14 x 20 pergola: An outdoor space you will enjoy

Pergola using led lighting near roof to elevate their outdoor space

The popularity of pergolas has significantly increased throughout the recent years. For those looking for ways to enhance your backyard living space, the 14 x 20 pergola is an amazing option and family project that everyone will love to use. A pergola not only adds a better aesthetic look, but it also creates a versatile outdoor space for anything you'd like to do.

Whether you choose to use the 14 x 20 pergola for entertaining, dining, or even just a place to sit and relax, The Luxury Pergola works hard to provide the best quality product to improve your outdoor space the way you have always envisioned. Overall, a well-designed pergola will be a great place to invite your family and friends while also creating long-lasting memories for many years.

Pergola structure

Outside living space made better with furniture features under pergola with louvered roof

These aluminum frame pergolas consist of vertical posts, which supports a center beam and a louvered roof. The roof can be easily adjusted to open or close by using a remote control. If you were to have an outdoor gazebo, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the extra benefits that a pergola has to offer. Instead of having a hardtop gazebo, make your life and outdoor space more luxurious by installing a pergola.

The structure of the pergola is designed to be strong and durable, as it is made of aluminum. Aluminum is the most durable material in stock and will last much longer than other materials such as high quality lumber or vinyl. All aluminum pergolas will keep you safe and sound in your living area and allow you to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air.

All of the pergola pieces are easy to put together, as they are all pre drilled. With the vertical posts, there is one electrical post and there is another one that is the gutter post. Also depending on the pergola size, you can install more posts, beams, double roof, and louvers to best fit your wants and preferences.

Shade/protection from the elements

Aluminum pergola with hot tub to enhance the backyard living space

Having shade and protection from any bad weather conditions is a crucial role of each pergola. The Luxury Pergola works to give you a high quality pergola that gives you all the shade and protection you want from the elements. The 14 x 20 pergola can withstand and protect your pergola area from any harmful uv rays, wind, rain, or heavy snow.

The Luxury Pergola now offers the chance to install attachable screens to your pergola. By adding a screen, you can provide more shade and protection to your outdoor living space from the elements and especially insects. Each screen is very simple to operate and access, as each screen comes with a handle. A screened in pergola will generate a more enclosed and private space for you and your company.

Versatility in design/style

Aluminum pergola frame with louvered roof

When purchasing a 14 x 20 pergola, one box that our pergolas check off is its versatility. Because of that, there are a lot of design/style options for what you're looking for. Regardless of if you're wanting to place the pergola on your patio, deck, or garden, you will be able to have any kind of pergola you want. The customization options include the pergola color, crown moulding, and other functional features.

The pergola colors will vary between white, black, and bronze. For the louvered roof, the same colors will apply plus stone as another choice. We work very hard to provide you as many options as possible to give you the freedom to transform your backyard space into a space of comfort and style you have always wanted.

By having crown moulding included, it will improve the pergola's overall appearance and will complement the style of the your pergola. The options include traditional and contemporary trims. You can also get a base trim, which is located at the bottom of each vertical post and will offer more protection to your pergola.

Plenty of space for entertainment

Outside living space made better with furniture features under pergola with louvered roof

One key benefit of having a 14 x 20 pergola is all the space you have for entertainment ideas. Regardless of what you choose to do with your pergola, you will have plenty of space in your pergola area. Some ideas that you can do for entertainment could be get-togethers, events, pool parties, bonfire, etc. This pergola offers a versatile and comfortable entertainment space for you and your family.

The Luxury Pergola

Head to TheLuxuryPergola.com to complete your pergola purchase today

Ordering the 14 x 20 pergola would be a great project and addition to your backyard living space. The assembly instructions, attached to the pergola kit, are made to be simple and easy to understand as you go through the installation process. You may find it helpful to look at our YouTube page if you have more questions or need more review on how we assembled it.

Our pergolas gives our customers the chance make long lasting memories with others while also enjoying the beauty of nature. Looking to buy a high quality 14 x 20 pergola today at an affordable price? The Luxury Pergola is the perfect solution for you.

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