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16 x 16 Pergola: Pergola Kit for Your Outdoor Space

Pergola By Pool

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Pergola Kits are taking a race across America. They are the craze to add value to your home and a WOW factor to your backyard. Some of the most popular reasons people get a pergola kit are:

  • Easy to install

  • Wow Factor In Yard

  • Positive ROI Investment

  • Simple and Easy Process

  • Save Money (Lots of Bang For Your Buck)

Considering all that, it is no wonder that Pergola Kits have taken the nation by storm.

Pergola Kits

Built Pergola Kit

Pergola kits provide a DIY option so you can save money and create the perfect project at your home. Many hire a contractor or a friend to help them install in a matter of just a day. Several helpful YouTube videos also explain how to install more in depth to look for as well as receiving a manual in each package.

Provide Shade

Pergola Providing Shade

Provide shade wherever you are, Luxury Pergolas help to create a nice touch and relaxing area in your yard for any type of weather, rain or shine. Most people create a 16x16 by adding to 8x16 rectangle kits next to each other to create a super kit.

Shop 12 x 16 Pergola

Freestanding, Roof, Etc.

Pergola With Fireplace

Freestanding or roof? This is a common question many ask when regarding their luxury pergola experience. It all depends on the customer but it is by far easier and provides more long term value to your home as some have seen to go with freestanding. Roof attached is more expensive, leads to more leaks in your home, and has greater risk to weather down the road.

Freestanding is created as the most popular option for a reason. It is much simpler to do and has little to no risk, making it your best bet.

Material List

Pergola Materials (Aluminum Louvers Close Up)

There are several materials to choose from when deciding your pergola. After analyzing all materials available extensively, it appears aluminum is the best bet for weather, strength, and longevity.

High Quality Product

Pergola Kit Diagram

With several companies to choose from it can be quite hard to determine what kits are the greatest to go with. The best pergolas of 2023 can show exactly the information you need to help make the correct choice.

Enhance Your Backyard, Patio, Pool, Etc.

Custom Pergola (Make It Your Own)

People are tending to stay home more and enjoy the fruits of their labor. With remote jobs going up many like to work outside, a luxury pergola can enhance your backyard in every definition of the word.

Feel at home and work outside wether it is raining or sunny. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Have a birthday party, the options are limitless.

Install Yourself

Easy To Install: Manufacturing Process

Pergola kits are made to be easy to install. There are clear instruction in every manual as well as a gift of common sense that allows it to be a simple process. Installation can be done in as little as a day with the right manpower and experience.

Wether you would like to install it yourself, with a friend, or hire a contractor, this will be a smooth and easy process when done correctly.

Complete List of Components and Materials

Beautiful White Pergola Kit

A complete list of components and materials will make it easy for every household to get a better grasp and install themselves. Feel free to install a fan, add some lights, or place a few heaters to whatever fits your needs in the new 16 x 16 pergola.

Add Plants, Stainless Steel Hardware, Cover, or More Shade

On the luxury pergola site there are plenty of ways to configure your own pergola for whatever you have in mind. Color options and trim options allow you to make it your own regardless the kind of house you have.

Many like to add an outdoor kitchen underneath the pergola for an extra flair. The 16 x 16 is a great choice for any homeowner to add value, improve there home, and make more of your backyard.

Pergola Able To Configure On Site

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