstand hurricane force winds. Hurricanes average anywhere from 75mph-130mph winds with extreme hurricanes being 130mph+.

If a wind rating for a pergola is under 105mph, it often will not even be able to receive permitting let alone be built and last through a storm. Being rated for 130mph winds allows for permitting in virtually any area as your home would receive substantial damages before the pergola inquires impairment.

Withstand Strong Winds Or A Major Storm

Pergola In Hurricane Prone Area

When purchasing a long term product, many homeowners often want to do things right the first time. This allows for a long term solution rather than having to spend money on maintenance, replacement, fixing damages, etc.

High quality pergolas allow for the ability to maintain longevity and performance without comprosing design or customization. This can often be more expensive than customers are anticipating. The creation of the DIY Pergola kit allows for homeowners to get the same quality for roughly 1/3 the price and have a higher ROI through the implementation of sweat equity.

Hurricane Resistant Pergolas

Best Wind Resistant Pergola Features

Pergola For Strong Winds

High end wind resistant pergola features maintain longevity and performance whilst at the same time being accessible. This can be done through creating pergola kits for homeowners who are willing to contract out installation or utilize sweat equity. Some other included features for making the best pergola are:

Withstand High Winds And Harsh Weather

The ability to withstand harsh weather while at the same time as high winds can be a necessity. Many storms come with the combination of both wind and rain which with a high tolerance of both this allows for the best durability.

Louvered Roof That Opens And Closes

A louvered roof that opens and closes creates further luxury both for comfort as well as for weather durability. If you are looking to avoid the rain on a calm evening, simply close the louvers. Open them up at your own preference too to enjoy the sun. This can apply to a high wind storm as well. Open up the pergola to allow even further wind resistance to prevent any damage if the mph exceeds 130.

Wind Resistant Pergola Design

The best design for a wind resistant pergola would be that which remains sleek and possesses modern luxurious features. These luxurious features could be the ability to customize with colors or trim options as well. All customization options from size to trim remain weather resistant to the rated specs.

Withstand Heavy Winds Through Hurricane Season

White Pergola In Harsh Weather

A pergola that can withstand heavy winds religiously allows for homeowners in all locations of the United States to own their own pergola. Being able to withstand strong winds time and time again can provide peace of mind. This can be viewed as not only for hurricanes, but for tornadoes as well.

Tornadoes and high winds can strike many rural parts of the United States. Tornadoes although less large than hurricanes can often be even further severe in specific areas. The luxury pergola is wind rated to be able to take tornado inconsistent winds while remaining at their 130mph wind rating. If the pergola is gone, you would likely have much bigger problems on your hands with damage to your household.

Weather Resistant Pergolas

Pergola Styles For High Winds

Pergola In Outdoor Space

The best pergola styles for high winds are both what fits your individual needs while maintaining stylish and durable for any weather condition. Wether it be rain, high sun, extreme temperatures, snow loads, earthquakes, or high winds, having the highest degree of resistance while still being high in style provides this ability.

Wood Pergolas

Wood pergolas can provide a great structure with ease of customization and modification. The downside with wood however is the fact that it can often be drawn to absorb moisture and rot away with water. This can create a low sense of durability over long periods of time.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl pergolas do not absorb water allowing them to be more preferable in terms of water resistance. Although they can tend to snap in the cold as well as snap from high wind conditions. This sense of snapping creates an instability for vinyl pergolas long term.

Cedar Pergolas

Cedar pergolas do not rot, and are able to withstand wind well as well. The issue with cedar pergolas is the fact that it is highly maintenance intensive requiring re-finished every year if not more than once per year. They can also tend to be highly expensive.

Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum was found as the only material that takes heavy winds and does not snap, takes high rain loads with 0 rot, and requires little to no maintenance. This combined with the lightweight nature which can be shipped in a fair manner creates a great opportunity for many homeowners to find exactly what they are looking for. This allows for a realistic approach for a DIY pergola kit system.

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