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Pergola Home Value: How does it Change?

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If you're like most people, your home is the biggest investment you'll ever make. So it's important to consider all of the factors that go into increasing or decreasing its value.

While a pergola may not be at the top of your list, it can play a role in how much your home is worth. In this post, we'll take a look at how adding a pergola can impact your home value and some tips on how to get the most out of it.

These are what a pergola will do your home value:

  • A high quality pergola will improve home property value

  • A poorly made pergola will reduce home value

  • Make sure the pergola is professionally installed to pass home inspection

  • A metal or aluminum pergola is the best option

The booming market for housing has passed and many homeowners are wondering what will help improve their home price. If a pergola is done properly it will add value to your home. The outdoor living space, kitchens, and bathrooms are the easiest home improvements for a homeowner.

What makes a High Quality Pergola?

cedar pergola

When it comes to wooden pergolas, cedar is definitely the way to go. Not only is cedar extremely durable, it also has a beautiful natural color that blends in well with outdoor environments. Plus, cedar wood has a natural resistance to water damage and insect infestations, meaning it will require less maintenance over time compared to other types of wood.

But even with cedar, you will still have to do some upkeep in order to maintain the integrity and appearance of your pergola. Consider applying sealant every couple of years, and regularly inspect for any signs of rot or damage. It may seem like a lot now, but trust me - it's worth investing in high quality cedar for your pergola. Your backyard (and your peace of mind) will thank you later.

Attaching to the Ground

When it comes to building projects, like pergolas or fences, setting your posts in concrete footers is a must. Not only does this ensure that your beautiful outdoor structure will stay standing for years to come, but it also helps prevent any damage or injuries caused by an unstable item.

When pouring the concrete, make sure to leave enough space for the post so it's secure and not wobbling. Trust me, taking the extra time to set your posts correctly can save you from a major headache down the road and even potential legal issues. So before starting any outdoor build, don't forget the importance of setting those posts in solid footers.

What to watch out for with a poorly made pergola

When it comes to outdoor home improvements, many people think about adding a deck or a patio. But don't forget about the pergola! This structural addition can transform your outdoor living space into a private oasis.

However, it's important to make sure that your pergola is well-built and sturdy. A weak structure could result in serious safety hazards for you and anyone using the space. When planning your pergola project, do your research and only hire experienced professionals who can ensure the structure will stand strong.

Don't cut corners when it comes to outdoor improvement projects - the consequences could be disastrous. Invest in a strong pergola now to avoid any potential accidents in the future.

What makes a strong pergola?

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, a sturdy pergola is essential. Not only does it add more value to your property, but it also provides a stable structure for outdoor furniture and outdoor gatherings.

As such, it's important to make sure you use durable materials during construction. This includes using strong posts and secure footers at least 3 feet deep in concrete. Whatever material you choose for the top of the pergola, from wood to metal or plastic, make sure it can withstand inclement weather and heavy weight.

Trust me, taking the extra time and effort on your pergola construction now will pay off in the long run with a beautiful outdoor space for years to come.

Why aluminum is the best material for a pergola

aluminum pergola return

When it comes to pergolas, aluminum is the way to go if you want a low-maintenance option. Sure, it might cost more upfront to use this material, but in the long run you'll save money since it doesn't require painting or other upkeep.

And let's be honest - who wants to spend their weekends laboring over their outdoor space when they could be enjoying it? With an aluminum pergola, you can easily create a peaceful retreat in your backyard without the hassle of constant maintenance which makes it a good value.

Plus, the sleek look of aluminum adds more value to your property. So why not give yourself the gift of a comfortable and carefree outdoor space with an aluminum pergola?

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor space with fireplace

Have you ever been envious of your friend's gorgeous outdoor living space, complete with a pergola and cozy seating area? Well, in warmer climates, having an outdoor living space is practically a must-have for any home.

Not only does it provide an additional area for entertaining and relaxation, but it also adds value to the overall property. Plus, pergolas are such a versatile outdoor structure - they can serve as a shade cover for patios or act as a trellis for climbing plants.

So why not take advantage of the beautiful weather in warmer climates and invest in creating your own outdoor oasis? It may just be worth it in the long run.

Outdoor Living Space

Are you thinking about sprucing up your outdoor living space? It could be worth considering, because an outdoor room, patio, or kitchen can not only add enjoyment to your own life, but also add value to your home.

In fact, high end property markets often include features like pergolas and outdoor kitchens in their listings because they know these amenities are attractive to potential buyers. So why not bring the comforts of indoor living outside and enjoy the warm weather at the same time?

Whether you're looking for a cozy outdoor living room or a fully functional kitchen and dining area, there are plenty of options to fit any budget and style. Just imagine hosting a BBQ or summer party with friends and family in your very own outdoor oasis.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Upgrade your backyard today and reap the benefits for years to come.

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