motorized louvered pergola kit

The Best Motorized Pergola Louvers

Motorized Louvered Pergola in outdoor space

The best motorized pergola is a difficult thing to figure out. A louvered roof can be a significant investment. They provide protection from the rain, control of your shade, and the ability to maximize your outdoor living space.

The options are as follows:

What is a Louvered Roof?

Luxury Roof Louvered Roof

A louvered roof is a pergola with a roof that opens and closes. It provides sun and rain protection.

This product can provide protection from the sun and the roof can protect against rain. Depending on the weather, some options will work better than others.

The most durable option for strong winds is the Luxury Pergola. The roof is a great option for increased ventilation and is fully remote control.

Example of a Motorized Louvered Roof on a Patio

motorized louvered roof in patio

This Luxury Pergola/ louvered roof is seen on a patio. It can handle a light breeze or strong winds. It provides the perfect solution for almost all backyard space.

When installed it will complement the flow of any potential backyard, regardless of your style. The shade is unparalleled when compared to everything else out there.

How Does This Help Your Outdoor Space?

Louvered Roof in Outdoor Space

The motorized louvered roof offers remote control of your shade, so you can get the exact amount of sun and rain protection for your patio.

The louvers offer the best possible shade for your deck. Installation is a breeze and you can easily see the "pergola installation manual" here.

What to Look For In A Motorized Louvered Pergola

Dual wall louver in a motorized louvered roof

The biggest difference most people will notice between the Struxure pergola and the Luxury pergola is the louver design. The struxure pergola has a single wall louver that radiates heat to anyone sitting under it.

This leaves customers in sweltering heat. If you want to create the perfect outdoor experience, in full sun or in rain, a motorized louvered roof is a fantastic option for everyone.

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