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Garden Pergola: The Perfect Outdoor Space

Pergola Kit With Fan

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Pergolas are taking the United States by storm as the protect homeowners and gardens from too much sun exposure and direct sunlight. Adjustable motorized pergolas are the most popular to add as they are versatile for any situation and able to host many guests.

The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Garden Pergola

Garden Pergolas make the perfect outdoor living space as the combine nature, outdoor living, and structure. As you can see in the picture plants like climbing vines attach to pergolas and prosper. A simple garden pergola can provide the additional shade and weather protection that you need.

Best Pergola Kits

Pergola Kit Fitted For Outdoor Space

Wether you want just a low maintenance pergola or something high end and complex, everything is possible with The Luxury Pergola as they are able to make a large pergola or a small pergola to order. The powder coated aluminum frame is rot resistant and compatible for a safety locking system or privacy panels making it perfect for your own backyard.

Adjustable Canopy UV (Adaptable Gardening)

Motor To Change Sun Hours For Custom Outdoor Space

If you are looking for more shade plants to place in your backyard that will not be destroyed by the hot July Sun, an adjustable canopy is perfect for the case. Open up your pergola or close it at any time of day or in any weather to create the exact environment you want for yourself and the conditions provided.

Pergola Materials

Pergola Kits With Lights To Add Flare

Pergola materials are one of the keys to making your own backyard discovery: what pergola will fit best in your yard? Let's find out:

Cedar Pergola (Wood Pergolas)

A backyard discovery cedar pergola is a popular brand of wood pergola from vintage times. It was nice due to its ability to match styles and add to the flow of a home, the only issue is wood rot. These pergola kits tend to absorb moisture and especially in climates that receive rain or cold weather can be ruined just within a few years.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl pergolas were the next innovation to solve this problem for cedar pergolas, and it did a good job. But a new problem arose, strength. Vinyl pergolas are prone to being blown around in the wind and are able to even be cracked and damaged from strong winds. This makes it another hard option to choose.

Aluminum Pergolas

best pergola kit louvers

Aluminum frame pergolas were the best option that solved all the problems. Better than a vinyl pergola or any pre stained wood, they are able to take any weather year round and up to 7000lbs of weight. The powder coated design makes it weather resistant to anything nature can throw its way as well as allowing for customization for home owners.

Rust Resistant Aluminum Frame

The most common question is rust. The aluminum frame is able to withstand years without rusting, detailed instructions allow for an easy installation of this product as well where rust will likely not become an issue down the road.

Weather, Sun Protection/Rain Protection

Retractable Canopy On the Pergola

The retractable louvers of the pergola allow it to be entirely capable of creating whatever custom conditions you would like for your outdoor space. Open in the sun, close in the rain, open on a nice calm evening, close on a blistering hot day. The simple question to decide now is where can you find the best pergola kit.

Retractable Canopy Pergola Kit?

Pergola Kit In Backyard Outdoor Space

A retractable canopy pergola kit is exactly what modern louvered pergolas are. At the flip of a remote you are able to open and close your roof to whatever angle you would prefer and create any environment you would like.

How many square feet are they?

Simple Pergola Kit To Match Home

Pergolas can come in any custom size preferred by the customer. 8-12 in width and 8-20 in length with the combination of pergolas together to create even larger customer sizes.

Is it good for outdoor dining?

Rectangular Pergolas For Dining

As seen in the picture above, outdoor dining can be a great use of your new found luxury pergola space. Families will enjoy dinner altogether as they can sit back and relax under the beautiful pergola kit that compliments their home. The key is to find the right motorized pergola for your space.

What other kinds of outdoor entertaining?

Outdoor Room Created On Wooden Deck with Pergola (ample shade provided)

Other outdoor entertaining is available as well to use with your pergola, options include:

  • Outdoor kitchen space

  • Outdoor bar and grill

  • Outdoor lounge area

  • Outdoor fire place

  • And Many More

Weather Resistant

Aluminum Alloy Frame Pergola Weather Resistant To All Seasons

The aluminum alloy used to build these pergolas create resistance for all seasons. Custom pergola kits are able to withstand up to 130mph winds and 7000lbs of snow load making it perfect for any environment. They are as weather resistant as it comes.

Pergola Offers (Pergola Kit Size/Pergola Features)

Hot Tub Pergola Creates UV resistant Outdoor Spaces

Pergola size and features can be used to create the exact custom feel that any home owner wants. You can find sizes as well as ideas on the luxury pergola site.

Shop Pergola Kits

Pergola Attached In Concrete Anchors to Concrete Surface

Screens for outdoor pergolas have a large roll in protecting away from mosquitos. A pergola with screens can create an even further level of luxury that will add to your customer experience and elevate the value of your home.

Other Common Questions:

Pergolas Construction Material Makes Them Rust Resistant

Does it Require minimal Maintenance?

Minimal to no maintenance is required as aluminum is weather and rust resistant.

Can I add a hot tub?

Do whatever you would like, it is your picture to create whatever ideal situation you deem fit for your yard.

Is a freestanding pergola best to create interior space?

Many would say yes, a pergola can create the extra feel of structure and luxury in your yard without building a completely new house.

What about an attached pergola?

Attached pergolas are a great question, if you would like to pay double the price, attached pergolas are a great option. Otherwise having a freestanding pergola kit may be the best choice for you.

Does a rectangular pergola fit best in my outdoor space?

A rectangular pergola kit is what fits most outdoor spaces. That will be for you as the home owner to decide what you envision for your picture.

Where can I find the best Pergola Kits?

You can find the best pergolas on several blogs and sites, here is a list of the best pergola kits of 2023.

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