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Exposing the Secrets of Pergola Purchasing

We created a short e-book to make sure customers get the best possible deal for their backyard project.

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What does the E-Book Cover?

This e-book will go over the differences in options for your pergola build.

What Should You Look For?

We give quick guidelines on what to look for to make an educated decision.

Avoiding "Marketing Speak"

Don't get tricked by clever headlines that hide inconvenient facts. Be the most educated customer possible.

What are the Options?

What do you gain or benefit from different options? From full service to DIY we go over what to expect.

What does it take to get permitted?

We make it easy to understand what you need to get a permit or HOA approval. Don't get caught on the back foot.

The Most Durable Pergola Material

Understand the balance of price versus strength in your pergola build.