8 x 12 Pergola: Best Pergola Kits and Materials

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The new pergola trend is taking America by storm, many are looking at what is the best size to fit their yard. There is no 1 size fits all, an 8 x 12 pergola is a great size for many who are looking to go forward in a great first kit.

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Pergola Kits

Regular Pergola With A Hot Tub

Kits are a popular option, they are cheaper than big box stores and can be created in however you envision. They are delivered to your home and able to install quite easily.

Instructions to Install

Several Instructions That Are Free Plans To Install

The instructions to install a pergola make it easy, the luxury pergola does a great job with their instruction guide. Get the kit, set up the project, and your pergola is on it's way.

Create Your Great Backyard

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What is your ideal backyard? A Pool, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen? Many people craze to get an outdoor pergola and have a ton of ideas for their backyard space to add as the finishing touch and center piece to their backyard.

Freestanding, Roof, etc.

Pergola With Fireplace

Freestanding kits are encouraged compared to a roof connection, it requires less maintenance, has less liability, and is not prone to leaks. Roof connection is often a slippery slope.

All Components to Shade Your Backyard

Adding Louvers can Add Shade

An 8 x 12 pergola is a great step for any size backyard to add shade. Aluminum pergolas are often the most popular as they have the greatest longevity of any kind.

Value of Your House

Yes, your home value will increase, like all home construction this is a pure investment. Lucky for you, pergolas increase home value by far beyond the investment of the project, making it a net positive application.

Many look forward to getting their pergola kits set up so they can enjoy a nice glass of wine with cheese under a beautiful sunny day. This structure will serve for any weather though, rain or shine, the choice is yours to enjoy your backyard.

Complete in depth Review for the Job

A Photo Of Old Out-Dated Louvers

Wall to wall, an in depth review of the job is included in several articles. The luxury pergola provides a great review showcasing what customers think on their YouTube.

Sturdy to take high winds

Pergola in the Snow (All Weather)

Pergolas are very weather proof. Certain pergolas, like the luxury pergola, are able to take 130 mph winds and 40 lbs of snow per square foot making it able to be used in every single environment.

From California to Maine and every state in between, there is a pergola in every state and the luxury pergola is versatile enough to make it work. You are able to curate exactly what you want exactly the way you want for your perfect biome.

Beams, Posts, etc.

Closed Pergola

All beams and posts for the best pergolas are made of aluminum. There is a bunch of comparisons that go further in depth in material, but aluminum is the best at taking heavy weight loads as well as being weather proof and adaptable to long term rust.

Wood is another popular option for short term, we emphasize short term for that exact reason, it can rot with the rain and is prone to weathering as well as collapsing with wind.

New Pergola Free Plans

There are many instructions to pergola instillation, you can find further instructions on the luxury pergola site in depth explanation. As you progress in this project you will find it is much simpler than expected. This is an exciting new stage of life to revamp your yard and add home value. Pergolas are here to stay, and as more and more people look to get them, it will be nice to know that you are ahead of the curve.

If you are still looking for info, there are plenty of articles that go every further in depth like showcasing what separates the best and worst pergolas. The ranking of the best pergolas out there is simple and clear, it is all about your experience as a customer.

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