Exploring the Best Pergola Kits

Metal Pergola in backyard with concrete anchors to keep it secure

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Curious about a pergola kit but don't know where to start? This article will walk you through all things pergolas. We'll go through the advantages and disadvantages of all types of materials, aesthetics, and let you know what the best pergola kits are.

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The best pergola kit on the market is easily The Luxury Pergola DIY pergola kit.

What is a Pergola Kit

A pergola kit is something that allows you to build a pergola all by yourself. It comes with all of the supplies you need to build your own pergola in your outdoor space.

Pergola Kit Materials

There's many different kinds of materials that pergolas are usually made with. However, the three most common materials are vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Below we'll talk about the pros and cons of each material and eventually decide on the best material for you.

Vinyl Pergola Kits

White Vinyl Pergola in backyard vs Wood Pergola in Backyard

Vinyl pergola kits are great if you are looking for something for an extremely affordable price. Vinyl pergolas are significantly cheaper than the other two materials here, but remember that you'll get what you pay for. If you're looking for a quick, easy, and affordable solution for your outdoor space, a vinyl pergola will be a great fit for you.

If you're looking for a great low maintenance pergola kit and will be a great solution to your outdoor living space, the Dura-Trel Kingston's White Vinyl Pergola is a good choice. This pergola is made from a PVC that is resistant to warping, rusting or peeling over time. This pergola kit also has some sturdy support, so this is a great option if you're looking for something reliable, cheap, and easy.

Wood Pergolas & Cedar Pergola Kit

Wood Pergola In backyard that looks like western red cedar

When looking at wood pergolas, Cedar wood is a great option for the type of wood. It is a freestanding pergola and cedar is the most weather resistant wood material. A cedar pergola kit that has been pre stained to give a stylish design could match your aesthetic really well and give you a living space of your dreams.

If interested in a cedar pergola kit, a great option for you would be the Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola. Backyard Discovery is a brand that sells different types of wooden pergolas, but their Cedar pergola has some added durability and powder coated metal brackets included in each kit. You can customize your setup by making it an entertainment area, living area, or kitchen area.

If the pre stained cedar wood pergolas fit all of your needs, then by all means, get whatever pleases you. But keep reading if you want to know what our favorite pergola kit material is.

Aluminum Pergola kits

Pergola with the louvers as an adjustable canopy look

Aluminum is the strongest, most durable, long-lasting, and most weather resistant out of the rest of these pergola materials. The rust resistant aluminum that is provided by The Luxury Pergola is the best aluminum pergola kits on the market. Aluminum is a great material to use in a metal pergola because of the minimal maintenance as well as the powder coated aluminum frame that can be customized to your pleasure based on what color you want.

To match any aesthetic you are looking for, they offer 4 colors in a powder coated aluminum frame. This ensures that you find whichever color matches your aesthetic and your house the best possible. The added durability of having an aluminum frame is what allows a metal pergola to have the number one spot in materials.

The Best Pergola Kit

Out of all pergola kits, the aluminum pergola frame is the most durable and long-lasting. To get even more specific, The Luxury Pergola aluminum pergola kit has metal that is much thicker than other competitor's aluminum frame. This means that it is the most durable and long-lasting than the other aluminum materials that you can find on the market.

Because of how strong their pergola kits are, they are also the most weather resistant. They can handle up to 130 MPH of wind when the louvers are closed along with up to 9000 LBS of snow (depending on the sized pergola). Based on the square feet of the pergola, it can hold up to 20 LBS of snow per square feet.

The rust resistant aluminum frame also provides you with the opportunity to not have to worry about longevity for this pergola structure. This means that no matter where you live you can find the perfect pergola kit for you.

Another reason the TLP pergola kit is one of the best pergola kits on the market is their louvered roof. If you were looking for a pergola with a retractable canopy, here's one better for you. The Luxury Pergola has a louvered roof instead. What is a louvered roof? Essentially, the roof is made with louvers that open and close.

This way you get to adjust the amount of additional shade, sun protection, and uv rays that infiltrate your area. The louvers can absorb harmful uv rays so that you can stay safe and protected in your outdoor space. Because they are motorized louvers, you won't even need a retractable canopy anymore as you'll be able to do everything you'll want to do with a remote. This option gives the pergola an adjustable canopy feel, so that everything you want is to your own pleasure.

This pergola kit comes with easy to assemble materials and easy to follow instructions. The ground stakes are super reliable so you won't ever have to worry about longevity.

The best pergola kits provide safety, functionality, longevity, protection, integrity, and reliability. If you're interested in a pergola kit that would provide you with all of these things, The Luxury Pergola is the best pergola kits option for you.

Pergola Kits on a Budget

sizes and prices for TLP

Worried about spending over $30,000 on a pergola? The Luxury Pergola is such a unique option, that it provides you everything that you will need. Because it is a DIY kit, you are only paying for the materials in the kit. The installation is simplified in a way that anyone can accomplish it, with easy to follow instructions, and even some YouTube videos that give clear assembly instructions.

The prices for their kits can range from $8,000 - $15,000. These prices were made with the consumer in mind. Their kit is one of the best pergola kits made to save you money while getting you the quality you deserve.

Customizable Pergola Kits

customization options for TLP

Another reason The Luxury Pergola has our favorite pergola kits is because they give the feel of allowing you to customize it to your needs. They offer 4 colors and you can mix and match the louver color to your powder coated finish aluminum frame color.

The pergola size can range from 8x8 to 12x20 square feet, so you can go with a rectangular pergola or a square pergola. This is another reason it feels like a custom pergola kit, because they have handpicked the pergola sizes that are popular for most outdoor spaces.

There are some other customization options, such as if you want to add a crown to your pergola. If you are looking for more traditional pergolas, the traditional crown molding would be perfect fit for you. If you are wanting to go for modern pergolas, the contemporary crown molding would be the ideal match for your needs.

You can also choose between having base trim or not. This whole process gives a true feeling of luxury and gives you the option of finding a pergola that truly fits you and your outdoor space.

If you are confused at all about the pergola kit size, square feet, the install process, or just any questions at all about the pergola kit choosing process, please reach out to our team and get a free consultation for your space!

Create Your Personal Haven

can use led lighting walmart to enhance your design

Your outdoor living space should be something out of your dreams. With a luxury pergola, your outdoor spaces will be the focal point of the whole neighborhood. If you're confused on any design ideas, keep reading for our recommendations.

Design your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Entertainment

outdoor furniture with louvered roof

A pergola is the best option for if you host a lot of parties and need some outdoor entertainment. It creates a designated space for you and your entertainment area. You can add outdoor furniture to spice up the space and create an inviting seating area perfect for hosting.

If you're lucky enough to own a hot tub or pool area, picture yourself enjoying a dip and then immediately enjoying a retreat in your own space. A pergola provides the perfect area for outdoor lounging, being a centerpiece of unforgettable outdoor entertainment.

Outdoor Dining

louvered roof provides protection over outdoor kitchen

If you are an avid cook in the summers, with grilling, hosting, and entertaining, another option you have for your pergola design would be to incorporate an outdoor kitchen. The above picture is a Luxury Pergola customer who created a kitchen under their pergola, and created an outdoor dining area of their dreams. If you added some outdoor furniture, you give your guests an area that feels inviting and unforgettable comfort.

With an outdoor dining space to complement your interior space, you can match the aesthetics so your living space seamlessly continues from interior space to outdoor space. Because the Luxury Pergola kit doesn't have that adjustable canopy and instead the louvered roof, you also can easily change the direction of the louvers to adjust to the temperature, weather conditions, or any other elemental differences that need to be changed.

Aesthetic Pergola Designs

Your backyard will be brought to life with these easy to assemble pergolas. With being able to DIY the pergola, you will never have to second guess your abilities again. These pictures are actual Luxury Pergola customers who have taken their pergolas and designed them to their own needs based on their aesthetics.

louvered roof with hot tub in backyardpool design with fire pit area, has furniture with decorative foot coversModern, black freestanding pergola

The Best Pergola Kit

Freestanding pergola, not an attached pergola

All in all, The Luxury Pergola provides the best pergola kit on the market. Let's quickly recap the many reasons we love their pergola kit. They give off the feeling of having a retractable pergola with the louvers, it is very easy to assemble, it has powder coated aluminum frame that can match any aesthetic you are looking for, and the rectangular pergolas or square pergolas will transform your outdoor living space like no other.

With the durable concrete anchors, aluminum frame, and DIY kit that is easy to assemble, your choice should be easy as ever to choose The Luxury Pergola.


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